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July, 2005

The Occupation

Occupation Resistance Analysis

London attack sparked by Iraq, NOT Islam: Terror suspect gives first account of London attack: Rome captive 'says Iraq sparked plot'

ussain Osman, arrested in Rome on Friday, has revealed how the suspects watched hours of TV footage showing grief-stricken Iraqi widows and children alongside images of civilians killed in the conflict. He is alleged to have told prosecutors that after watching the footage: 'There was a feeling of hatred and a conviction that it was necessary to give a signal - to do something.'

Iraq magnet for butchers from around the world. We fight there so they don't kill back home: Worry Grows as Foreigners Flock to Iraq's Risky Jobs.

Screw the cannon fodder, again, and again, and ... Some to Lose Hundreds in Pay Monday.

Iraq fires top Sunni official for protesting police attacks and killings of Sunnis.

Reconstruction? Oh, you mean the contractor welfare program: Security Costs Slow Iraq Reconstruction: Contract Excesses Also Hamper Progress.

Despite $5.7 billion committed to restoring electricity service in Iraq, power generation was still at lower levels as of May than it had been before the U.S. invasion in 2003. [How many times were we told that power was far better than the prewar situation?]
A review by auditors of 18 reconstruction contracts found that the formula used for doling out special monetary awards, which are above and beyond basic fees, tended to skew them too high. For instance, the inspector general's office found that a contractor that received an evaluation of "average" performance won award fees of $1.67 million but could have been given just $309,436 under another widely accepted awards system. In a second case, a contractor won no award fees but ended up being paid $439,145 after it appealed because it had not received feedback on its work from the government.

Resource battles: Iraqi Kurds demand say over northern oilfields.

The new Iraqi police are the hope for the future? Iraq police accused of torture.

US Reconstruction of Iraq Energy Systems Lagging, Report Says.

Brain drain puts new strain on Iraq, doubling salaries of professors in Iraq in a desperate bid to keep them, while increasing housing rental costs in Amman as all the Iraqi exiles seek lodging.

A sobering view of the Shia Islamofascism sweeping southern, "insurgent-free" Iraq: The violent undercurrent from across the water that keeps a city on edge.

The constitution, hopes, conflicts, and negotiations: Iraq's Shi'ites hope in constitution, cautiously; Iraq's Constitutional Panel Calls for Emergency Summit; Kurds Soft-Pedal on Oil Share; and: Shias Make Case for Federalism.

Q&A: Wrangling Over Iraq's Constitution.

The latest on daily life: Family Breakdowns Soar; Bad Food Flooding In; and: Sex Trade Blights the North

Army: Mental ills worsen after troops return: Thirty percent develop problems within four months. That's 30%!

Up to new tricks: Ignoring US, Chalabi Pursues Attempt to Fire Hussein Judge.

Help from a neighbor? Syria offers Iraq 1000 tons of wheat.

Reporter returns to Fallujah: "We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison".

Already behind for next year: Fewer early sign-ups as Army struggles to recruit soldiers.

Phillip Robertson: The victim and the killer: Yasser Salihee was an Iraqi journalist. Joe was an American sniper. On June 24, 2005, fate brought them together on a Baghdad street. See also: Reporter Finds U.S. Sniper in Iraq Who Shot Knight Ridder Correspondent .

Justin Raimondo: Blowback in Iraq: The US Invasion Empowered Iran.

Iraqi Minister of Civil Affairs Ala'a al-Safi echoes the demand that many in Congress, and certainly those of us who opposed this war from the beginning, have been advancing for quite some time: "Now we are asking for the Americans to draw a timeline of leaving Iraq, and we will make it a priority too, if they force us to make a bad relationship with our neighbors."

Iraqi capitalists don't appear keen on Iraq's future. Iraq stock market takes daily nose dives: Market Wrap - Wednesday July 27, 2005.

The ISX-Data Comp. Index is currently hovering around an all-time low, as many companies find their shares trading at levels not seen since their open on the market.

Medact: Iraq health update - Summer 2005.

Baghdad residents criticize living conditions.

Iraq poised to become an explicitly Islamic state.

U.S. pushes issues in Iraq constitution.

Iraq constitution delay decision left to last minute.

Support Our Troops? A new reports shows the military screwing wounded soldiers out of their pay: Wounded soldiers chronic pay problems. See full report: Wounded Soldier Pay Support.

As a result of government error, a total of $77,000 of debt was created for the 123 soldiers involved in the audit. In addition, soldiers were shorted a total of over $24,000 in the three entitlements that were examined by the audit team. Overal, 82% of the soldiers involved in the audit had significant errors in pay.

Another torturer, Timothy E. Flanigan, gets promotion to top legal position: Torture Policy, Scandal Follow Deputy Attorney General Nominee.

The Washington Post has details on the process of importing torture into Abu Ghraib: Abu Ghraib Dog Tactics Came From Guantanamo: Testimony Further Links Procedures at 2 Facilities.

Air Force Maj. Gen. Jack L. Rives wrote in a Feb. 5, 2003, memo: "We need to consider the overall impact of approving extreme interrogation techniques as giving official approval and legal sanction to the application of interrogation techniques that U.S. forces have consistently been trained are unlawful."

Practicing what they learned: Witness: Dogs Bit Abu Ghraib Detainees.

Are the exiles who now rule true Iraqis? Drafters of Iraq's constitution grapple with dual citizenship.

Do our dirty work and get out: Iraq PM urges 'speedy' US pullout.

Where have I heard that before? U.S. may sharply cut Iraq force within year - general.

Sounds so warm and fuzzy: Marines planning role as mentors in Iraq.

More details on the terrible situation in the Theocratic State of Iraq: The Iraqi women who fear that democracy will crush freedom.

How many lives for the crook? Ahmad Chalabi emerges, once again, as powerful leader.

From his deputy premier's seat in the elected Iraqi government, Chalabi, 60, oversees Iraq's vast oil resources as chairman of the energy council. He presides over a board that regulates multimillion-dollar rebuilding contracts. He commands the controversial purge of former Baath Party members from government posts and the Iraqi Special Tribunal prosecuting

UN commission on women’s equal rights expresses concern about Iraq.

Protecting torture so important to Republican leadership, they pull defense authorization bill: Frist pulls defense bill to avoid votes on treatment of detainees.

Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net: White House Effort To Discredit Critic Examined in Detail.

US supported "democracy" at its best: Children of the Orange Revolution's extravagant ways.

Terror shifts Muslim views.

A rare Bush supporter with integrity as he investigates the financial mess in Iraq. Of course, he's under concerted attack from the Republicans: Former Bush aide turns critic as Iraq inspector.

Oil, oil, oil: Iraq's oil ownership to be agreed soon.

Hammoudi said that there is agreement on fundamental issues such as basic principles, rights, duties and freedoms, but not on oil. The Iraqi regional governments and governorates subcommittee, one of six such groups set up to draft the constitution following January's National Assembly elections, debated ownership and management of Iraqi oil resources but failed to reach a consensus. Members of the team have drawn up three different versions, which will be submitted later this week to the full 71-member drafting committee.

Iraqis losing race to draft constitution: As deadline nears, factions are far apart on the stickiest issues.

If only billions in Iraqi oil revenue hadn't been stolen by the occupiers... Iraqi Electricity Sector Needs 20 Billion Dollars.

Hundreds stage anti-Japanese protest, demand Japan remove troops from Samawah.

Iraq Gunmen Kill Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Aide.

Syrians send Iraq militants home.

P.R. Firm That Helped Allawi Now Promoting Al Jazeera.

Buying fascism? Bush Met With Judge Roberts One Day Before Crucial Ruling on Guantanamo Military Tribunals.

telling Turkey to keep out: Iraqi FM: Cross Border Operation can Harm Iraq's Stability.

According to this interview with the Iraqi Minister of Civil Society Activities, the Iraqi government is pushing for a timetable for US withdrawal, and is resisting giving the US the right to detain Iraqis without government permission: Iraqi Official Demands Timetable for Withdrawal.

Maybe, maybe not, when it comes to removing women's rights: Civil laws iffy in Iraq charter: Draft leaves women's rights shaky

Perpetual campaigning: Dr. Allawi Receives the Members of Businessmen General Union: Taking Care of the Middle Class is a Necessity for Economy Revival.

Recruit 'em, but to what purpose? Report finds significant problems with Iraqi police training.

Another out: Bulgaria's Withdrawal from Iraq - Top Priority for Draft Cabinet.

Possible exposure to nerve agents and brain cancer deaths in Gulf War veterans.

Another dictatorship, another base: Rumsfeld Stop in Kyrgyzstan Aims to Keep Access to Base.

After years of budget cuts and staff layoffs: VA straining to treat post-traumatic stress.

Iraq legislators berate government.

Back to bargaining: Sunnis back to bargaining on Iraq's constitution.

A Kurdish committee member said, even if the Sunnis rejoin, a compromise text remains a difficult goal. ``To tell you the truth, I very much doubt at this stage that we are going to have a document ready by the end of this month,'' Mahmoud Othman said. The sides are divided above all on issues of federalism - how to share power and resources in areas such as the mainly Kurdish north and the Shiite south, where local leaders want autonomy from Baghdad and control of oil wealth.

Hardship continues: Shortage in food rations raises concern; Iraq needs $20 billion for electricity; and: Water plant sabotage adds to supply shortages.

Shots to the Heart of Iraq: Innocent civilians, including people who are considered vital to building democracy, are increasingly being killed by U.S. troops.

