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February, 2006

The Occupation

Occupation Resistance Analysis

Much worse than claimed: Iraq's Deadly Surge Claims 1,300: Morgue Figure Eclipses Other Counts Since Shrine Attack.

An occupier gets tough: An End to the Soft Sell By the British in Basra: Rising Violence Damages Relations With Locals.

Monday: More than 20 dead as Baghdad curfew ends.

Government defends use of curfew despite disruptions.

Reuters: Militias, armed gangs rule streets of Iraq.

Death of a professor. There is now a systematic campaign to assassinate Iraqis who speak out against the occupation.

Most were vocally opposed to the occupation. For the most part, they were killed in a fashion that suggests cold-blooded assassination.... For the occupation's aims to be fulfilled, independent minds have to be eradicated. We feel that we are witnessing a deliberate attempt to destroy intellectual life in Iraq.

Rebuilding Follies. A new report obtained by TIME says that poor planning in Washington--not just the insurgency and sectarian violence--have been a hindrance to reconstruction work in Iraq.

Preserving the past: Iraq: Yale University To Digitize Iraqi Academic Journals. Yale University has announced it is beginning a project to digitize part of its vast collection of Iraqi academic journals and make them accessible to scholars worldwide. The project is important because Iraq has a rich tradition of academic publishing dating back to the 19th century. However, today many of the Arabic-language journals are imperiled or not easily accessible.

Over 20,000 US troops officially killed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: Rising Toll in Iraq: Thousands return to U.S. with injuries.

Al-Sadr calls for large anti-occupation rally and Sunni-Shia unity: Muqtada calls for Sunni-Shiite Marches, Prayers: Wants Pan-Islamic Resolution for US Withdrawal.

So much for the antiwar pretence: German Intelligence Gave U.S. Iraqi Defense Plan, Report Says.

Putting us at risk at home: Bush Policies Are Weakening National Guard, Governors Say.

Cars banned in Baghdad as civil war spectre looms.


Al-Sistani establishing new militia: Top Shiite cleric wants tribal protection for Iraq shrines.

And then there were none: Iraq Now Has No Units Able to Stand Alone.

Thanks to America. Another gulag for our time: A Growing Afghan Prison Rivals Bleak Guantánamo.

[For years on end:] Men are held by the dozen in large wire cages, the detainees and military sources said, sleeping on the floor on foam mats and, until about a year ago, often using plastic buckets for latrines. Before recent renovations, they rarely saw daylight except for brief visits to a small exercise yard.

Hope? Iraq's Sunnis and Sadr's movement make peace.

Christopher Allbritton on Saturday night: Where Things Stand Tonight.

For Iraqis, their fate appears to lie with the scruffy young men standing at the ends of their streets, not with the politicians in the Green Zone.

Saturday: Bombs and clashes as Iraq govt warns of "civil war". Also: Bodies of 14 policemen killed near Mosque found.

Iranian advisor: We'll strike Dimona in response to U.S. attack. [Dimona is the site of Israel's nuclear weapons production.]

Arabs Tell Rice Violence Like Iraq's Could Spread.

Torture General Miller was well aware his actions were illegal. The FBI told him: FBI Interrogators in Cuba Opposed Aggressive Tactics.

On Friday: Baghdad calm after sporadic fighting. But, in southern Baghdad: Shi'ite militia, insurgents clash in Baghdad.

On Thursday: More than 100 killed, 19 Sunni mosques wrecked.

Iraq on brink as sectarian violence kills over 100. The main Sunni religious group said 184 Sunni mosques had been damaged, some destroyed; 10 clerics had been killed and 15 abducted.

Ahmad Ali in Baghdad: Within hours, we had left our home to find refuge. Things will get very bad.

Iran calls for calm. Blames mosque destruction on Israel and US: A new plot to divide Muslims.

Iraq imposes Baghdad curfew.

Cleric Sadr calls for Iraqi unity.

Half Sunni, half Shia a target for everyone. A leading Iraqi TV reporter has been murdered - one of many hundreds of victims in Iraq's descent towards civil war

Occupation and civil war not bad enough: Crime Becomes Another Occupation.

Saudis Reject U.S. Request to Cut Off Aid to Hamas.

European profiteer: BAE Posts Profit on U.S. Demand for Vehicles in Iraq.

Total Information Awareness, aka Total Surveillance State lives on: TIA Lives On.

Media self-censorship at government request: CBS Correspondent Killed Story at Pentagon's Request.

Riverbend on: Tensions...

Juan Cole, early Thursday morning, on Iraq crisis: Sistani threatens to turn to Militia: Sadr Calls for Calm .

Sunni leadership desperate: Iraq Sunni clerics blame Shi'ite clerics for unrest. And: Iraq's main Sunni bloc pulls out of govt talks.

Reports of killings continue in the slide toward civil war: More than 120 shot dead in Iraq sectarian bloodshed; Gunmen kill 47 factory workers at checkpoint north of Baghdad; Eighty shot dead in Iraq sectarian bloodshed; and: Three journalists among 26 victims found dead in Iraq.

Was Italy involved in Abu Ghraib? Italy denies Abu Ghraib actions.

Patrick Cockburn on yesterday's nightmare: Destruction of holiest Shia shrine brings Iraq to the brink of civil war.

UN Calls Meeting of Iraqi Religious Leaders After Mosque Attack.

Number of reprisal attacks on Shiite shrines up to 90: Shrine Bombing Brings Deadly Reprisals .

In pictures: Iraq shrine bombing. And: In pictures: Reaction to Mosque Bombing In Samara.

A LONG step toward full civil war. At least seven Sunni mosques have been attacked in retaliation: Explosion Destroys Dome of Shiite Shrine. Further reactions, includes report of 29 Sunni mosques attacked: Cleric killed in Baghdad after attack on Samarra shrine. See also: Facts about the Askariya shrine.

Uphill Struggle for Iraqi Prime Minister Designate. Critics say the record of the last government run by Ibrahim al-Jaafari is little recommendation for another term in office.

Iraq's Sadr Builds Role With Tour Of Mideast. Some of Cleric's Statements Causing Unease at Home.

Iran as savior: Gasoline Crisis in Iraq: Insurgent attacks, mismanagement and fraud. Iraq turns to old enemy for help.

Dodgy Motors for Sale. The Kurdish town of Kalar has become a prime retail outlet for cars stolen across Iraq.

Capitalist "efficiency" kills workers at military base: Strain and battle fatigue of war hit home front.

The situation at Robins, where thousands of workers repair military aircraft, is a case study on how the war overseas has affected those serving on the home front. Here, a different kind of strain and battle fatigue has surfaced, often in startling ways
The wounded came not from engaging the enemy, but from scores of workplace injuries that increased as the war intensified. The low morale was measured in rises in drunken driving and domestic abuse, discrimination complaints and lost productivity. Most dramatic were the suicides - double the national rate in 2004 - and murders on the base, the first in Robins' 65-year history.

Another nail in the coffin of a free press as we march toward dictatorship: Press Can Be Prosecuted for Having Secret Files, US Says.

100 dead in US custody.

What was it they thought they were voting for? A picnic? War costs irk Congress. Bush requests $72 billion in 'emergency' defense funding. But even the hiding place has hidden compartments: Emergency war supplemental hides millions.

A bomb goes off. Iraqi troops flee. And the US has a problem. 100,000 have joined the Iraqi army, but our correspondent discovers that the locals are far from ready to survive without the logistical support of coalition forces.

What the dedicated Iraqi forces are up to: Police Tied to Death Squads. US military officials say they suspect Iraq's highway patrol, staffed largely by Shiites, is deeply involved in torture and killings.

Iraq police short of key personnel.

In northern and southeastern Iraq: Thousands of families still displaced after flooding.

Deep-rooted militancy shadows Yemen.

US Intelligence Allegedly Bugged German Agents in Iraq.

In Karbala: Iraqi Province Cuts Off US Forces.

Iraq reconciliation meeting set for early June.

Policy clash blocks unity government.

Bush making history classified: U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review.

Teach them here to occupy over there: 'Fallujah' to be Created Among Arkansas Cotton Fields. And: Videogame Teaches Soldiers Iraqi Gestures.

The outgoing UN human rights chief in Iraq: US 'aware' of Iraq torture on a truly massive scale.

He says the Baghdad morgue received 1,100 bodies in July alone, about 900 of whom bore evidence of torture or summary execution. That continued throughout the year and last December there were 780 bodies, including 400 having gunshot wounds or wounds as those caused by electric drills.

Conflict breaks up "mixed marriages". Shia and Sunni no longer marry: In Iraq, a sectarian identity crisis.