Three men in an unmarked sedan pulled up near the headquarters of the national police major crimes unit. The two passengers, wearing traditional Arab dishdasha gowns, stepped from the car. At the same moment, a U.S. military convoy emerged from an underpass. Apparently believing the men were staging an ambush, the Americans fired, killing one passenger and wounding the other. The sedan's driver was hit in the head by two bullet fragments. The soldiers drove on without stopping.
This kind of shooting is far from rare in Baghdad, but the driver of the car was no ordinary casualty. He was Iraqi police Brig. Gen. Majeed Farraji, chief of the major crimes unit. His passengers were unarmed hitchhikers whom he was dropping off on his way to work....
The continued shooting of civilians is fueling a growing dislike of the United States and undermining efforts to convince the public that American soldiers are here to help. The victims have included doctors, journalists, a professor — the kind of people the U.S. is counting on to help build an open and democratic society....
Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish member of the transitional National Assembly, said he personally knew three people [what must the total numbers be?]... who had been shot and killed by U.S. troops during traffic incidents. Of the other two, one was an athlete, the other a doctor who had been called to her hospital to handle an emergency.

In a new report Amnesty International accuses insurgent groups in Iraq of war crimes in their attacks on civilians: In cold blood: Abuses by armed groups. See also: Iraq: Appeal to religous leaders as new report condemns armed groups attacks as crimes against humanity.

General Federation for Iraqi Women Calls for Releasing its Frozen Deposits and Returning its Headquarters all over Iraq.

Patrick Doherty: Is Iraq A Civil War? Not Yet. But his definition is high, including using force to seize territory.

Christopher Wolf: A neighbor's view of Valerie Wilson's 'outing'.

Though I am a lifelong native Washingtonian, the White House leak episode has been eye-opening. I have witnessed how an abstraction such as political payback has real personal consequences. Real people get hurt and are put in danger. I have seen up close from my window the profound personal effect a very public "outing" has had on the lovely woman next door.

As Juan Cole describes the situation, "the fix is in and that backroom deals have already produced the final text" of the new Constitution that was to be developed by consensus: Senior constitution writer surprised at initial document. Look for the civil war. Presumably, the Shia faction assumes that the Americans will do much of the dirty work putting down the Sunnis, so now is the time to gofor broke.

The Sunni Arab deputy head of Iraq's constitutional committee expressed his astonishment over a draft constitution text on Sunday. "I have received yesterday an initial document of a draft constitution. I am astonished. I don't know who wrote it," Adnan al-Janabi said in a statement.

Bitterness and accusations on constitution drafting committee persist: Militiamen tied to Iraqi government involved in killings, Sunni says.

"Elements of the crimes convinced us that there are some militias in the government involved," al-Mutlak said. "It is impossible to have the same side being charged (with the murders) and acting as the judge."

Constitution boycott may spread to CIA faction: Secular Bloc Threatening to Boycott Iraq's Constitution Committee.

The secular members charge that the committee has done little to encourage the Sunnis to end their boycott. The members also joined Sunnis in criticizing the head of the committee, Shi'ite cleric Sheikh Houman al-Hammoudi, for announcing that a draft charter would be ready within days. The spokesman for Mr. Allawi's group, Adnan al-Janabi, told The Associated Press that no one in his group has any idea what the draft charter contains, nor who is writing it.

Freedom at heart of new Iraq, says Talabani as he tries to calm those concerned about the emerging Islamic state.

US military caught making up "quotes" from Iraqis for its propaganda: 'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions: News release quotes from unidentified Iraqis are virtually the same.

Finally someone in the corporate media noticed that Iraq is already in a civil war: John Burns: Civil War in Iraq Already Here?

In London: Short walk and the No2 bus - a very ordinary journey to death: Guardian writers trace the life and last minutes of Jean Charles de Menezes .

Iraqi blogger Khalid, arrested a few weeks ago by the Iraqi security services, has been freed and is on his way to Jordan! Khalid is Free!.

For the last couple of weeks, my family and I have put all of our effort into trying to get Khalid released from detention in Iraq. Now that he is free, we will direct our efforts towards tens of thousands of other innocent people locked up either in U.S. detention centers or in the jails of the U.S. supported regime.

Robert Fisk discusses the psychology of the suicide bombers: Something Happened Between "I Love You" and the Click of the Phone: Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq Turn It Incendiary.

Palestine or Afghanistan or Iraq turn it incendiary. They want both to break out of this world and to express their moral fury and political impotence as they do so. They want, I think, to destroy themselves for their own feelings of guilt and others for the crime of "corrupting" them. Even if that means murdering a few co-religionists and dozens of other innocents. So on go the backpacks - whoever supplied them is a different matter - and off go the bombs. Something happens, something that takes only a second, between saying "I love you" and then hanging up the phone.

Recipe for disaster: Iraq to finish constitution despite Sunni boycott.

Despite opening up to drug addicts and criminals: Army unlikely to meet 2005 recruiting goal, general says.

Every day, in every way, things are getting better and better: Experts offer pessimistic outlooks on Iraq.

Lugar said in an interview, "I think the bulk of our forces will have left Iraq" in two more years, though there could be permanent bases there if Iraq asks for them.

An American jailed in Iraq provides insight into the massive rebel-creating program being undertaken by the US in its brutal prisons: How a Trip to Film in Iraq Ended in a Military Jail Cell.

r. Kar said he was treated well by the military guards, whom he described as honorable young men and women who, for the most part, just wanted to go home. But he spoke angrily of the officers in charge, who he said ignored his repeated requests to see a United States Embassy official and left him in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day....
In a crowded processing room, Mr. Kar said, guards yelled and cursed at the two men, with one of them shouting: "You terrorist! You here to kill Americans?" Another soldier screamed at Mr. Faraji to strip, although the crowd of soldiers around him included women, Mr. Kar said. "What hit me was, there was no mercy," Mr. Kar recalled....
I couldn't have more respect for the rank-and-file soldiers, but the system is broken," Mr. Kar said. "When an Iraqi is detained there, he comes out angry and wanting payback."

Patrick Cockburn: Iraq: This is now an unwinnable conflict.

The government, whose members seldom emerge from the Green Zone, make bizarre efforts to pretend that there are signs of a return to normality. Last week a pro-government newspaper had an article on the reconstruction of Baghdad. Above the article was a picture of a crane at a building site. But there are no cranes at work in Baghdad so the paper had been compelled to use a photograph of a crane which has been rusting for more than two years, abandoned at the site of a giant mosque that Saddam Hussein was constructing when he was overthrown.

In London, fear or revenge leads to: Man shot in terror hunt was innocent young Brazilian .

The Spoils! Halliburton Shares Soar on 2Q Profit.

Compromise? Iraq Sunnis say boycott nears end.

This will really help improve their sensitivity to the Iraqis they come in contact with: Stressed US troops in Iraq 'turning to drugs'.

Greg Mitchell: Pentagon Blocks Release of Abu Ghraib Images: Here's Why.

"’The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here. We're not just talking about giving people a humiliating experience,’ Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told reporters after Rumsfeld testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

This says it all. The administration fights Republicans in defense of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" in US gulags: White House Aims to Block Legislation on Detainees.

Another McCain amendment prohibits the "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" of anyone in the custody of the U.S. government. This provision, modeled after wording in the U.N. Convention Against Torture -- which the United States has already ratified -- is meant to overturn an administration position that the convention does not apply to foreigners outside the United States.
The Republican effort is intended partly to cut off an effort by Senate Democrats to attach more stringent demands to the defense bill regarding detainees. One group, led by Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.), has proposed an amendment calling for an independent commission -- similar to the Sept. 11 commission -- to look into administration policies on interrogation and detainee abuse.

Meanwhile, in the Gulag: Guantanamo detainees give demands to end hunger strike.

Iraqi Minister of State for Women's Affairs: Shakly keeps focus on equal rights for Iraqi women.

Al Shakly said she was disappointed that women's groups who demonstrated in Baghdad this week about the draft constitution made demands that were "very broad and general" instead of specifically protesting the clause that said women have equal rights "except where they contradict Sharia." "I had hoped that they had been more specific and criticized that language, " said Dr. Al Shakly, who spoke to KUNA during a break at a meeting of the Independent Women's Forum (IWF) here. Iraqi women have the right to voice such criticism, she said, but may not have done so out of fear.

Keeping up the infrastructure: Terrorists 'threaten' Iraq mobile operators.

Still to be resolved: Iraq's Kurds seek guaranteed vote for independence while: Iraq Sunnis oppose federalism, favour strong state, apparently hoping to one day be in charge again.

The torturers are everywhere: Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens.

US investigators , including CIA agents, will be allowed interrogate Irish citizens on Irish soil in total secrecy, under an agreement signed between Ireland and the US last week. Suspects will also have to give testimony and allow property to be searched and seized even if what the suspect is accused of is not a crime in Ireland.

Times: Israeli Agents Are in Iraq...Maybe.

The chaos spreads: Blasts kill 83 in Egyptian Red Sea resort.

The torturers moved, at the last minute, to keep evidence from the public: Bush Administration Files 11th Hour Papers Blocking the Release of Darby CD Photos and Video Of Abu Ghraib Torture.

Good news for some: Armor Holdings profit rises on armor sales.

Iraqi women alarmed by reversal of rights gains in draft constitution, UNIFEM says.

After years in illegal detention: 3 Guantanamo Detainees Freed: Review Board Finds the Foreign Nationals No Threat to US.

Jon Elmer: Violence, Poverty Underscore Story of Iraqi Refugees in Jordan.

Theocratic pals help each other: Algerian diplomats in Iraq kidnapped; Iran pledges $1 billion in aid.

Don't write Iraq constitution without us - Sunnis.

Because Iraqis can't be trusted to work in their own country: One Hundred And Ten Sierra Leoneans Leave for Iraq.

No limits, no accountability, bedrock principle for torturer-in-chief: White House threatens veto over detainee policies.

Gulag inmates protest: Guantanamo detainees refuse food.

Army to experiment on Iraqis with modernistic torture weapon: Scientists Concerned by Gun on Tap for Iraq.

International women’s human rights organization: MADRE Opposes Abolition of Iraqi Women's Human Rights in Draft Constitution.

Another humanitarian catastrophe: Residents fleeing Tal Afar: Fear of military attack on insurgents spurs exodus.

Don't let em know how bad it is: Lawmakers Blast Pentagon Over Iraq Report.

Conflict deepens: Sunnis snub Iraq talks in protest over Shia chairman.

Juan Cole: The Iraq war is over, and the winner is... Iran.

The two governments went into a tizzy of wheeling and dealing of a sort not seen since Texas oil millionaires found out about Saudi Arabia. Oil pipelines, port access, pilgrimage, trade, security, military assistance, were all on the table in Tehran. All the sorts of contracts and deals that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney had imagined for Halliburton, and that the Pentagon neoconservatives had hoped for Israel, were heading instead due east.

Sunni Arabs to continue Iraq boycott until an international investigation into Tuesday's assassinations.

Is Iraq set for a huge outflow of it's remaining intellectuals and professionals? Sunni-Shia relations hit rock bottom in Iraq.

The killing of the Sunni commissioners seems to be part of a tit-for-tat campaign of assassinations being carried out by Sunni and Shia militants against public figures in the opposite community....
n even larger outflow of educated Iraqis can be predicted if the constitutional commission adopts proposed provisions sharply curbing the rights of women, who under secular nationalist Baathist rule enjoyed near equal rights with men....
[Under the proposed constitution:] Muslim women would be subjected to rule by men, receive half a portion in inheritance, be considered half persons in law courts, and could be divorced by husbands thrice uttering the talaq formula. Shia women could also be forced into temporary or “muta” marriages, which are a type of legalised prostitution.

Some Kurds on the constitution drafting committee are demanding that Kurdistan be extended hundreds of miles: Sunni faction halts work on Iraqi charter: Fresh challenges, as Kurdish bloc asserts claim to more territory. But others say the constitution will be completed in a few days.

What would he know about "rights"? Rumsfeld cautions Iraqis on women's rights.

New Zealand opposition goes against the grain, says would consider sending troops: NZ voices support for US policy in Iraq.

Army: GI morale low in Iraq.

Terrorist are nor necessarily who you think: A largely bourgeois endeavour: Al Qaida-style terrorists are not the type who seek out madrasas.

New Supreme Court nominee Roberts believes there are no constraints on the President's ability to lock people up, forever, with only kangaroo trials: Thank You, Mr. President: Last week, John Roberts wrote Bush a blank check. Roberts should be vigorously opposed for reasons having nothing to do with Roe or Wade.

Unsworn statements, rather than live testimony, can be presented as evidence against him. The presumption of innocence can be taken away from him at any time; so can his right not to testify to avoid self-incrimination. If Hamdan is convicted, he can be sentenced to death....
While the president has claimed the authority only to try foreign suspects before the tribunals, there's nothing in the Hamdan opinion that stops him from extending their reach to any other suspected terrorist, American citizens included. This amounts to a free hand—and one Bush is not shy about extending.

Britons face Iraq war crime trials. Of course it's the wrong Britons. But soldiers are scared: Soldiers may refuse to serve over legal threat: Officers say troops will be scared to act and morale will suffer .

In the "safest city in Iraq": Fallujah Under Siege Again.

Its got nothing to do with the war(s): Panel hears Army recruitment woes: Officials blame parental advice and news media coverage of Afghan and Iraqi conflicts.

Pornography as anti-terror propaganda weapon: Sordid Images on TV Repel the Kurds, but They Raise Some Skepticism, Too.

Rights gone, potentially forever, just because the President says so: U.S. a Battlefield, Solicitor General Tells Judges: Case of Man Held 3 Years Without Trial Focuses Attention on Administration's Anti-Terror Policies.

"Coalition" smaller every day: Italy's Prodi, Leading in Polls, Said Iraq Withdrawal Certain.

German opposition Christian Democrat leader: Merkel Criticizes Sending Troops to Iraq.

Where there's shortage, there's profit: Capital Hit by Water Crisis: Enterprising traders come up with solution for chronic shortages of drinking water

Slaughterhouse Jobs Hard on Kids: Child labour laws being flouted in Sulaimaniyah’s slaughterhouses.

A new report from the The People's Struggle Movement - Iraq: The American Plan to Exhaust Iraq and to Steal Its Resources: Facts and Figures.

A major Sunni political group, the National Dialogue Council, has accused the government of killing the Sunni members of the constitution drafting committee. The NDC has suspended participation in writing the constitution: Group accuses Shiite-led government of killing Sunni politician.

Welcome the Islamic Republic of Iraq: Iraqi Constitution Draft Includes Curbs to Women's Rights. Presumably the Christian fascists will be thrilled that Iraq, at least, recognizes that women have no rights worth protecting.

Article 14 would replace a body of Iraqi law that has for decades been considered one of the most progressive in the Middle East in protecting the rights of women, giving them the freedom to choose a husband and requiring divorce cases to be decided by a judge.

Closer and closer: Iran, Iraq form five working committees.

Iraqi State Television quoted the Prime Minister as saying the committees' focus will include economic, political, and security issues and other affairs of mutual interests.

In Iraq, Sweet Promise Struck Down: Family Recounts Day When Son and 25 Other Children Died in terrorist bombing.

Five: Iraqi Children Undergo Open Heart Surgery in Israel.

Iraq Body Count has issued a new report on civilian casualties in Iraq: A Dossier of Civilian Casualties in Iraq 2003–2005 [Press Release] and: Complete Dossier [pdf]. See these press accounts: Iraq's catalogue of death [BBC] and: Iraq Body Count puts war's toll at 25,000. I personally am extremely disappointed that the IBC report doesn't even mention that the Lancet study found much higher death rates. They do acknowledge that only a complete census [a tabulation of all Iraqi deaths] would definitively settle the issue. They fail to point out that their methodology inevitably leads to a radical undercount, in that they rely on media reports, and the media have not visited most of Iraq for the past year. Thus, many, if not the past majority, of deaths from US bombing and active fighting in many parts of the country would not be counted. The Lancet and UN Iraq Living Conditions Survey are discussed briefly in the Notes, but the distinction between them and the IBC count, with known biases, is inadequately discussed. I value the IBC work, but it clearly constitutes an absolute minimum count of the deaths, NOT at all a reasonable estimate. It is very upsetting that they have lent their support to headlines claiming 25,000 casualties when the real number is likely higher.

Purging the prosecution. Turning trial into farce: Upheaval in Saddam's tribunal.

US presumably seething: Iran and Iraq look to heal old wounds with oil deal.

Give aid now or risk instability, Iraq tells world. And just how will "aid", siphoned off into corrupt American and Iraqi pockets, avoid instability?

Death and despair at one Baghdad hospital [Yarmouk hospital]: Iraq's hospitals under strain.

[At one hospital:] "On average we have 28 bodies turning up every day - 90% of them victims of violence," he says. And we don't even see the people killed by explosions because they don't require autopsies...."
Last month, his teams had to deal with over 860 bodies, some of them bound and shot in the head. [Remember these figures from one hospital when you hear estimates of dead Iraqis.]
"When the Americans first came I was so happy that we were saved from Saddam Hussein," says Farhan. "Now I feel only hatred. The way things are now, you don't know when you're going to die and who will kill you, the Americans or the insurgents. And civilians, innocent people are being caught in the middle."

After looting of untld billions of Iraq's oil revenue, and the billions made by US crook corporations like Halliburton: Billions to rebuild Iraq still unspent.

Bomb him with anti-personnel cluster bombs, offer the world in treatment, then tell him it's hopeless: Bomb Damage to Iraqi Boy's Eyes Is Worse Than Expected

The new army is supposed to protect whom? Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers.

More than two dozen doctors walked out of one of Baghdad's busiest hospitals on Tuesday to protest what they said was abuse by Iraqi soldiers, leaving about 100 patients to fend for themselves in chaotic wards. Physicians said the troubles started when soldiers barged into a woman's wing at Yarmouk hospital, opened curtains and conducted searches as patients lay in their beds on Monday.
A 27-year-old internal medicine specialist said a soldier began intimidating and abusing him. "Before he left he said, 'Why are you looking in disapproval?' Then he came and punched me lightly on my arm before sticking his rifle into my stomach and loading it," the doctor, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, told Reuters. "I stayed quiet but relatives of the patients told him to calm down before pulling him out of the room. Just then, four more soldiers came in and pointed a rifle at my head. At that point I became scared and begged them to leave me alone."

Iraq’s war on women.

Translating for the Americans: The most dangerous civilian job in Iraq.

Federalism a sticking point: Iraq tries to overcome snags in run-up to constitution. See also: Christopher Allbitron: Splitting Up Iraq?

A new report from the British Royal Institute of International Affairs says that British support for the US "War on Terror" puts Britain at greater risk: Iraq war boosted UK terror risk: experts. See the Press Release: New report on terrorism and the UK and: Full Report: Security, Terrorism and the UK [pdf].