Iraq Testing For New Bid Flu Infections.

Choose your ally: Iran or US: US threatens to cut Iraq aid over Tehran links.

Funeral of 100th British soldier killed in Iraq.

As usual, attack the messenger: Reid criticises lawyers over soldiers' morale .

Does he ever tell the truth? Rumsfeld Wrong in Saying Press Propaganda Campaign Ended in Iraq?

Aljazeera: Iran 'clarifies' remarks on Israel.

Former 'Firebrand' cleric Sadr rejects constitution.

Iraq's Badr Brigade Chief Blames US for Chaos.

Claim: Sources: Iraq PM unlikely to retain post.

Sunni Clerics Complain Death Squads, Ask for Outside Help.

Not going anywhere soon: US Military Adding New Construction at Guantanamo. And, in Iraq: Construction begins on Taqaddum medical facility.

Threats weaken U.S. overtures to Sunnis.

Excuse for war more important than WMD: U.S. missed an opportunity with Iran. Iran said to have notified State Department in ‘03 of willingness to negotiate over WMDs, but ex-officials say Bush team didn’t want to deal.

The Times of London: British troops executed unarmed Iraqi.

In Jordan: King expected to meet with Sadr today.

In war, all suffer: UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells. And in France: Torturers' Iraq link.

Daily life in Baghdad: Butchers, Bakers, Barbers and Blacksmiths--All Are Fair Game in Blood-soaked Baghdad.

Rapid progress after three years of occupation: Iraq economy falls below pre-war levels.

Throwing bad after bad: Additional $65 billion requested for Afghan, Iraq wars.

Growth industry: In Iraq and Occupied Territories, security crises spur mobile phone usage.

Apparent Death Squad Is Linked to Iraqi Ministry.

Iran Demands British Troops Quit Basra.

Plane crashes in Iraq with 4 Germans, Iraqi.

One view of Iraqi reaction: In Iraq, a Subdued Response to New Detainee Abuse Photos. Of course, others report differently -- Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed: Outrage Spreads over New Images.

The future comes to Afghanistan: Iraq-style guerrilla tactics surface in Afghanistan, raising red flags. See also: Gareth Harding: Is NATO's Afghan mission doomed?

Will Halliburton and Bechtel exexcs follow suit? Just asking: Iraq contractor pleads guilty to fraud.

Salon obtains over 1,000 photos from Abu Ghraib, perhaps the entire set of torture images the administration has fought for two years to hide: Salon exclusive: The Abu Ghraib files. Also an accompanying Selections of the Photos.

Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed: Outrage Spreads over New Images.

In response: Iraqi President Condemns U.S. After New Abuse Footage. And: Iraq calls on US to hand over Iraqi detainees.

"The gulag of our time" full of innocents, as gulags usually are. After all, their real reason to exist is to terrorize the not yet incarcerated: Empty Evidence. [We failed to cover this story when it came out 2 weeks ago.]

One man slammed his hands on the table during an especially long interrogation and yelled, "Fine, you got me; I'm a terrorist." The interrogators knew it was a sarcastic statement. But the government, sometime later, used it as evidence against him: "Detainee admitted he is a terrorist" reads his tribunal evidence. The interrogators were so outraged that they sought out the detainee's personal representative to explain it to him that the statement was not a confession.
A Yemeni, whom somebody fingered as a bin Laden bodyguard, finally said in exasperation during one long interrogation, "OK, I saw bin Laden five times: Three times on Al Jazeera and twice on Yemeni news." And now his "admission" appears in his enemy combatant's file: "Detainee admitted to knowing Osama bin Laden."

And, in Britain: Judge's anger at US torture: Stinging comments come as America dismisses UN report on Guantánamo.

National security whistle-blowers allege retaliation.

Small crooks get prosecuted. Halliburton and Bechtel get new contracts: Contractor Accused of Fraud in Iraq.

Basrans protest over abuse video.

Yeah, sure: Iraq opens investigation into police death squad.

Meanwhile, politics as usual: Bumpy road ahead to Iraq's first full government.

Here's a gallery of the new Abu Ghraib pictures. For mature audiences only! Horrific New Torture Pictures Released. Watch the Australian Television show by clicking here.

Of course, the US is more concerned about the leak than about the torture: US attacks Iraq abuse images leak.

Yet another top-secret program spies on millions of us: Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger.

Iraq declares bird flu alert in southern province`.

Forget democracy! We don't like who won: U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster.

Duh! Abu Ghraib Called Incubator for Terrorists.

New photos remind us of the horror that is the occupation, and the gulag: Australian TV station releases new Abu Ghraib torture photographs.

Occupation army to include many more criminals and drug addicts. Imagine what they'll be doing with the absolute power they hold over life and death in Iraq: Army lowered bar for recruits in '05. 1 in 6 given waivers despite backgrounds.

Al-Sadr: Militant cleric wields influence with al-Jaafari.

Army IG Reviewing Soldier's Death by Friendly Fire in Iraq. Investigations Linked Fatal Shot to Polish Troops.

At least th money goes to something useful, unlike student loans or Medicaid: Bush PR costs taxpayers $1.6 billion.

Another group will likely support the war: Osborne hails Nebraska bean sale to Iraq.

Riverbend: The Raid...

Iraqis unite across sectarian divide to protect themselves: Baghdad residents take security into own hands.

Australians to see 60 more photos from Abu Ghraib, but, so far, not Americans: The photos America doesn't want seen. Among them are six more corpses!

For one Marine, torture came home.

In Britain: Two more held over 'abuse' video. Meanwhile: Basra suspends ties to UK troops.

Iraqis remain starved of electricity.

Iraqi journalists caught in political crossfire.

Iraqification? U.S. role in Iraq security shifting.

Mideast to dominate petroleum products export market.

Turkey built the US embassy in Iraq, evidently: Turkish Contractors Undertake 109 Projects In Iraq In 2005.

Get rich quick, the Bush way: Quick Rise for Purveyors of Propaganda in Iraq.

Rewarding failure: Iraqis fear "deja vu" with PM Jaafari's 2nd term.

Now its mass flooding: Environmental Disaster in Iraq.

Gareth Porter says the US is Holding female detainees scheduled for release: US Risks Reporter's Life to Strike Tough Pose.

Wheat diplomacy: Iraq says US wheat prices too high, looks elsewhere. But: Iraq blacklists Australian wheat.

Four years and counting in the Gulag for innocents: 'Mistake' captives languish at Guantanamo.

UN inquiry demands immediate closure of Guantanamo and prosecution of all those responsible.

Now we know what Valerie Plame was doing: Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say.

Britain reacts: Soldier arrested over video of British troops beating Iraqi teenagers. And soldiers talk: The view from the barracks.

Bread before roses: Beautifying Baghdad Proves Unpopular. Residents want basic services before greenery.

Iraq's Sunnis want Jaafari to rein in militias.

Iraq abuse video fuels Arab fury at West.

US warns its soldiers about Turkish movie depicting US brutality in Iraq.

220 Iraq health workers killed in two years.

Thousands would die if US attacked Iran: study.

Judge blocks transfer of US prisoner in Iraq.

Russia Wants All Iraq Inspections Files Referred to UN Security Council.

Army Offers Incentives to Try to Retain Officers. Data Project Shortage of 3,500 Experienced Leaders Mostly in Active-Duty Units.

Bone condition hampers soldiers' recovery. Many soldiers who lose limbs in Iraq or Afghanistan are developing bone problems that have been seldom seen in previous wars or civilian life and that can complicate their recoveries, military doctors say.

UN report to allege US conducts torture at Guantanamo Bay.

Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari was selected Sunday by the Shiite bloc to remain PM: Can Shiite Jaafari unify the new Iraq?. See: Juan Cole's insightful comments.

Talabani says Allawi must be in cabinet.

British: Army fears reprisals as Blair orders abuse video inquiry.

As the next war is under consideration: Iran is prepared to retaliate, experts warn.

Darth Vader is totally out of control: Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter. Cheney's office covered this over for 24 hours. Also see: Best Snarky Early Coverage of Cheney's Accidental Shooting with the picture they tried to hide.

Here's stills from the recently revealed video of British troops brutally beating Iraqi teenagers: Shamed by 42 Senseless Blows. Exposed.. squad of British soldiers beat teenage Iraqis and shame their country. Here is a link to the video itself.

[From the video voiceover] 'Oh yes, oh yes, you're gonna get it. Naughty little boys. You little f***ers, you little f***. DIE'

General faults US on Iraqi military.

Opposing torture gets the CIA’s top counter-terrorism official fired, after the McCain amendment supposedly banned torture: CIA chief sacked for opposing torture.