Seymour Hersh on US attempts to rig the Iraq vote: Get Out the Vote.

$314 billion, with another $450 billion on its way. Pretty soon the war will cost real money: Casualty of War: The US Economy.

Why are they still be kept? Ex-inspectors urge release of Iraq weapons scientists.

To repair one boy's life, the result of a cluster bomb: Iraqi Boy's Journey to Erase the Scars of War.

After the massacre: Iraqis Stunned by the Violence of a Bombing.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the most revered Shiite cleric in Iraq, asked the government "to defend this country against the mass annihilation," according to Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, who led a delegation that visited the ayatollah on Sunday.

Toward civil war: After Iraq attacks, calls for militias grow.

The new friendship pact: Iraq-Iran security linked, leaders say.

Terrorist group gives Italy one month to quit Iraq.

Urgent! Please Forward Widely! Iraqi Oil Workers Hold 24-hour Strike - Oil Exports Shut Down.

Moqtada al-Sadr says: Resistance in Iraq 'legitimate'.

However, he did call upon Iraqis to exercise restrain with US troops.

Britain thinking of declaring victory and leaving: As fresh wave of violence hits Iraq, Reid hints at UK pullout.

Chris Floyd: The Great Iraq Oil Giveaway: Love Me Tender.

Typical colonialist attitudes abound among the "contractors" supposedly aiding Iraq: Sanded In Baghdad.

War protester pulled from Oswego County parade, arrested.

Evidently the US tried to buy the January elections for its CIA asset: Plan Called for Covert Aid in Iraq Vote.

The article, by Seymour M. Hersh, reports that the administration proceeded with the covert plan over the Congressional objections.

In one town US claims success, for now: By Courting Sunnis, G.I.'s See Security Rise in a Sinister Town. Notice, of course, the bias implicit in the headline.

Sunni illusions could undercut legitimacy of elections: Can the Sunnis Count?

New studies, from Saudi Arabia and Israel, find that the foreign fighters in Iraq were NOT prior jihadists, but were radicalized by the war: Study cites seeds of terror in Iraq.

The studies, which together constitute the most detailed picture available of foreign fighters, cast serious doubt on President Bush's claim that those responsible for some of the worst violence are terrorists who seized on the opportunity to make Iraq the ''central front" in a battle against the United States....
Out of the 154 fighters analyzed, only a handful had past associations with terrorism, including six who had fathers who fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan....
American intelligence officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, and terrorism specialists paint a similar portrait of the suicide bombers wreaking havoc in Iraq: Prior to the Iraq war, they were not Islamic extremists seeking to attack the United States, as Al Qaeda did four years ago, but are part of a new generation of terrorists responding to calls to defend their fellow Muslims from ''crusaders" and ''infidels." ''The president is right that Iraq is a main front in the war on terrorism, but this is a front we created," said Peter Bergen, a terrorism specialist at the nonpartisan New America Foundation, a Washington think tank

Iran's gain, US pain: Iran's oil diplomacy frustrates U.S. policy: Washington's goal of isolating the Islamic Republic stands in conflict with its aims in Iraq, Pakistan and India

Major strike of 15,000 in Basra: Oil exports affected by strike in Iraq.

British army having trouble: Soldiers forced to shout 'bang' as the Army runs out of ammunition.

History being made: Iran says old foe Iraq is now its brother. And: Iraqi premier aims to reconstruct Iran-Iraq ties: SCIRI official .

[Iraqi premier:] He noted that 10 ministers are accompanying the Iraqi premier in his trip to Iran, expressing hope that the visit would open a new chapter in brotherly and friendly ties between Tehran and Baghdad....
“I hope we will witness the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country as soon as Iraq reconstructs its national security structure. No Iraqi agrees with the presence of foreign forces in his country,” Hakim stated.
[Iran says:] Iran's official IRNA news agency quoted Iraq's industry minister saying that Iran and Iraq would start joint carmaking projects. Iran has agreed to send about 200,000 tonnes of flour to Iraq and will guarantee letters of credit issued by an Iraqi bank to a total of $300 million. Iraq has already bought heating fuel from OPEC's second biggest crude exporter and small amounts of non-oil trade have begun to flow across the border.

No 10 blocks envoy's book on Iraq by insider Sir Jeremy Greenstock.

In an extract seen by The Observer, Greenstock describes the American decision to go to war as 'politically illegitimate' and says that UN negotiations 'never rose over the level of awkward diversion for the US administration'.

Support Our Troops? GOP Ignored Warnings on Veterans and punished Republicans who warned of a budget shortfall for veterans' healthcare. Now they're 1.2 Billion short.

Anything but... Marine asks to be shot to avoid Iraq.

Court rules laws don't apply to US captives: Detainee Trials Are Upheld: Court Backs Bush On Military Panels.

Hamdan's lead civilian counsel, Georgetown University professor Neal Katyal, denounced the decision as "contrary to 200 years of constitutional law." He said it "places absolute trust in the president, unchecked by the Constitution, statutes of Congress and longstanding treaties." He added that it undermines the protections of the Geneva Conventions in ways that could harm U.S. interests in the future. Katyal expressed particular concern over what he described as the panel's conclusion that the president can "set up an entire architecture of justice as he sees fit," and that under the military's rules for the commissions, those on trial could be forced to leave the room while the proceedings against them continue.
A group of 305 current and former European politicians, who asserted that they span "the political spectrum," said in their court brief that letting the commissions proceed as planned would place the United States in breach of international law and undermine the due process rights of individuals affected by the war on terrorism.

A few more thrown to the wolves to protect Rumsfeld and Bush: U.S. charges 11 soldiers with abusing detainees.

Action Alert! Iraqi blogger Khalid has been kidnapped by the thugs running the new government's intelligence service: Fortunately, It's a Nice Governmental Gang! Juan Cole asks for (polite) protest letters: Iraqi Blogger Jailed. Write to:

A sad but humorous account of the new national assembly: Assembly Members Struggling to Fit the Bill: Amid Iraq's unrelenting violence, its lawmakers, often still learning the ropes of democracy, appear to be caught up in mundane minutiae.

True friends: Iran, Iraq prepare to take great leaps. And: Iraq PM to visit Tehran on Saturday.

A reminder: Women In Iraq War Continue Victims. And: Quality Of Life In Iraq Still Poor.

Where's the money go? Into whose pockets? GAO investigator rips Pentagon on Iraq war finances: Full accounting lacking, he says.

''If the Department of Defense were a business, they'd be out of business," David Walker, comptroller general of the Government Accountability Office, said at a breakfast with reporters yesterday. ''They have absolutely atrocious financial management."
The GAO has been examining the Pentagon's Iraq expenses, and ''we're having extreme difficulty in getting the Department of Defense to provide a full accounting of what they're spending" there, Walker said. ''I can't understand how we're spending $1 billion a week."

New York Times reports that even pro-American people in Fallujah now support the resistance, as a response to total humiliation at American hands: 8 Months After U.S.-Led Siege, Insurgents Rise Again in Falluja.

[Note the cavalier way they report a US-controlled police state:] Transformed into a police state after last winter's siege, this should be the safest city in all of Iraq.
Just as disturbing, even Falluja residents who favored purging the streets of insurgents last November are beginning to chafe under the occupation. "Some preferred the city quiet, purified of the gunmen and any militant aspect," said Abdul Jabbar Kadhim al-Alwani, 40, the owner of an automotive repair shop, expressing a widely held sentiment. "But after the unfairness and injustice with which the city's residents have been treated by the American and Iraqi forces, they now prefer the resistance, just so they won't be humiliated."

Anti-American rebellion spreads: Jordan Rejects Extradition Accord With US. And: South Korea lawmakers call for Iraq withdrawal.

Former CIA Director John Deutch: Time to pull out. And not just from Iraq.

David Reiff: Talking with the jihadists: Terrorism can only be defeated by political compromise and negotiation

Abuse approved despite high-level opposition. They knew what they were doing: 3 top JAGs challenged interrogations policy: They said tactics would be contrary to military doctrine, inflame public.

The New Racism. US makes clear Iraq lives simply don't matter, while maintaining separate latrines for Americans and Iraqis: Iraq: No, This Certainly Is Not Switzerland.

He [Major Jack Helmers] added that a part of the U.S. mission was "explosive ordnance disposal". Certainly radioactive depleted uranium (DU) is not hard to find, but U.S. authorities have refused to clean it up. At one point, piles of live munitions were tossed in piles along the streets, unmarked due to a shortage of yellow plastic 'caution' tape.
On a visit later to the office of Al Abrahemy of Iraqi Human Rights Watch in Karbala office, he showed what this could mean to Iraqis. Placeing a cluster bomb on his desk, he said people had unsuccessfully requested many times that the U.S. military retrieve the WMDs they had dropped. Parts of 'Daisy cutters', 15,000-pound bombs with a lethal radius of about 900 feet too, were still being found all over the city.
Children thought the yellow devices were toys. So on April 3, a committee headed by local volunteer Ali Hamza finally decided to dispose of the ordnance themselves. Attempting to clear a schoolyard, Ali Hamza was killed.
It may not have brought basic equality either. On the way out of Camp Lima Base were two latrines, one marked "Iraqis Only" and the other "No Iraqis -- Americans Only". Asked for an explanation, Major Booth replied that this was due to 'cultural differences'.

The New Racism. Muslim scholar denied entry to US.

Blood On Their Hands? US [Rove] may have blown an investigation of the London terror plot to distract attention from the Democratic convention: The Ghost of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan.

The Iraqi Defense Ministry has squandered more than $300 million buying faulty and outdated military equipment in what appears to be a massive web of corruption that flourished under American-appointed supervisors for a year or longer.... Vendors are suspected of vastly overcharging for substandard equipment, including helicopters, machine guns and armored vehicles, and kicking back money to Iraqi Defense Ministry buyers.
The defective equipment has jeopardized the lives of Iraq's embattled security forces.

Looting the new Iraq while endangering the poor cannon fodder in the police and Army. Iraq seen wasting $300 million on substandard military equipment.

"Torture General" Miller apparently lied to Congress: General contradicted his sworn testimony on Pentagon, Abu Ghraib.

Democracy Now! Dahr Jamail on Iraqi Hospitals Under Occupation, War Profiteering and the "Brain Drain" Out of Iraq.

US ambassador: US willing to talk to some Iraq insurgents.

Patrick Cockburn: Corruption threatens to leave Iraq with a 'ghost army'.

Why Iraq oil money hasn't fueled rebuilding?

He estimates that perhaps 5 percent of oil revenues are being lost to theft and product smuggling, although estimates from other experts range much higher.

The new way of life: A suicide attack every day in the new Iraq.

Another victim of US army convoy: KSU professor is killed in Iraq.

The Cyrus Kar affair: In Iraq war, justice for the savvy, not all.

The administration protects them so well, you'd think they were Karl Rove: Halliburton Fails Upward.

Need money? Don't care about your head? KBR wants you! Company seeks drivers to send to Iraq.

Corruption Engulfs Transport Ministry.

Not Enough Caskets for the Iraqi Dead.

While casket prices increased due to the ever increasing demand, it is impossible to find caskets for the bodies of the poor and homeless.

Child Workers Help Their Families Get By.

Blood lust: Iraqis sell their blood to survive.

US-Iraq War Halts Emergency Hospital Construction in Karbala.

Iraq: Insecurity and lack of shelter exacerbate internal displacement crisis.

Jon Elmer: On Iraq-Jordan Border, Various Roles Play Out in Desert.

Gunmen Kill Human Rights Activists in Iraq.

An everyday occurrence: More US War Crimes: Cold Blooded Murders in Iraq.

The news about the ambassador of Iraq to the UN revealing that US Marines murdered his cousin on June 25 has been swamped by cover of the terrorist bombings in London. The scale of the atrocities cannot be compared, but the moral difference is that the bombings were carried out by demented criminals while the murder was committed by people in uniform who are supposed to be exercising, abiding by, and illustrating by personal example, the laws of democratic societies....
Here is the Ambassador's account of the murder, as reported by Associated Press:
"Mohammed [al-Sumaidaie, his cousin], an engineering student at the University of Technology in Baghdad, was visiting his family in the village of Al-Shaikh Hadid when the Marines knocked on the door, the ambassador said. The young man rushed to open the door and greeted the group of about 10 Marines and an interpreter who appeared to be Egyptian pleasantly, "happy to exercise some of his English," said [Ambassador Sumaidaie]. The Marines asked if there were any weapons, and Mohammed said there was a rifle, which only had blanks . . . He then led some of the Marines into his father's bedroom where it was kept. His father, the local headmaster, was at school. A short time later, his mother, brothers and sisters who were kept in the living room heard a thud but they were generally relaxed because they had nothing to hide, and, "they thought, [had] nothing to fear". But later a younger brother, Ali, was dragged by the hair into the corridor by a Marine and was beaten. The mother started sobbing. A Marine then went out and returned with a camera and went into the bedroom. After a while, the family went outside and waited on the porch as they were ordered, the ambassador said. More than an hour later, as the soldiers were leaving, the interpreter asked the mother in Arabic if that was her son inside. When she replied "yes", the interpreter said, "they killed him!". "The mother let [out] a deafening cry of anguish, but the Marines were smiling at each other as they were leaving," [Ambassador Sumaidaie] said. "In the bedroom, Mohammed was found dead and laying in a clotted pool of his blood. A single bullet had penetrated his neck."

Tough Times for 5th Brigade of Iraq's Army: Unsanitary conditions at Baghdad base erode morale, officers say. Many soldiers have quit.

Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse: Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen.

Subject: Staying Alive: Civilians headed for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad attend a course that has them putting clips in an AK-47 and outwitting 'insurgents'.

They'll say anything: General: Danger in Iraq is inflated. Fear is stopping possible recruits.

Top Democrat: Evidence of abuse at Guantanamo.

Did the puppet master pull the strings? Iraqi Official Says Iran Will Not Train Troops: Defense Minister Contradicts His Tehran Counterpart.

US forces arrest Sunni tribal leader in Iraq.

Civil war: Sunni-Shiite Muslim conflict in Iraq invades the home.

In the new theocracy: Shiites bring rigid piety to Iraq's south.

In Basra these days, it's not uncommon to see armed men from Shiite religious groups standing at the gates of Basra University, scrutinizing female students to make sure their dresses are the right length and their makeup properly modest. Any woman violating their standards of Muslim dignity, relates Henan, a psychology student, is ordered home. "These religious militiamen tell us how to dress, and prevent us from listening to music in public or interacting with male students," she says. "It makes me burn inside...."
One woman living in Basra says, "Before, we had Saddam; now we have religious parties and militias. To them, a woman's smile is a crime...."
Others contend that devotion to extreme Islam does not itself solve Basra's problems. "These people held power for two years, and what did they accomplish?" says Samir. "Basra is in shambles, we are without electricity, fresh water, and security. They didn't even give us hope."

US can pull out of some cities, Iraq leader says, but he doesn't say which.

Making the world safe? Iraq, Internet fuel growth of global jihad: Analysts suspect Thursday's attack in London was motivated by Britain's role in Iraq.

az says the frequency with which jihadis in Iraq are willing to justify the killings of civilians and Muslims is a sharp departure from the previous generation weaned on Afghanistan, which was brutal to be sure, but generally had stricter limits on what were seen as legitimate targets. "The Iraqi alumni are going to be more dangerous than the Afghan alumni. They have no limits, no red lines," he says.

Even the most minor accountability totally nized: Reprimand of Guantanamo Chief Urged, Nixed.

Democracy at work: Iraq Shiites in campaign for foreign troop pullout.

Supporters of firebrand cleric Moqtada Sadr, who led a bloody six-month uprising against the coalition last year, said they were aiming to secure one million signatures inside four days.... The petition, which Jaberi said would be submitted to the Iraqi government and United Nations, reads: "I hereby declare my rejection of the forces of occupation and demand their withdrawal".

39,000 Iraqis killed in fighting, new study finds.

Some 39,000 Iraqis have been killed as a direct result of combat or armed violence since the U.S.-led invasion, a figure considerably higher than previous estimates, a Swiss institute reported on Monday.

More on the murders: Iraqi commandos accused in deaths of 10 Sunni Muslim tribesmen. The Iraqis apparently used the US-sponsored Afghan technique of locking in airtight containers. Shades of Nazi death camps?

9 Iraqis suffocate to death in police van.

Time magazine cover story: Why Iraq Has Made Us Less Safe.

Sir Ivor Roberts, Britain's Ambassador to Italy, declared last September that the "best recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda" was none other than the U.S. President, George W. Bush. With the American election entering its final furlongs, he added, "If anyone is ready to celebrate the eventual re-election of Bush, it is al-Qaeda."

Knight-Ridder's Joseph Galloway: `There is a dearth of good news in Iraq'.

They'll do anything to raise cannon fodder: Army disciplines recruiter with promotion.

A Houston soldier, Sgt. Thomas Kelt, told at least one young man to show up for recruitment or face being locked up. Following that incident, the Army promised to take a tough stance.... The 11 News Defenders discovered Kelt was transferred to a neighboring recruiting office where the army turned recruiter Kelt into a supervisor, as the station's new commander.

Wife of slain envoy slams Egypt govt.

Statements on the London bombings: Statement by Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) - UK Branch on the terrorist attack in London. And: Statement by the Middle East Centre for Women’s Rights On the Terrorist Attacks in London

After two months of arbitrary imprisonment: US filmmaker released from military custody.

Constitution won't be written on time. In fact, it's almost impossible to imagine an acceptable constitution being written at all when, six months after elections, they can't agree on the first sentence: Iraq Constitution Drafters Short on Time:

BBC correspondent Jon Leyne: Iraq: An upside-down place.

Blame the victim: Iraq envoy 'remarks' anger Egypt.

Report says U.S., Britain plan to withdraw troops from Iraq within 9 months.

Italy announces pullout, again: Italy sets date to pull troops out of Iraq .

he announcement came amid growing concern in Italy that his government's staunch backing for the policies of the Bush administration had put Rome or Milan next in line for an al-Qaida attack.

Chalmers Johnson on Robbing the Cradle of Civilization: The Smash of Civilizations.

CIA man warns: Allawi: this is the start of civil war.

Another story ignored in US. Iran provides foreign aid and military training: Iraq and Iran to co-operate over defence.

On his first official visit to Tehran, Iraqi minister of defence Saadoun al-Dulaimi asserted his country's sovereign right to seek help from wherever it sees fit in rebuilding its defence capabilities....
The two ministers said that a military co-operation agreement, now in the preparation, would include Iranian help with training and upgrading Iraq's reconstituted armed forces, a process so far overseen by US and coalition advisers.

One killed, three wounded in mass protest in Tikrit.