Brining freedom by building concentration camps: Siniyah: an Iraqi town that is now a prison.

The Telegraph [no leftie rag]: US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites.

British fun in the colonies: British troops videoed 'beating Iraqis'.

How the British Army's capture of hearts and minds turned sour. Life in Iraq has been a hostile experience for the army and, as our foreign affairs editor notes, these latest reports of abuse will make matters even worse.

60 Minutes Sunday, Feb. 12: Billions Wasted In Iraq?.

In Iraq's sectarian strife, funerals can be risky.

Iraqi oil metering system mysteriously delayed.

Billions Stolen From Iraq? Some $8.8 billion dispersed for reconstruction efforts in Iraq is unaccounted for, says the U.S. official in charge of tracing it.

Not going nowhere: Experts Say U.S. in Iraq for Long Haul.

Coalition partners going anywhere: Iraq coalition shrinking.

All: Iraq Utilities Are Falling Short of Prewar Performance. See also the Statement of Joseph A. Christoff, Director International Affairs and Trade, Government Accountability Office (GAO), on which the above articles are based: Rebuilding Iraq: Stabilization, Reconstruction, and Financing Challenges.

Meanwhile: Report Says Number of Attacks by Insurgents in Iraq Increases. See also Fred Kaplan: Western Targets: The Iraqi insurgency is still primarily an anti-occupation effort. See as well the Statement of Joseph A. Christoff, Director International Affairs and Trade, Government Accountability Office (GAO), on which the above articles are based: Rebuilding Iraq: Stabilization, Reconstruction, and Financing Challenges [Same as in above post.].

Officials in Iraq try to trade for Sunni insurgents'. U.S. and Iraqi officials have begun bartering prisoners, aid and key positions in the army and police for the allegiance of Sunni insurgents.

SCIRI's Abdul Aziz Hakim: Shiite Urges Restraint by Security Units.

Flagging morale among coalition forces as Iraq war drags on.

UK troops in Iraq to lose support, as if they have much anyway.

US wants Iraq to try American suspected of aiding insurgency.

Navy to increase numbers inside Iraq: Move aimed at easing pressure on stretched Army forces.

Give us what we came for: US urging Iraq to develop oil "roadmap".

Brain drain and Iraq's bleak future. [A]n Iraqi interior ministry official stated that the volume of Iraqis, educated or otherwise, travelling overland to Jordan every day has gone up fourfold — from 200 or 250 a day to 1,100 a day — since last July.

Senators rap White House on Iraq's economy.

Children's mental health affected by insecurity, say specialists.

Roland Flamini reports on an Iraq Reconciliation Conference expected this summer to call for American withdrawal: Corridors of Power: An accord in Iraq.

The new dictatorship: Iraq's Sunnis Join Gov't Talks, With Conditions.

As Iraqi Shiites Police Sunnis, Rough Justice Feeds Bitterness.

No permanent bases: US general maps out strategic refit for Iraq, Middle East and Asia. Has he checked with the administration? Or is this just spin?

Washington digs in for a 'long war' as Rumsfeld issues global call to arms.

Military Budget Grows, but Troops Shrink.

An American tragedy—the plight of the US war wounded.

No limit how low these guys will go: Soldier pays for armor. Army demanded $700 from city man who was wounded.

Poland's Leader Hopes to Gain From Support Of U.S. Policies.

The man to watch: Al-Sadr Grabs Iraqi Political Limelight. And: Iraq's Sadr says US spreading strife among Arabs.

Freedom of the press doesn't extend to making fun of Jesus: Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons.

Zieler received an email back from the paper's Sunday editor, Jens Kaiser, which said: "I don't think Jyllands-Posten's readers will enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use them."

Doug Lorimer: Occupation increasing poverty. The number of Iraqis living below the poverty line has increased since the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 to one-fifth of the population, according to figures released by Iraq’s labour ministry on January 25.

Brothel for corrupt officials in Baghdad: Funds for Iraq spent on real estate and a Cessna.

Sunni tribes turn against jihadis.

In Damascus: Iraq's Sadr criticizes Israel, U.S. for spreading strife in Mideast.

Severe water shortage hits Baghdad suburbs.

Iraqi Detainee Dies in Abu Ghraib Prison.

Religious intolerance spreads: Thousands protest drawings in Iraq. And: Militant groups in Iraq urge attacks over cartoons.

Scotland on Sunday reports: Revealed: secret plan to keep UK troops permanently in Iraq`.

Iraq's Civil War Has Cost $3,000 per American Family, So Far.

Pentagon investment of $200m in Iraq media wasted.

Attack Jolts Iraq Oil Business as Civilian, Troop Tolls Rise.

New York Times reports: Oil corruption fuels insurgency.

Iraq's new barrier to progress: Cement factories fall far short of demand for reconstruction.

Without a logistics resupply system of their own: Americans forced to supply Iraqi military.

Iraq's new diplomat: Muqtada Al-Sadr arrives Damascus.

Interesting in-fight: Colonel: Soldiers can shoot to restrain rogue Iraqi special police.

Presidential murder discussed in Congress: Can the President Order a Killing on U.S. Soil?

Surveillance Net Yields Few Suspects. NSA's Hunt for Terrorists Scrutinizes Thousands of Americans, but Most Are Later Cleared.

Al-Sistani: Iraq's top cleric blasts Prophet caricatures, but also referred to "'misguided and oppressive' segments of the Muslim community."

Iraq Christians on edge as cartoon row escalates.

Rumsfeld's latest fantasy: Ability to Wage 'Long War' Is Key To Pentagon Plan. Conventional Tactics De-Emphasized. See the documents collected in response by the Project on Defense Alternatives: Defense Strategy Review Page.

Foreign companies eye oil reserves in Iraq.

Rebels move from Iraq to aid Taliban.

In Iraq: Corruption rampant, rising, senator says.

Senate Session on Security Erupts in Spying Debate.


What our military leaders spend their time worrying about: Political Cartoon About Iraq War Sparks Pentagon Outrage, Image Used Disabled Soldier as Metaphor for Damaged Army.

Plan for clinics in Iraq at risk.

Reports of 162 suspected cases: New bird flu cases in Kurdish Iraq.

When do the hundred billions here and there count? White House to request billions for Iraq war, hurricane relief. [T]e war money would push spending related to the wars toward a staggering half-trillion dollars.

At least there's a silver lining: Iraq contracts boost Oshkosh's profit.

Photos by Dahr Jamail: Snapshots of the Occupation.

Mercenaries 'R Us: List of Security Companies Doing Business in Iraq - Names, Addresses, Phone, etc.

Mosul Makes Gains Against the Chaos. A Year After City's Police Force Crumbled, Iraqi Units Are on Duty, Violence Is Down.

Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières, RSF), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ): US Forces Implicated in Killing of Iraqi Journalist..

Is Congress a total joke? Or will they fight back? Senate Panel Rebuffed on Documents on U.S. Spying.

Does the US in Iraq ever tell the truth? Canadians dispute details of Iraq shooting; U.S. officials investigating just as they "investigate" every other crime.

Privacy nowhere, for anyone: Official: Army Has Authority to Spy on Americans.

Iraq Sunni bloc threatens revolt. Iraq's main Sunni Arab alliance has threatened to start a campaign of civil disobedience if concerns about attacks on its community are not addressed.

Without a reason to fight: Iraqi desertions complicate U.S. mission.

An engineer goes to Iraq to study electrical infrastructure: Re-engineering Iraq. US and Iraqi officials have spent billions on restoring Iraq's electrical system. So why is Baghdad getting just 6 hours of electricity a day?

Government Tries to Prevent Bird Flu Outbreak. Emergency measures introduced after deadly virus strikes in the north of the country.

No one is safe: US troops shoot at Cdn. diplomats' car in Iraq.

Ethnic Tensions Rising in Kirkuk. City’s ethnic and religious groups are warning of creeping sectarianism.

One CPA crook among many goes down: Official to Plead Guilty in Iraq Scheme .

Like Bush, PLO leader says "To hell with democracy!" He threatens dictatorial rule: Abbas, Egypt tough on Hamas.

They send you to get shot at in Iraq. then they shootr you when you get home: Video shows deputy wounding Iraq war vet who was not resisting arrest.

"Get up!" the deputy shouts again. "I'm going to get up," Carrion says, and he begins to rise. The deputy fires three shots, reportedly striking Carrion in the chest, leg and shoulder.

Cannon-fodder get reminder of how little they matter: Some US troops question Woodruff coverage.

More on the new poll of Iraqi opinion: New WPO Poll: Iraqi Public Thinks US Plans Permanent Bases in Iraq. Iraqis Want Timetable for US Withdrawal. Half of Iraqis Approve of Attacks on US Forces, Including 9 Out of 10 Sunnis. Also see: Full Report and: Questionnaire.

Iraqi government moving to control any independent organizations as it constructs a new quasi-fascist state: Legislation in Iraq seeks to limit NGOs.

Japan to pull out from Iraq in May.

Aid still needed in Anbar governorate, say relief workers.

Learning how to rehabilitate the not walking wounded: A New Kind of Care in a New Era of Casualties.

Will they push to indict him for perjury? Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps: Feingold Says Attorney General Misled Senators in Hearings.

Protest, Resistance, and Civil War

Occupation Resistance Analysis

Tuesday: Renewed Baghdad Bombings. At least 36 reported dead.

Two British soldiers killed in Iraq bomb blast.

Renewed violence rocks Iraq amid calls for calm.

Bomb breaches Iraq pipeline.

7 US soldiers killed in Iraq.

Danish Soldiers Under Attack in Iraq.

Seven Iraqis killed in separate attacks in Iraq.

Deadliest Iraq Bomb in Weeks Kills 22 .

` Rebels' Arsenal Includes Politics. Iraqi insurgents seem to time their attacks and informal cease-fires for maximum gain, while distancing themselves from foreign fighters.

Iraqis try to fill U.S. boots with elite force.

Suicide Bomber on Baghdad Bus Kills 14.

Bombs kill 19 in Iraq after lull in violence.

Oil attacks costing Iraq $6.25bn.

Four Iraqi Truck Drivers Die in Ambush.

Nir Rosen: Iraq's Jordanian Jihadis.

Oil pipeline blown up in Baghdad.

Two foreigners missing in southern Iraq.

Roadside bombings in Iraq kill 6.

The Daily Star, Pakistan: Iraqi insurgents increasingly split over shedding blood. The legitimacy of targeting locally-recruited police and other civilians has deeply divided Iraq’s insurgent groups with more nationalist-minded rebels increasingly joining tribal leaders in opposing the more aggressive tactics of the foreign-led Islamic militants of Al Qaeda.

Gunmen wearing Iraqi police uniforms kidnap Iraqi bank boss and son, kill five bodyguards.

The IED: The Iraq war's defining weapon.

Attacks in Iraq kill at least 18, including 4 children.

Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Marine.

Tuesday: Two US vehicles destroyed by blasts, 12 shot dead.

Gunmen kill 11 Iraqi farm workers.

Paul McGeoug: Insurgents resurgent. Brutal propaganda videos distributed by Iraqi insurgents underscore the growing challenge that confronts US and Iraqi security forces.

Former PKK leader killed in Iraq.

Bombs, shootings kill at least four in Baghdad1.

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Iraqis in Baghdad.

Insurgents Fire Mortar Into Green Zone.

Car bomb kills five people, wounds three in western Iraq.

11 dead in Baghdad bombing.

Eight Killed in Bombing, Onlookers Shot.

Two civilians, two US soldiers killed in Iraq.

Roadside bomb kills two U.S. Marines near Fallujah.

Alleged transit of fighters from Syria to Iraq slows. A better description would be "is nonexistent."

Mercenary killings reported, a rare occurrence: US contractors kill 2 Iraqis: Security workers taken into custody.

Ransom kidnappings fund Iraq insurgents.

Iraq's education minister unhurt in bomb attack.

Attacks Rock 'Foundation' That Marines Built in Anbar.

Gunmen Kill Prominent Cleric in Western Iraq.

Iraqi Gunmen Wound Six in Shiite Family.

Oil pipeline blown up in southern Baghdad.

Four U.S. Marines Die In Western Iraq; Dual Baghdad Bombs Kill Seven.

Pentagon Widens Program to Foil Bombings in Iraq.

Sunnis build up their own militia in Iraq to fight the Badr Brigades.

Two policemen, two soldiers killed in Iraq.

Sunni leader killed for joining ceasefire talks.

Seized by police: 14 Sunni Arab Iraqi men shot dead, dumped in Baghdad.

What in the world can the US be thinking? US forces battle Sadr militia in Baghdad. Sadr’s militia and US forces clash in heavy gunbattle in Baghdad's Sadr City, killing four Iraqis. More: U.S. Copter Fires Rockets Into Sadr City.

Thursday: 32 killed in Iraq. At least 32 people were killed yesterday, including 16 in a pair of Baghdad car bombings, in attacks across Iraq.

Five US troops killed in latest Iraq violence.

Two car bombings hit Iraq capital.

11 Bodies Showing Signs of Torture Found in Baghdad.

Bomb Kills Eight Iraqis Waiting for Work.

Blast kills 100th UK soldier in Iraq.

Who, exactly, are these 80? Iraqi interior ministry detains over 80 'terrorists'.

Analysis, Commentary, & Domestic Reaction

Occupation Resistance Analysis

James Carroll on theological roots of current conflicts: Civil War or Holy War?

Thom Hartmann: When Americans No Longer Own America.

He still fools 34%: Poll: Bush Ratings At All-Time Low. 36% think the Iraq war is going well and 29% say the war was worth the cost.

Lewis H. Lapham of Harpers: The Case for Impeachment: Why we can no longer afford George W. Bush.

Under the three-strike rule available to the courts in California, judges sentence people to life in jail for having stolen from Wal-Mart a set of golf clubs or a child's tricycle. Who then calls strikes on President Bush, and how many more does he get before being sent down on waivers to one of the Texas Prison Leagues?

Worldwide poll shows 60% fear terror threat is worse after war.

According to the International Crisis Group: Iraq needs reforms to avoid civil war.

Borzou Daraghai and Megan F. Stack: Strife Puts Iraq On Perilous Path.

Michael Georgy: Iraq shrine crisis plays into Zarqawi's hands.

Raad Alkadiri: A Herculean task lies ahead in Iraq.

John Simpson of the BBC: Life-and-death struggle for Iraq.

Suzanne Nossel, Senior Fellow at the Security and Peace Institute: What's Worse than Civil War? Civil War with 130,000 Americans On the Ground.

Charlie Cray: Grand Theft Baghdad.

Todd Huffman: Bring 'em Home: It's Past Time To Leave Iraq.

The British Financial Times states the obvious: Disunity on Iraq could hit Democrat poll hopes.

Analysis: Crisis puts al-Sadr at forefront.

Robert Fisk: Defeat is victory. Death is life.

Tom Engelhardt interviews Mark Danner: You Can Do Anything with a Bayonet Except Sit on It.

In Minnesota: Senate hopeful rips Iraq war.

Pratap Chatterjee provides background on Dubai. Its central role in US supplies for the Iraq war make business with Dubai central to US war efforts: Ports of Profit: Dubai Does Brisk War Business. See also, from Democracy Now! CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee on the Link Between the Iraq War and the White House's Support for a Dubai-Owned Firm to Take Over U.S. Ports.

Dubai-port flap neocon/right swing creation, sccording to Jim Lobe: Neo-Con Superhawk Earns His Wings on Port Flap.

London Times: US may pick new Iraqi dictator: Fears over a 'new Saddam' as Iraq battles to avert civil war.

Robert Fisk: Is the problem weather, or is it war? Something more serious is happening to our planet which we are not being told about.

Andrew J. Bacevich: War in Error: Sending a general to do a sheriff’s job.

US Christian Leaders Apologize For Iraq War.

"Our leaders turned a deaf ear to the voices of church leaders throughout our nation and the world, entering into imperial projects that seek to dominate and control for the sake of our own national interests. Nations have been demonized and God has been enlisted in national agendas that are nothing short of idolatrous."

At peace rally, Iraq vet recalls horrors of war.

In London: Thousands protest Iraq violence.

Interview with Juan Cole: Juan's world: A scholar of the Middle East on the tightrope we’re walking .

The United States has decided it doesn't like Arab socialism, and so Iraq should be privatized. Iraqis didn't decide that, the United States has decided that, and it is being dictated to them at the point of a gun.

Rightist leader William F. Buckley, Jr. says admit defeat: It Didn’t Work. Here's reminder of how Howard Dean was treated when he said a similar think two months ago: Prepare the noose for Bill Buckley, the Cowardly Traitor.

Some common sense on the port controversy: Ports Redux. And a discussion of the terrifying potential consequences of the xenophobic grandstanding going on: And We Shall Inherit the Wind.

William Greider: Fearmonger In Chief.

David Ignatius on Dubai's takeover of US ports: Taste of the Future.