In meaningless ethics "report," the American Psychological Association refuses to condemn psychologist participation in torture at Guantanamo gulag: Psychologists Warned on Role in Detentions.

The report said that psychologists may not engage in torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. But in seeming to refer to the situations reported at Guantánamo, which might fall short of torture or cruel treatment, it said only that they "require special ethical consideration."

Apparent terrorist attacks in London kill several: Blasts rock London, Blair says 'terrorist attacks'.

Another call for the UN to take over: EU lawmaker urges U.N. force for Iraq, UK sceptical.

Iraqi economy source of friction with US. US wants removal of measures to help support Iraqi population. They call this "reform".

In Bush's Iraq: West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work.

“This”, said Saad Sultan, the Human Rights Ministry official in charge of monitoring Iraq’s prisons, includes random arrests, sometimes without a warrant, hanging people from ceilings and beating them, attaching electrodes to ears, hands, feet and genitals, and holding hot irons to flesh....
“This is a dirty war. We are the only ones with the nerves to fight it.”

Occupation, no thanks: The Razor's Edge: In relatively calm southern Iraq, people chafe under the occupation.

So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?

Iraqi minister pledges: Dulaimi to Iran: No attack by US from Iraq. Also under discussion is Iranian training of Iraqi police. Iran thanks George Bush for his kind assistance.

Crime sure does pay: Halliburton gets US$5b more work from US Army.

From Filmmaker in Los Angeles to Iraq Detainee.

Putin Wants U.N. to Take Lead in Iraq.

Interview with New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer on the development of US torture techniques: The Gitmo Experiment: How Methods Developed by the U.S. Military For Withstanding Torture are Being Used Against Detainees at Guantanamo Bay. And : Online Discussion with Mayer.

Riverbend: Unbelievable... [It's there. Just scroll down.]

“Not only can they not find WMD in Iraq,” I commented to E. as we listened to the Bush speech, “But they have disappeared from his speeches too!”
Do the Americans continue to believe such speeches? I couldn’t help but wonder. “They’ll believe anything.” E. sighed. “No matter what sort of absurdity they are fed, they’ll believe it. Think up the most outrageous lie… They have people who’ll believe it.”
The cousin sat up at this, his interest piqued. “The most outrageous lie? How about that Iraq was amassing aliens from Mareekh [Mars] and training them in the battle art of kung-fu to attack America in 2010!” “They’d believe it.” E. nodded in the affirmative. “Or that Iraq was developing a mutant breed of rabid, man-eating bunnies to unleash upon the Western world. They’d believe that too.”

William Van Wagenen discusses the massive attacks on civilians and the civilian infrastructure involved in the US's Shock and Awe barbarism: Shock and Awe: Aerial Bombardment, American Style.

"This Shock and Awe may not necessitate imposing the full destruction of either nuclear weapons or advanced conventional technologies but must be underwritten by the ability to do so. . . to convey the unmistakable message that unconditional compliance is the only available recourse. It will imply more than the direct application of force. . . This could include means of communication, transportation, food production, water supply, and other aspects of infrastructure."

Gilbert Achcar provides this important translation from Al-Hayat, fittingly, on the American celebration of independence: [More than] 103 MPs Demand a Timetable for the Withdrawal of Foreign Troops.

103 members of the National Assembly (the Parliament) have demanded the adoption of a resolution cancelling the request made by the Government to the UN Security Council to extend the presence of multinational forces, and urging the Government to put “a clear plan for army building and a timetable for the withdrawal of occupation troops” from Iraq.

Iraqis Say Security Forces Use Torture.

Dahr Jamail: The Zarqawi Phenomenon.

Call for Sunni electoral participation: Signs of life for Iraq's Sunni vote.

Adnan al-Dulaimi, the head of the group, called the Sunni Endowment, said in a news briefing in Baghdad that clerics would be asked to issue fatwas, or religious rulings, essentially ordering Sunnis to vote in the elections.

The future of Bush's Iraq arrives: Acid attacks on "immodest" women on the rise.

ccording to local police, dozens of women have had parts of their bodies burned by religious conservatives in a string of incidents throughout the capital in recent weeks.

Bush puts poodle in his place: ush Advises Blair Not to Expect Special Treatment at G-8 Summit.

"I really don't view our relationship as one of quid pro quo," Bush told Britain's ITV1 television.

Who's touchable or untouchable? Iraqi Government Reaches Out to Militants as long as they only attack occupation forces.

The "Berlin wall" around the occupied Green Zone: Living in the shadow of American occupation. KBR, the Halliburton subsidiary, builds thi, ever-expanding Apartheid wall.

"It was very nice street," Shawaf, the businessman, said with the dismay of someone who loves his tiny corner of the urban plan. "It was very nice street."

Who? America talks: but are these the real rebel leaders?

As if "regrets" make brutality ok: US "regrets" slaying of Swiss citizen in Iraq.

The capitalist civil war: Cola wars as Coke moves on Baghdad.

After a year in the gulag: Al-Sadr aide freed in Iraq.

Protest, Resistance, and Civil War

Occupation Resistance Analysis

Sunday: Car bomb explodes south of Baghdad while the US military reports five soldiers died yesterday.

Saturday: Bomb kills British guards near Basra.

Iraqi petroleum-laden train blown up.

Anti-occupation and religious hatred: In Jordanian Case, Hints of Iraq Jihad Networks.

Mr. Horani's mother and three of his friends indicated in interviews that he and his ring were motivated by little more than the deep opposition to the American occupation of Iraq that pervades society here. Two of the friends interviewed were arrested as part of the same investigation and later released. Mr. Horani's mother, Hesmat Abdul Rahman, recalled that her son had become angrier and angrier as he watched television images of the American invasion. Under such circumstances, "it is almost a must to do jihad," his mother said, defending her son. "This is our religion." Those images showed the toppling of a Sunni Arab-led government, ultimately in favor of the majority Shiites. Like nearly all Jordanian Arabs, Mr. Horani and his family are Sunni. "He hates the Shiites," Mrs. Rahman said.

US claim: Cash couriers supplying Iraq militants -US official.

Friday: Two marines killed in Iraq. And: At least 26 dead in Iraq suicide attack.

Thursday: Three US soldiers killed, six injured in Iraq. And: Suspected bomb hits oil train near Baghdad.

Overflowing morgue testament to Iraq's mayhem.

Another bloody day: 5 dead, 15 injured in Iraq violence; Insurgents Kill 12 Iraqi Workers; Water plant attack kills seven Iraqi soldiers; Algeria confirms 2 diplomats in Iraq have been killed; and: Five Soldiers [US] Killed, Five Wounded in Two Incidents in Iraq.

A German view from Der Spiegel: Is the Country Heading for Civil War?

From the outside, it seems like chaotic violence. But it's worse than that. In Iraq, Sunni Muslim suicide commandos are launching bloodbaths among the Shiites, gradually edging the country toward civil war. Instead of becoming a democratic beacon for the entire region, Iraq is on the verge of disintegrating.

In Baghdad quarter, killers don't hide their faces.

Alarm on fire engine thefts.

Beware the protectors: "Who's the enemy?" distraught Iraqis wonder. And: Iraqi police recruits often poor-quality.

Six more US troops killed in two days: Four 48th soldiers killed in bomb attack; Task Force Liberty Soldier Killed in Samarra; and: One Task Force Liberty Soldier Killed and Two Wounded by Indirect Fire.

Sunday: Suicide truck bomber kills up to 40 in Baghdad.

The New York Times: Defying US Efforts, Guerrillas in Iraq Refocus and Strengthen.

Despite months of assurances that their forces were on the wane, the guerrillas and terrorists battling the American-backed enterprise here appear to be growing more violent, more resilient and more sophisticated than ever.

US Gen.: Iraq Forces Need More Training before they'll fight to defend US imperial interests.

Friday: Attacks kill 16 in Iraq. Bride killed in Iraq. And: Iraq Bombing Kills U.S. Marine Outside Fallujah, Military Says.

Thursday: Sailor killed in Iraq. And: Two Algeria Diplomats Kidnapped in Iraq.

Thursday, at least 15 dead so far: Death count rising from another day of attacks in Iraq.

The Guardian's Ghaith Abdul-Ahad spent weeks with an "elite" Iraqi army unit and wasn't impressed: New blood.

One Iraqi officer also speaks of the influence of the Badr Brigade, the armed wing of the biggest Shia political party which now controls the National Assembly and the ministry of the interior. "The Badr Brigade is the biggest terrorist group and they run the interior ministry. The Kurds are running the MoD [Ministry of Defense]. The first thing they ask you when you want to become an officer is, 'Are you an Arab or a Kurd?' " Most Arab applicants, he maintains, are now being turned down for officer status....
On the American side of the base the soldiers mock the Iraqis when they speak about them; a kind of apartheid prevails. On the US side, a sign on a shower door reads: "Iraqis are prohibited from using showers designated for Americans." A young officer tells me: "We keep talking about partnership and we want them to fight with us, but we can't share showers with them."

Neighborhood Militias Proposed in Iraq.

One town, besieged from all sides: Luckless town in Iraq dazed.

Tuesday: Three Sunni members of the constitution drafting committee were killed today: Iraq early constitution hopes fade. another account says the killed were two members and an aide: Two Sunnis on Iraq's constitutional panel killed.

Tuesday: 13 killed in Iraq ambush.

The disintegration of Iraq: Frustrated Iraqis ready to take law into own hands.

Cut off flow of recruits, he says [how?] Iraq Official Advises on Ending Insurgency

The BBC's John Simpson: Iraq's descent into bombing quagmire.