Greater foreign ownership of U.S. assets is an inevitable consequence of the reckless tax-cutting, deficit-ballooning fiscal policies that Congress and the White House have pursued.... The worst thing that could happen to the United States, paradoxically, would be for Arab and other foreign investors to take us at our xenophobic word and decide that America doesn't really want foreign investment. If they pulled out their money, U.S. financial markets would plummet in a crash that might make 1929 look like a sleigh ride.

But the Dubai ports hubub will go on because it's good for Democrats politically: Just 17% Favor Dubai Ports Deal. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of Americans do not believe foreign firms should be allowed to buy any companies in the U.S. Fifty-five percent (55%) disagree.

I's say "unbelievable," but it isn't: CNN Pundit: Mosque Bombing Shows Bush Strategy Is Working In Iraq. Also: Only on Fox: "All-Out Civil War in Iraq: Could It Be a Good Thing?"

Dexter Filkins reviews Paul Bremer's My Year in Iraq: Desert Sturm.

Christopher Preble of the Cato Institute: Who Will Decide When We Leave Iraq?

First in the state: North Jersey congressman calls for Iraq pullout.

Ghassan Charbel in Al-Hayat: Civil Strife and Responsibility in Iraq.

Ariana Huffington: Civil War in Iraq: Murtha Told Us So.

American purveyors of hatred: Anti-gay church group protests at soldier's memorial service.

Sami Ramadani: Exit without a strategy. The popular response to Iraq's latest atrocities has been to blame the occupation, not rival sects.

The Guardian's Simon Tisdall: All at sea in the Middle East's perfect storm.

Mohammed A. Salih: Bombing Could Hit Government Talks.

Interview with the New York Times's Edward Wong: Violence in Iraq.

The Forward calls on Jewish organizations to take up the Iraq war: Speaking Out on Iraq.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales covering up Cheney's involvement: Small-country power: Chile and the Iraq war. Two new books cast light on the diplomatic pressures exerted by the United States and its British ally to win support for the military option in Iraq. Justin Vogler in Santiago talks to the authors.

Cheney mired in Plame case disclosures.

Jack Straw compares Guantanamo to gulag: Straw risks US fury over 'gulag' Guantanamo. "I am absolutely clear that the US has no intention of maintaining a gulag in Guantanamo Bay.

Right wing demagogue says cut-and-run: O'Reilly: U.S. should leave Iraq "as fast as humanly possible" because "there are so many nuts in the country". Summary: Bill O'Reilly suggested that the United States "hand over everything to the Iraqis as fast as humanly possible" because "[t]here are so many nuts in the country -- so many crazies -- that we can't control them." O'Reilly has previously called those advocating immediate withdrawal from Iraq "pinheads" and compared them to Hitler appeasers.

Terror coming back to haunt: US terror fears, stoked by Bush, now bite him.

Gallup: 55% Now Call Iraq War a 'Mistake'.

In Massachusetts, Rep: Olver calls for probe to impeach president.

In Oregon: Corvallis adopts Iraq resolution.

Richmond teacher goes on hunger strike.

Rami G. Khouri: As Goes Hamas.

David Barsamian: Cindy Sheehan Interview.

Nat Parry asks if concentration camps are being built right now for detaining dissidents: Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'.

March 20, a day that will live in infamy: Authors plan 'day of political lies' on Iraq war anniversary.

An alternative policy for the Empire. Control Middle East and Iraq from other countries: Democrats may unite on plan to pull troops. See Iraq withdrawal, deployment in region. All you need to know: ''It's important to note that it's not withdrawal -- it's redeployment," Reed said.

Congress moving to make unconstitutional program legal, without any serious change. Remember, Bush has made it perfectly clear that no Congressional action can constrain him, short of impeachment: Senator eyes measure to curb surveillance.

Gwynne Dyer doesn't buy the latest theory for US hostility to Iran: Iran, Oil and Euros: The War Scenario.

In order to believe that the US government is planning an attack on Iran to head off the challenge to the dollar that a euro-based Iranian oil bourse would represent, you must first believe that the Bush administration actually worries about such things, and there is little proof that it does. It certainly should, but if it truly did, would it have pushed through the biggest tax cuts in American history? The Bush administration is reckless enough to contemplate an attack on Iran, but it is too ignorant about fiscal and monetary matters to worry about such esoteric matters as the potential connections between a shift to euros in the oil market, foreign investor confidence in the US dollar, and the sustainability of the massive US budget and trade deficits.

Wall Street Journal reporter Farnaz Fassihi: Under the Gun. For three years, a Journal reporter in Baghdad tried to work and live normally -- as the war closed in. See related: Was Carroll Kidnapping Forewarned? 'WSJ' Reporter Recalls Recent Tip .

Melanie MacFarland: 'Frontline' gets to the real truth about the Iraq war.

Torture illegal, administration was told: Senior Lawyer at Pentagon Broke Ranks on Detainees.

Bruce Gagnon: "Strategic Redeployment": The Democrats' New Stall Strategy.

DeWayne Wickham: Americans view Iran with too much fear.

Jim Trautman: Woeful Record on Detainees. What is striking in the new photos are pictures of corpses; no one has ever been convicted of murder in the Abu Ghraib cases.

On Oct. 24, 2005 the American Civil Liberties Union issued a report that analyzed autopsy and death records of detainees held in American facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Detainees were hooded, water-boarded, gagged, strangled and beaten with various metal objects. At least 44 deaths were attributed to homicides that were committed by U.S. Navy Seals, full-time employees of the CIA, or so-called CIA contract workers or military intelligence or police. The autopsy reports listed causes of death as "strangulation," "asphyxiation," and "blunt force," and "others due to heart failure from lack of oxygen."

Arnaud De Borchgrave : Rumsfeld`s complaint.

Abdul Wahab Badrakhan in Al-Hayat: The Era of All Hysterias. Guantanamo… Abu Ghraib… a strike against Iran… a boycott of Hamas… the "catastrophes" of spreading democracy in the Middle East… It must be the era of all hysterias in the US policy, even hunting with Dick Cheney has become a risky adventure.

Eric Margolis: Tony Blair Bars Free Speech in Britain.

Bill Gallagher: Somewhere, Osama is Thanking Bush.

Franc Fukuyama's critique of neoconservatives, and commentaries: After Neoconservatism. Commentary. Ivo Daalder: After Neoconservatism — A New Foreign Policy Consensus? Alex Massie: Neocon architect says: 'Pull it down'. And Michael Signer: Fukuyama the Liberal?

From Voice of America: Controversy Deepens Over Iraq Prewar Intelligence. One of the puzzling questions hanging over the Iraq war is: how did the intelligence turn out to be so wrong? Critics of the Iraq policy have charged that intelligence was manipulated by Bush administration officials to win public support for going to war. It is a charge that is vehemently denied by the administration. Now a former intelligence insider has reignited that debate.

A Postmodern Parable: Bush is a Saint.

Juan Cole: The Ambassador Versus the Ayatollah: Khalilzad to Iraq: No Shiite Control of Interior, Defense. Sistani Contradicts Him.

German Calls to Ban Controversial Turkish Movie on Iraq.

Madison Capital Times: How was the Iraq war 'sold'?

Paul Craig Roberts: Catastrophe Looms.

he total lack of rationality and competence in the White House and the inability of half of the US population to acquire and understand information are far larger threats to Americans than terrorism. America has become a rogue nation, flying blind, guided only by ignorance and hubris. A terrible catastrophe awaits.

Justin Raimondo: The Provocateurs: How to enrage Muslims worldwide.

The "war of civilizations" touted by the neoconservatives as "World War IV" is darkening the horizon with frightening speed. One has to be forgiven for wondering if, perhaps, someone is quite interested in hurrying it along.

Charley Reese: Just Watch the Language. The US goal is to replace the present Syrian government with one the administration hopes will be more pliable in its policy toward Israel.

Abid Ullah Jan: Why America will reap the worst in Iran.

Rep. Ron Paul: A Sense of Déjà Vu: Anti-Iran legislation seems quite familiar.

Francis Elliott and Raymond Whitaker: hameful: This is the world's view on Guantanamo. But Tony Blair still calls it 'an anomaly'.

Tony Koren, ormer Special Forces officer, Vietnam veteran, partner with NorthStone Group in Louisville and military analyst for NBC News: Time for an Iraq timetable.

U.S. experts explore Iraq exit strategies.

Juan Cole: What if Cheney had Apologized for Iraq?

The nuclear complex: America, the bomb, and Osama bin Laden. The twin ambitions of American empire and radical Islamism could bring nuclear catastrophe to the world. A different ethical and political project is urgently needed, say the Pakistani scholars Pervez Hoodbhoy & Zia Mian.

It may seem difficult to understand why the US should hunger for nuclear weapons in addition to all else that it has. Why does it want to goad other nations towards also craving nukes? And what does it seek to achieve by announcing that it may, if need be, target even non-nuclear adversaries? The answer is obvious: imperial hubris, runaway militarism, and the arrogance of power.

Another administration official is shocked at what his employees do: Propaganda Effort in Iraq a Mistake, Rumsfeld Says. # The Defense secretary says he ordered the planting of articles to stop after learning of it, although others have said the effort continues.

Survey finds US a primary threat to Arab, Islamic world.

High on Power, Bush's Hawkish Team Eyes Iran.

Geov Parrish: Iran: What to do?. Not only are there alternatives to war, they're more likely to succeed.

Jonathan Schell: Farewell to Ground Zero.

Claude Salhani: Can we win the war?

From a digest of world opinion: Latest Abu Ghraib photos are "'a quantum leap' in the depravity of anything previously seen".

Robert Parry: An Upside-Down Media. The gravest indictment of the American news media is that George W. Bush has gutted the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Charter – yet this extraordinary story does not lead the nation’s newspapers and the evening news every day.The gravest indictment of the American news media is that George W. Bush has gutted the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Charter – yet this extraordinary story does not lead the nation’s newspapers and the evening news every day.

Statement from representatives of the 34 U.S. members of World Council of Churches, including the Episcopal Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Methodist Church, several Orthodox churches and Baptist denominations, among others: U.S. church alliance: Washington is 'raining down terror' with Iraq war and other policies. And the National Council of Churches speaks out: NCC supports call to close Guantanamo camp, renews request to Rice for permission to visit.

''Our country responded (to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks) by seeking to reclaim a privileged and secure place in the world, raining down terror on the truly vulnerable among our global neighbors ... entering into imperial projects that seek to dominate and control for the sake of national interests,'' said the statement. ''Nations have been demonized and God has been enlisted in national agendas that are nothing short of idolatrous.''

Henry Porter: Blair's new laws leave us at the mercy of future tyrants. Freedoms we should strenuously preserve have been systematically dismantled by this illiberal government .

Robert Kuttner: The Lone Patriot betrayed by the pack of scoundrels in the Democratic Party.

Someone stands up to the "Homeland Security" thugs: Red State, Meet Police State. A federal employee gets hassled by Homeland Security for antiwar stickers on his car. Is it a mistake, a new rule, or the part of a trend of the First Amendment being bullied out of existence? Read the transcript, read the rules and decide for yourself.

Time for repentance: Injured lawyer apologizes to Cheney, family.

Scumbag defends actions of scumbag who followed him: America not interested in dominating Iraq: Clinton.

Republican Sues Bush, Cheney, NSA, TSA for Illegal Surveillance, Wiretapping.

New York Times: Doing the President's Dirty Work. The last thing the nation needs is to amend the law to institutionalize the imperial powers Mr. Bush seized after 9/11.

Greg Mitchell: Iraq: What Cheney Truly Has to Answer For. Related. Tom Lasseter: Order, peace elusive in Iraqi city of Samarra.

Andrew Greeley: Iraq is a country, not a corporate boardroom.

G. Pascal Zachary: Thinking the Unthinkable in Iraq. The longer U.S. troops remain in Iraq, the greater the chances that Iraqi insurgents will deliver some devastating blow.

Dahlia Lithwick: Invisible Men. The not-people we're not holding at Guantanamo Bay.

David Ignatius: Raw Politics in Iraq.

Dana Parsons: Let's Talk About Iraq Losing Its Innocents.

Arnaud De Borchgrave: Iraq, Iran unintended results.

Financial Times Editorial: Abu Ghraib again. In contrast: NN Blames the Photos, Not the Torture .

CNN's Barbara Starr:] "Let's start by reminding everybody that under U.S. military law and practice, the only photographs that can be taken are official photographs for documentation purposes about the status of prisoners when they are in military detention. That's it. Anything else is not acceptable. And of course, that is what the Abu Ghraib prison scandal is all about."

Torturing freedom: Where US Imprisons Journalists: Iraq, Guantanamo.

Anthony H. Cordesman with "good news" for a change: Iraq army successes.

Candidate, former Marine, says Bush should be impeached.

Pat Kessler dissects the recent pro-war ad: Reality Check: Iraq War Ad.

In competition for: Sickest Headline in US History. Meanwhile, listen: Cheney Goes Ahead With Folsom Prison Concert. [Language may not be appropriate for young audiences.]

Joshua Frank: Don't Trust Al Gore's Rhetoric. It may be comforting for some to think Al Gore has had a change of heart on Iraq. But he is certainly no peacenik.

Insurgency little understood by coalition forces, says think-tank.

Justin Raimondo: Masters of Deception.

As we begin to understand the nature of Plame's work, her exposure takes on new significance: the War Party was intent on blindfolding U.S. policymakers by ensuring that no one with any expertise or interest in debunking their lies would remain standing. Spared the sight of reality – which is that Iran is at least 10 years away from building a viable nuclear weapon – U.S. officials would then be free to do what they did in the case of Iraq: make it up as they go along.

another conservative rejects King George: No Checks, Many Imbalances. He recognizes the threat, but then says Congress should make all Bush's illegal activities legal.

[T]errorism is not the only new danger of this era. Another is the administration's argument that because the president is commander in chief, he is the "sole organ for the nation in foreign affairs."

Nation: Failing Upwards. One of the perplexing things about the Democratic Party is how it rewards and glorifies consultants and experts who get major issues so wrong.

US too scared to prosecute: Vietnam memories curb arrests over Iraq duty.

Joe Galloway: Military vehicles, and lives, take a beating in Iraq.

Juan Cole: Top Ten Ways Iraq is like Harry Whittington.

Sh'ite Divisions May Hamstring Iraq Prime Minister.

Cengiz Candar on the choice of Ibrahim al-Jaafari: Not a fresh start for Iraq, not a unifying figure .

Jasem al-Aqrab, head of organisation for the Iraqi Islamic party in Basra: The Basra video should lay to rest a scurrilous lie. The smug superiority of the British over their peacekeeping efforts in Iraq is an insult to those of us who live there .

Geov Parrish: The next war? Having solved all problems in Iraq, Bush administration eyes Iran.

Edward Gabriel & Hiam Nawas: US needs Arab friends.

Wall Street Journal Managing Editor says "infringement of press freedom" in US encouraging repressive governments overseas .

Election time! Need to show independence: Senate Republicans Criticize Rice on Iraq.

Dean blames party's "skullduggery" for withdrawal of popular Ohio Senate candidate .

Iraq War a Mistake for 55% of Americans.

David Ignatius: An Arrogance of Power.

Pepe Escobar asks if the United Iraqi Alliance will soon implode: Goodbye Iraq, hello Afghanistan.

he White House/Pentagon policy is now a "back to the future" of turning Iraq into Afghanistan, where warlords, religious or secular, and tribal sheikhs defend their mini-states armed to their teeth, and criminal gangs run parallel to death squads. There isn't a remote possibility of forging a government of national unity under these circumstances. Which suits Washington fine. The only way for the United States to prolong its Iraqi adventure is to perpetuate chaos; Iraq as the new Afghanistan.

Scott Ritter on what retired CIA officer Paul Pillar left out of his recent account of Administration cherry-picking, as well as on the farce of the Saddam trial: Still Cherry-Picking the Facts on Iraq. Recent revelations about the Bush administration's selective use of prewar intelligence may have finally awakened the U.S. media, but the public is too distracted to notice.

Rami Khouri: Hamas Will Compromise.

Álvaro De Vasconcelos: The Islamic democratic paradox. Accepting the right of non-violent Islamists to participate in public life does not mean giving up on the political and ideological struggle to defeat ultra-conservative, and in some cases totalitarian, conceptions of society. Combating racism, promoting tolerance, and respecting the religious sentiments of others does not mean that we need to question press freedom.

Bob Burnett: Iran - Deja Vu All Over Again.

Bill Jacobs: Blair looking at legacy of disaster in Muslim world.

Turkish Weekly reflects on the video of British troops beating Iraqis in the light of the European history of torture: Torture or Democracy: The Iraq reality or mirage.

Historians Target Iraq War.

New Zealander's stand on 'illegal' war in Iraq raises questions. A New Zealand doctor serving with the Royal Air Force who will go on trial next month for refusing to return to Iraq last year for a third tour of duty, has fuelled widespread doubts about the legality of the war in Iraq, a Glasgow newspaper reports.

Democrats shoot self in face, drive Paul Hackett out: Iraq war veteran pulls out of Ohio Senate race.