I have been here eleven times. Each time the security situation has been markedly worse than the time before.

Monday: Gunmen Kill at Least 24 in Iraq. Six policemen, government worker killed in Iraq.

Sunday: Two US soldiers killed, two wounded in Iraq. And: 22 Die in New Attacks.

Death toll now at 98 in Saturday's horror: Iraq fuel truck bomb devastates town, kills 98.

"After the bomb I went over there and found my son's head. I could not find his body," said Mohsen Jassim of his 18-year-old son....
"The plans of the interior and defence ministries to impose security in Iraq have failed to stop the terrorists. We need to bring back popular militias," senior parliamentarian Khudair al-Khuzai told the chamber.

More Saturday carnage: Suicide bomber truck kills 55 in Iraq. Bombers hit Iraqi Shia mosque with at lest 8 killed. And: Iraq foils assassination attempt on the Interior Minister.

Filling the gulags: 217 suspects arrested in Iraq within 24 hours.

Friday night: Blast Targets Iraqi President's Home.

Saturday: 3 British soldiers killed in Iraq.

Day after day they continue as the civil war creeps ever closer: Five Iraqi men 'executed'.

Friday: Suicide bomb spree kills 20 across Baghdad. Three of Iraqi President's Guards Killed. And: Two U.S. Marines killed near Jordanian border.

No "progress": General: Iraq Insurgency Static in Size.

Michael Georgy: Iraq suicide attacks raise tough questions.

An al-Qaeda claim on Friday that Iraqis carried out a triple suicide bomb attack in Baghdad raises troubling questions over whether more locals are joining a deadly campaign dominated by foreign militants....
Three Iraqi militants interviewed by Reuters said that they had opposed al-Qaeda in the past because of its "extreme" views but were ready to join ranks with it to end the US occupation. "We did not agree with al-Qaeda before. But now I am ready to blow myself up because the Americans killed my brother," said Abdullah, 25, an Iraqi militant from Falluja.

Corpes are found by the dozen as police join death spree.

Journalists attacked again: Gunman attacks an Iraqi television crew.

Thursday: Iraq Suicide Bombers Strike Green Zone.

Threats driving Shiites out of homes, government seen powerless to protect them.

Wednesday's horror: 27 killed in Baghdad suicide blast. Police: Most of dead were children getting treats from U.S. troop. And: Suicide bomb attack kills 2 near mosque in Iraq. The mosque was Sunni.

Al-Zarqawi criticized by clerical mentor: Al-Zarqawi Blasts Mentor For Remarks.

Al-Barqawi, known in militant circles as Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi, said in an interview with Al-Jazeera from Jordan last week that militants in Iraq should revise their tactics, saying "the number of Iraqis killed in suicide operations has become a tragedy."

Two US soldiers killed in western Baghdad.

Eleven Iraqi soldiers killed as diplomats promised more protection.

Many dead in Iraq suicide blast.

Iraq karate official kidnapped.

Sunday: Suicide bombers kill 30 in Iraq: 70 left wounded in three Iraqi cities. And: 8 Members of Shiite Family Slain in Iraq.

Huge fire at Iraq refinery after mortar attack.

Wednesday: Car bombs kill many in Iraq.

Patrick Cockburn: Zarqawi's pledge to target Shia militia fuels tension.

Another step in civil war: Al-Qaeda boss Zarqawi forms 'Omar Brigade' to fight Badr Brigade. Then: Badr commander killed in Baghdad.

The brutality game continues: Qaeda says will kill Egypt's Iraq envoy.

US delight as Iraqi rebels turn their guns on al-Qa'eda. They won't delight if the Iraqi nationalists win, leading to greater opposition unity against occupation.

Islamic diplomats forced out: Bahrain's top diplomat shot in Baghdad. And: Pakistani Envoy Leaving Iraq After Attack.

Russian diplomats also attacked: Russian Embassy cars fired on in Iraq.

Analysis, Commentary, & Domestic Reaction

Occupation Resistance Analysis

Former President: Carter: Guantanamo Detentions Disgraceful.

Lowest of his Presidency: Bush Approval at 44%: Lowest measurement of his presidency.

The British medical journal, the Lancet says it is unethical for the Coalition to not count Iraqi civilian casualties: Iraq's citizens have a right to know.

The US-led Coalition that instigated the war claims to have acted on behalf of the Iraqi people. At the very least, Iraq's beleaguered citizens deserve to be told the true price—in numbers of lost human lives—they have paid for a conflict undertaken in their names.

Voices UK provides useful Talking Points: Arguing Against The Occupation.

The Baltimore Sun on the Iraqi Constitution: The wreck ahead.

[T]here's a very real danger that the document that finally emerges will do more to clarify differences than resolve them....
The likelihood, in other words, that U.S. troops will start coming home next spring, as predicted Wednesday by Gen. George W. Casey Jr., is small. He himself acknowledged that if the security situation does not improve, all bets are off. Similarly, Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said he wants American troops out as soon as possible - but that was chiefly rhetorical. His government would be lost without U.S. firepower.
It could happen that Iraqis of every description decide to give the constitution a try. It seems likely that Washington, which tried to influence the last elections under the table (but failed), will try again. At best, Iraqis will be at each other's throats but not killing each other. That's the rosy view. The American invasion of Iraq let loose an avalanche, or set up a train wreck, or started a chain reaction - choose your metaphor - and the danger is that it will end with a bitter and intractable sectarian bloodletting.

The South Jeresey Courier-Post: Iraq going in wrong direction.

If we are over there to spread liberty, this constitutional draft should be stopped.

Andrew Greeley: Neck deep in the Big Muddy.

Stephen Zunes on the Iranian elections: Democracy, Terrorism, and Nuclear Weapons .

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice challenges the legitimacy of the Iranian elections, because female candidates were barred from the presidential race, but she praises the far more restrictive local council elections in Saudi Arabia, where women, unlike in Iran, were not even allowed to vote.

Asheesh Kapur Siddique: Rough Draft: Liberals think calling for conscription makes them sound tough, but all it does is strengthen President Bush.

Charles V. Pena of the Cato Institute says the US and Britain aren't going anywhere: It's a case of 'no way out' in Iraq.

But Fred Kaplan has a plan [implausible tjough it seems to me]: We Can Leave Iraq by 2007: Here's how.

Either way, some of [General] Petraeus' aides, if not the general himself, have recently learned of rumors that Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari doesn't want his army to be well-trained. A leading Shiite, Jaafari reportedly fears that if the U.S. troops leave Iraq, the insurgents will crush all resistance and hoist the Sunnis back to power. Since the Americans have said they will leave once the Iraqi security forces are self-sufficient, Jaafari figures it's best to keep that day at bay. This could explain why many Iraqi units lack such basic materials as reliable weapons, ammunition, and sufficient food and bedding gear.

The Modern World: Karl Rove Talking Points.

Doonesbuty on Rove: July 27; July 28; July 29; and: July 30.

Donald Kaul: The truth lies between the lies.

President Bush gave his celebrated imitation of Winston Churchill a couple of weeks ago, rallying the country around his war policies.... Well, I listened to your speech, Mr. President, and I have this to say: I remember Winston Churchill, sir; Winston Churchill was a hero of mine. Mr. President, you're no Winston Churchill.

Gareth Porter interviewed by Dori Smith on TalkNation Radio: How To End the Real War.

The key to promotion in the Bush administration, committing one of the seven deadly sins, in this case, lying: W.House gives strong signal on Bolton appointment.

Paul Craig Roberts: Departing Iraq

Open Letter from Nader to President Bush on Iraq.

Richard Cohen: Primo Levi On Guantanamo.

The ambassador's own scorecard, a checklist for the United States when it undertakes nation-building after a conflict..

Michael Savage joins the antiwar forces: The Savage Nation vs. the Bushbots.

"Hush Bimbo" and "Sean Vanity" are the names Savage has pinned on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of WABC. In doing so, he has sparked a war between the members of his "Savage Nation" (slogan: "Borders, language, culture") and the so-called "Bushbots," that sizable number of gullible Americans who can be convinced that whatever policy Bush adopts is a conservative policy.

Chickehawks attack Iraq Vet Congressional candidate as the Republican steal-the-election machine revs up: OH-2: Swift Boating of Hackett Into High Gear.

Over the past two days, Republicans have been calling into talk radio across the district saying things like, "Paul wasn't really a Marine Corps Major in Iraq." It's a coordinated effort, as I am hearing from people that similar lines are being repeated and repeated by radio callers in and out of the district.

Establishment panel with two former National Security Advisers, Samuel R. Berger and Brent Scowcroft: Panel: Bush Was Unready for Postwar Iraq. Here war criminals Berger and Scowcroft put forward their own ideas for world control: The Right Tools To Build Nations.

Nassir Shirkhan thinks: Caution is the key to rapprochement between Iran and Iraq.

Roger Morris, former NSC staffer: Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal: The Source Beyond Rove.

Aaron Glantz: Mr. President, Please Give This Speech .

The Sacramento Bee: Casualties of war: Terror and anti-terror tactics escalate.

Brattleboro Reformer: Rural sacrifice.

Jeffrey Page: Insurgents haven't heard that this war is almost over.

Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop the War Coalition: Cause and consequence .

Tony Blair appears to be on the brink of a Brechtian moment, in which he will need to dissolve the people who have lost his confidence and elect another.

John M. Peters defends the oil motivation theory: A Crude Approach.