Walter Shapiro: Out-hawking Bush on Iran. Saber-rattling Evan Bayh has joined Hillary Clinton in running to Bush's right on Iran. Will this tough stance pay off in 2008 -- or backfire?

White House can't spin fast enough.

Jamin B. Raskin: Impeach: Yes, But...

Bush convinces public of Iran threat, but not that he can handle it: POLL: Americans Trust United Nations More Than Bush On Iran.

Guess what? If the administration refuses to release evidence, Libby may not be tried: Five Agencies Review Libby Case Evidence.

Arianna Huffington: Bush in the GOP Crosshairs: the White House Gets Hit with Friendly Fire.

Molly Ivins: Cheney Shoots a Texas Liberal.

TV ads about Iraq war causing controversy.

Juan Cole joins those speculating that the Plame outing was a deliberate step toward war with Iran: Plame Wilson Had worked on Iran Anti-Proliferation.

Blame the victim, as usual. Hunting experts blame Cheney: Cheney's companion at fault in shooting, White House says.

Antiwar House candidate in CT: The Fight for Iraq: Connecticut House Race Serves as Example of Risks In Pursuing Such a Strategy.

Cindy Sheehan talks back to the butchers: For the Love of God, Can't you Make him Stop?!

Mrs. Bush can read my sign with a big picture of my son, Casey, on it which will read: Your Son Killed My Son, Make him Stop!

Army veteran speaks out against President Bush at anti-war rally.

Simon Jenkins: In Frantic Search of a Constant Enemy.

Last year we were shocked to hear that a majority of world opinion thought America the "greatest threat to world peace." Today I might join that majority.

Nat Hentoff: The War on Privacy. Rumsfeld warns that the enemy can succeed in changing our way of life. It already has.

Don L. Durivan: Distortions Of Casualties: American Wounded, And Dead, From Iraq .

The number of wounded has ballooned to perhaps minimally 30,000 - 35,000, and these of course include amputees, soldiers with severe burns, missing eyes, extreme psychiatric disorders including suicidal or homicidal behavior, and every casualty known to warfare. The administration's official count as of early February 2006 is approximately 16,500.

Pak Tribune, Pakistan: US occupation of Iraq brutal and corrupt.

James Dobbins: Amateur Hour In Iraq.

Maureen Dowd: Smoking Dutch Cleanser.

Gene Sperling: Bush Budget Story Is $400 Billion of Fiction.

Polly Toynbee: Time to cut a deal with the mullahs in Iran. Ratcheting up the rhetoric over Iran is not the answer. We need clever diplomacy.

It takes some swallowing, but what if there is no alternative? Either they have nuclear weapons and we are at cold war, or else they have nuclear weapons and we have an uneasy kind of peace. But that decision has to be made before UN sanctions ratchet up the rhetoric to no-turning-back resistance.

For fun, Doug Ireland: The VEEP Who Couldn't Shoot Straight: Questions About Cheney's Hunting "Accident".

American Bar Association To Oppose Domestic Spying.

New York Times Editorial: The Trust Gap.

We can't think of a president who has gone to the American people more often than George W. Bush has to ask them to forget about things like democracy, judicial process and the balance of powers — and just trust him. We also can't think of a president who has deserved that trust less.

Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt: The Bureaucracy Strikes Back.

Martin Sieff: Iraq Benchmarks: Mixed week in Iraq.

Rumsfeld's Transformation: There's Been a Small Change in Plan. See also Devlin Buckley: Imperial delusions.

If you read closely in the barrage of weighty tomes they put out in recent days, you might discover that the Rumsfeld era is over, and Rumsfeld lost. The secretary had staked his tenure on two ideas. He wanted to change Pentagon culture, and he wanted the military to drive American foreign policy. Neither idea survived the week.

David Swanson: Cities and State Parties Pass Impeachment Resolutions.

In the battle of competing polls: Americans say president shouldn't suspend rights.

White House breaks another law in pursuit of empire: Anybody else notice this? One of Karl Rove's deputies is arranging for active duty military personnel to make speeches at Republican party events.

Sen. Russ Feingold: Trust Busted: Congress must rein in a lawless executive.

The War Party media blitz: Progress For America Launches Major Iraq War Public Opinion Campaign.

David Ignatius on the cartoon riots: Hope Beyond the Rage?

E. J. Dionne Jr. on Republican opposition to NSA illegal spying: Changing Winds on Surveillance.

John Cox: How does Bush get away with it? America loves fiction.

Former CIA officer Paul R. Pillar in Foreign Affairs: Intelligence, Policy,and the War in Iraq.

Summary: During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, writes the intelligence community's former senior analyst for the Middle East, the Bush administration disregarded the community's expertise, politicized the intelligence process, and selected unrepresentative raw intelligence to make its public case.

USA Today founder Al Neuharth: Iraq, not homeland, Bush budget buster.

War Alert! Administration (and Democratic) spin on Iran working. Public terrified: Iran a Growing Danger, Bush Gaining on Spy Issue.

Another insider speaks out: Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq. Intelligence 'Misused' to Justify War, He Says.

"Official intelligence on Iraqi weapons programs was flawed, but even with its flaws, it was not what led to the war," Pillar wrote in the upcoming issue of the journal Foreign Affairs. Instead, he asserted, the administration "went to war without requesting -- and evidently without being influenced by -- any strategic-level intelligence assessments on any aspect of Iraq."

Robert Fisk: Those Danish Cartoons. Don't Be Fooled, This Isn't an Issue of Islam versus Secularism.

Daniel Schwartz: The Delusional Meaning of War.

For humor, from: Scott McCLellan's Press Briefing.

Britons Decry Iraq War, Urge for Quick Exit.

Mike Marqusee: Three Years After 30 Million People Took the Streets to Tell Bush and Blair Not to Go to War: The Human Majority was Right About Iraq.

Educators face blowback for protesting Iraq war in schools.

Rami G. Khouri, editor at large of the Beirut-based Daily Star: Decoding The Cartoon Crisis.

David Swanson: Inequality and War.

Eric Alterman: Think Again: The War Goes On, Unreported…

Wiretaps fail to make dent in terror war; al Qaeda used messengers. See: Commentary on AmericaBlog.

  • 1) The article makes clear that Bush is spying on Americans talking to Americans inside the United States, even when neither of the two Americans are members of Al Qaeda or an affiliate.
  • 2) The article makes clear that Bush's domestic spy program is totally ineffective and unnecessary as Al Qaeda stopped using the phones and email a long time ago.
  • 3) The article says that the Bush teams knows of specific Al Qaeda members in the US at the moment, but because of Bush's incompetence he has been unable to find them.

Macon Telegraph, GA: Bush budget is part of a sleight-of-hand gamble.

Bush faces Republican revolt over spying.

John Kerry: Senator seeks answers on Iraq basing plans.

Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information.

Juan Cole on Cartoongate: All cartoon politics are local. Muslim outrage reflects specific national conflicts -- most of them exacerbated by Bush's policies. See also his: Condaleeza Rice is a Liar: Blames Syria, Iran for Inciting Violence over Caricatures of Prophet. And his: Everything the West and the Middle East Need Could have been Learned in Kindergarten.

Bush admin lying, again. They knowingly broke the law: Secret Court's Judges Were Warned About NSA Spy Data. Program May Have Led Improperly to Warrants.

The total surveillance state takes another step: US plans massive data sweep. Little-known data-collection system could troll news, blogs, even e-mails. Will it go too far?

The same could be said for the US: Israelis may regret Saddam ousting, says security chief.

Rep. John Conyers: As liberal Democrat calls for special prosecutor on Iraq, Democrats duck.

New ways to kill, and to profit: New Swedish weapon in Iraq.

Representative Heather A. Wilson of New Mexico: Republican Who Oversees N.S.A. Calls for Wiretap Inquiry. And Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner: Senior House Republican wants answers on wiretap program. In response: White House Gives Details on Surveillance.

David Ignatius: The Wrong Wiretap Debate.

Unlike the outsiders from thousands of miles away, how dare the Iranians have any interests in Iraq: Negroponte accuses Iran of arming “Shia militants” in Iraq.

Los Angeles Times: Budget busters.

Jeffrey St. Clair: The Secret World of Stephen Cambone: Rumsfeld's Enforcer.

Joshua Frank: Partners in War: The Hillary and George Show.

Robert Dreyfuss: The Neocons' Long War.

Sami Ramadani: Iraqi voices are drowned out in a blizzard of occupiers' spin.

War profiteers against the war: US defense industry frets about high Iraq spending.

David Michael Green: Deserters Choose Flight Over Fight In Iraq.

Body Armor Is the Willie Horton of 2006.

He's not in power, so he speaks forthrightly: Ex-President Carter: Eavesdropping Illegal.

"Under the Bush administration, there's been a disgraceful and illegal decision — we're not going to the let the judges or the Congress or anyone else know that we're spying on the American people," Carter told reporters. "And no one knows how many innocent Americans have had their privacy violated under this secret act."

Emily Bazelon: Cowardly Lions: Congress talks tough to Gonzales—and then turns and run.

Iraq War Veterans Storm Onto the Campaign Trail.

Andrew Bosworth presents he first installment in an upcoming book, American Apocalypse: From republic to tyranny.

Lieberman's Lapdog Act Not Playing Well.

How many Time reporters knew they were deceiving readers about Rove's role in Plamegate? Summary: At least three reporters involved in an October 2003 Time magazine article that suggested Karl Rove was no longer under suspicion of outing Valerie Plame, and that contained Scott McClellan's denial that Rove was involved, knew at the time of the article that Rove had, in fact, outed Plame.

Robert Fisk: Don't be fooled, this isn't an issue of Islam versus secularism . 'The Koran does not forbid images of the Prophet but millions of Muslims do'.

Joseph E. Stiglitz: Paying The Iraq Bill.

Elizabeth Frederick of Military Families Speak Out: President Bush's Words Ring Hollow to Soldiers' Loved Ones.

In Philadelphia: Sheehan Honored by Local Synagogue.

In Canada: Groups to Help Iraq War Dodger.

Kevin Zeese interviews activist David Swanson: If You Oppose the War: Influence Congress, Support Anti-War Candidates, and Influence the Media.

Powell's former chief of staff on Iraq intel: 'I participated in a hoax'.

New Yorker take on the SOTU: War and Words.

Robert Parry: 'Talkin' Texan' Means Lyin' Big.

Tony Blair in sights: Queen's powers should be removed, says Cameron.

Syrian political analyst Sami Moubayed in Kurdish Media reports US turning to: Plan B and four nightmares in Iraq.

Harbinger of new attack? Scheuer on Bin-Laden 'Truce' Tape.

Murtha voices serious concern over Iraq policy.

Poland: 72% want withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Michelle Pilecki: US Media Ignore UN Study on Iraq 'Peace-Building' Methods Backfiring.

Unconstitutional spying: Republican Wedge Issues, 2006 Edition.

US media at 'all-time low'.

Cindy Sheehan: The 'freedom' my son died for.

Psychiatrist Gordon S. Livingston has an innovative idea: Let's send old people off to war: Element of surprise -- humvee jockey, 85.

Silencing dissent a growing trend.

[W]hen three anti-war protesters stood in the upper balcony of San Francisco's Masonic Auditorium last week during an appearance by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and yelled, ``Hillary, stop supporting the war,'' they were quickly escorted away.

Senator Russ Feingold says Bush has a: Pre-1776 Mentality.

Stop the power grab, stop the politics, stop breaking the law. It's time to stand up - not to cheer, but to fight back.

Cindy Sheehan: Capitol Police Apology is "Crock of Horse Manure".

Jeff Sommers: 1984 Redux.

Running for Senate: R.I. candidate calls for Bush impeachment.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour: Iraq war 'a disaster'. Personal opinion from chief international reporter: 'It just gets worse and worse'.

Dennis Rahkonen: The Improvised Explosive Device Will Defeat Bush in Iraq.

Robert Parry: Osama's Briar Patch. In calling on Americans to stay the course in Iraq, George W. Bush cites a recent speech by al-Qaeda leader Osama bin-Laden as well as a captured letter attributed to his deputy, Ayman Zawahiri. But the two al-Qaeda messages actually suggest the terrorist group holds distinctly different views about Iraq, one publicly and another privately.

[T]he so-called “Zawahiri letter” warns al-Qaeda’s lieutenants in Iraq about the dangers of a rapid U.S. pullout that could result in many foreign jihadists quitting the struggle.

Interview with Norman Solomon: Spinning Us to Death.

Rep. John Murtha: Is the World Safer Today?

Jonathan Steele: Bush just has to face it: he is wrong and Chirac is right . The crises over Hamas and Iran underline the collapse of the neocon mission and the end of a one-superpower world .

Firas Al-Atraqchi in Al-Ahram: The state of Iraq is not good, Mr President.

Walter Isaacson reviews James Risen's State of War, The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration: Connect the dots: Total the meaning. Another review by Thomas Powers: Government Eavesdropping: The Biggest Secret.

Daniel Williams: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood May Be Model for Islam's Political Adaptation.

Essam El-Erian, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, numerates the factors that have brought Egyptian-US relations to a crucial turning point: Dodging political landmines.

Democracy means rule by the superpower, not the people: After the Hamas election win:Daniel Pipes denounces democracy for Muslims.

David Ignatius: Muslim Radicals In Power.

Maureen Dowd: Didn't See It Coming, Again .

Chris Townsend: The State of Bush: A Man Obsessed. Reggie Rivers: George Bush's Ministry of Truth.

Cindy Sheehan terrorizes Bush and his trained clapping seals at the State of Disunion speech.

Nir Rosen:+ America's unlikely savior. Recently, the U.S. was calling for Muqtada al-Sadr's head. Now, the fiery cleric may be the only man who can defuse Iraq's Sunni-Shiite conflict.

Robert Dreyfuss: Washington's Iraq Blindness.

Robert Newman on the alternatives facing the human race: It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both. Our economic system is unsustainable by its very nature. The only response to climate chaos and peak oil is major social change.

Capitalism is not sustainable by its very nature. It is predicated on infinitely expanding markets, faster consumption and bigger production in a finite planet. And yet this ideological model remains the central organising principle of our lives, and as long as it continues to be so it will automatically undo (with its invisible hand) every single green initiative anybody cares to come up with.

Yet more evidence they've been lying from the beginning: Blair-Bush deal before Iraq war revealed in secret memo. PM promised to be 'solidly behind' US invasion with or without UN backing.

Joe Colgan, veteran and father of Lt. Benjamin Colgan, killed in action in Baghdad, takes on war supporter Sen. Maria Cantwell: The killing has got to stop.

Jephraim P Gundzik: Wanted: A new Middle East initiative.

Andrw Bacevich: What isolationism? In his speech, the president presented a fiction to avoid a debate on tough policy questions.

Stephen Zunes dissects yet another speech: A Mis-statement of the Union Address.

Tom Porteous: The Great Game Goes On.

Molly Ivins: Things aren't looking so good in Iraq.

Ferry Biedermann: End beckons for the 'United States of Iraq'.

Only in America: Court says woman imprisoned for 12 years committed no crime.

President's BS stands for less than 24 hours: Administration backs off Bush's vow to reduce Mideast oil imports.

Cindy Sheehan, arrested for attending the SOTU address, on: What Really Happened. Also: she speaks to Democracy Now! about her arrest.

Charges against Sheehan dropped.

As with the majority of Iraqis: Zogby - Majority favors withdrawal.

Iraq veterans round on Bush.

Stephen Leahy: Bungled Peace-Building Opens Door to Terrorism.

David Ignatius: Bush's New Ally: France?

Robert L. Borosage is optimistic: Bush's Show Is Over.

Howard Kurtz: The Incredible Shrinking SOTU.

Kevin Zeese: Impeachment: Time for Citizens to Insist Bush Obey the Law.

Bernard Weiner: Reforming the Democrats -- Or a Third Party?

Katherine Brengle: The Progressive Revolution. The Democratic Party has left us high and dry too many times: it’s time to move on.

Democracy at Work! Cindy Sheehan arrested protesting State of the Union address: Sheehan arrested in House gallery.

Andrew Cockburn: Bush's 130,000 Hostages: Why the U.S. Probably Won't Attack Iran.

Patrio Act makes certain protest felonies: New Patriot Act Provision Creates Tighter Barrier to Officials at Public Events.

Anything to hold up a dreaded inquiry: Pentagon investigation of Iraq war hawk stalling Senate inquiry into pre-war Iraq intelligence.

Marc Ellenbogen: Elections 3, democracy 0.

Bob Burnett: Iraq - The Failure of the Press.

Amanpour explains Iraq coverage difficulties.

Why Woodruff and not the 2,000+ others, asks Mark G. Brennan: Finally, the Iraq Wounded Matter. Just like in Orwell’s Animal Farm, some animals are more equal than others.

Reed Hundt: Do we intend to stay in Iraq forever?

Philadelphia Enquirer Editorial: Bush and Domestic Spying: Trust? Don't think so.

Once a sleaze, always a sleaze: World Bank receives complaint on Wolfowitz aides.

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