Whether the motive was primarily to secure petroleum for American consumption at controlled prices or as future leverage over growing global competitor China, the role of oil in the occupation of Iraq is a crude reality.

Norman Solomon: 'This Guy is a Modern-Day Hitler'. For more than 40 years, comparing an administration's enemies to Hitler has been a reliable way to convince a pliant media and unquestioning public to go to war.

Judge, in sentencing terrorist, makes a stirring defense of the need to follow the law in handling terrorism: The sunlight of a public trial.

Antiwar Democratic veteran Paul L. Hackett just might pull off upset in staunchly Republican district: Veteran of Iraq, Running in Ohio, Is Harsh on Bush. He even call Bush a "chicken hawk!"

Mr. Hackett has been bluntly dismissive of Mr. Bush, saying the United States should have focused on capturing Osama bin Laden instead of invading Iraq so quickly. In a public forum, he called Mr. Bush the biggest threat facing the United States, a remark that has infuriated voters, Republicans say. Yet Mr. Hackett has also tried to exploit Mr. Bush's popularity here, opening his lone television commercial with Mr. Bush saying, "There is no higher calling than service in our armed forces."

Despite split, history is made: AFL-CIO Convention Calls For Troop Withdrawal From Iraq. See the statement from U.S. Labor Against War (USLAW): AFL-CIO Calls for Rapid Return of U.S. Troops.

Speaker after speaker rose to condemn the war and occupation, and to demand the return of the troops. No one dared defend a policy that has caused revulsion throughout US unions....
The resolution marks a watershed moment in modern US labor history. It is the product of grassroots action at the bottom of the US labor movement, not a directive from top leaders. The call for bringing the troops home echoes the sentiments of thousands of ordinary workers and rank-and-file union members, whose children and family have been called on to fight the war.

A majority believe Bush lied, recent poll finds. And a large majority believes the US won't win in Iraq. But a majority still believe the war wasn't a mistake: Poll: USA doubts Iraq success, but not ready to give up.

A review of recent books on the motivations of terrorists: Killer instincts: What inspires young men and women to become suicide bombers? Religious fanaticism? Nationalism? Alienation? Or some toxic mix of all three?

Jihad El Khazen: Bush … Admit the Truth. And: The Fiction of “They Hate our Lifestyle”.

Bush: Did President Bush know when he declared war against Iraq (for definitely false reasons) that he would be setting up an Islamic republic allied with Iran, a member of the Axis of Evil? Did he know that he was launching a destructive terrorist war whose leaders cannot win, while the Iraqi people would pay the price with their lives and their future?

John Brown, a former Foreign Service officer who resigned from the State Department over the war in Iraq: Defending The Neocon War.

Oh my god! they've finally figured out, occasionally, that the "War on Terrorism" isn't a war: Washington recasts terror war as 'struggle'.

General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the National Press Club on Monday that he had "objected to the use of the term 'war on terrorism' before, because if you call it a war, then you think of people in uniform as being the solution."

Stan Goff: Dialectics on Meth: The Southwest Asian Debacle.

The Boston Globe says don't rush the constitution. Unfortunately, they seem to view the content of the constitution as up to the US: No deadline in Iraq.

Congress to intimidate Plamegate prosecutor: Congress plans to scrutinize Plame-related issues. [Note last paragraph.] The same committe chair, Sen. Pat Roberts, refused a Congressional investigation of the origins of the fake Niger documents because he didn't want to interfere with an "open" [but phantom] FBI investigation: Late-Breaking Pat Roberts Egregious Hackery Update!

Jim Lobe: Civil War Specter Spurs New Iraq Exit Plans .

Ruth Conniff: House Demagoguery on Iraq.

Patrick Doherty is another "progressive" who somehow believes that the country that has rained death and destruction on Iraq for two years can somehow bring it a beautiful democratic future. He, like others, appears to have no understanding that the US is pursuing its (perceived) national interests, which have nothing to do with the interests of Iraqis: Withdraw...And Then What?

John Roberts and the National Security State .

Does a woman have a right to choose? Of course. Only now, Bush loyalists are feverishly dismantling everything in their path from supervised elections to the separation of powers while liberal groups focus all their energy on one issue. What good is Roe if the rest of the Constitution is in tatters?

British politicians fight over Iraq link to London bombings: Straw backs down on denial of Iraq link. And: Invasion of Iraq ‘boosted’ terrorism threat, claims Cook.

"We Need the Truth": Downing Street Anniversary Sparks Demand for Investigation.

Stanley Reed: Iraq: The Deadly Cost Of Excluding The Sunnis.

Robert Dreyfuss writes of possible compromise with nationalist insurgents: A Way Out Of Iraq?

Tom Regan: Can US, Britain 'win' in Iraq?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: War on terror can't be won by steel alone.

John Chuckman presents an interesting comparison of arrogance in Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union and Bush's invasion of Iraq: Hitler's Shadow and the Coming Storm.

Oh my God! What does this mean? Understanding these results would provide an amazing insight into American attitudes today: Poll Shows Americans, For First Time, Divided on Use of A-Bombs in 1945.

David Cortright: Iraq: The Human Toll.

A reminder. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was intimately involved in covering up the Plamegate scandal, by potentially facilitating the shredding of sensitive documents: Atty. Gen. Gonzales Responds to Frank Rich's '12-Hour Gap' Charge. Also: Gonzales Says He Told Card About CIA Probe.

Why don't they try and do something to prevent it? Poll: Americans Say World War III Likely.

Salt Lake Tribune: Iraq's Army: If Iraqis aren't committed, training is useless.

his raises the question of whether the continued presence of U.S. forces is doing more to fan the flames of the insurgency and anti-American sentiment than it is to quell them.

Interview with Mia Bloom, author of Dying to Kill -- the Allure of Suicide Terror: 'Dying To Kill' -- Expert on Suicide Bombers Looks at London and Iraq.

Fox, the murder and torture network, news anchor praises killing of innocent by British police: Five in the Noggin.

Interview with John R. Bradley, author of Saudi Arabia Exposed: Inside a Kingdom in Crisis: A kingdom exposed.

Rand Corporation issues new report on how empires should control their newly acquired colonies after invading them: Long-term fixes sought for Iraq, Afghanistan. See Establishing Law and Order After Conflict -- Full Report [pdf] or: Summary [pdf].

Gordon Adams: Hubris Makes an Encore Appearance in Iraq.

Gregory Clark: Selling evil without a cause.

Two new polls place disapproval of Bush's Iraq policy at 57% and 55%: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey. And: Poll: Majority of people in U.S., Japan disapprove of how their own governments are handling Iraq.

Jeffrey Sachs: Make politics, not war, in Iraq.

The Iraqis sense all of this. Bush’s refusal to set a deadline for withdrawing troops is not taken as a sign of resolve, but as a statement of America’s intent to remain in Iraq, establish a puppet regime, control the country’s oil and set up permanent military bases.

Butchery for entertainment? Hill Street Blues strays into the Iraq war zone.

Noam Chomsky points out that the : Resort To Fear is hardly new in American history.

Artist Renderings of Abuse of 8 Year Old Girl at Abu Ghraib.

The social origins of Britain's alienated Pakistanis: Britain's amazing disconnect.

Arrested for trying to enlist: 'Raging Grannies' trying to enlist in Army, fight in Iraq.

In Vermont: GOP candidate calls for impeachment.

Frank Rich: Eight Days in July.

According to Rep. Waxman there were: 11 Security Breaches in Plame Case

Democrats spotlight CIA leak in radio address.

Latest polls: Bush Approval Rating on Iraq Fell Since April, Harris Poll Says; Poll: Many Fear Iraq Hurting Terror Fight, and 66% say he doesn't know his ass from his elbow: Bush Has No Iraq Exit Plan, Say Americans.

Republican Opposition to Iraq War Growing.

Max Rodenbeck reviews some of the latest books on terrorism: The Truth About Jihad.

LLuis Bassets in El Pais: Evil exists.

Shaun Carney: The terror game.

Even if Iraq didn't make us a target, what we're doing there is a dangerous distraction.

Rep. Lee Seeking the truth: Resolution of Inquiry Introduced Surrounding Bush’s Iraq War Policy.

Saturday: 300 Events to Call for Bush's Impeachment over 'Downing Street' Allegations.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Editorial: Feeding the insurgency.

The Daily Mail discusses the British War Party: Shouldn't THEY be put in the dock?

Shouldn't they be joined in the dock by Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, who prostituted his office for political ends? None of them has uttered a word of genuine contrition for dragging Britain into this disastrous war. Instead, they betray the forces they so blithely send to fight on our behalf in a foreign field.

Larry Diamond and Dan Senor: Has America Failed in Iraq? It's not the U.S. presence that bothers the insurgents, it's the prospect of democracy

Paul Reynolds: Allies' mixed messages on Iraq.

Sean Gonsalves: Winning hearts and minds: Conventional wisdom misunderstands dynamics of true power.

Frank Scott: Operation Wake Up.

There is hope in the growing demand for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, as well as in calls for impeachment. But we will not end terror or stop the empire simply by impeaching Bush, since his loyal opposition is almost as bad. And even those two desires will need to be joined with a further, most important demand: that policy towards Israel change radically, to not only observe the rights of the Palestinians, but to confront and end the power of the Israeli lobby over the U.S. government. To some, that may seem a tall order, but to those who truly want peace and social justice, it is an absolute necessity.

Lila Rajiva: America's Downing Syndrome, or Why the Not-So-Secret Air War Stayed “Secret”.

Latest Plamegate rumors: CIA Leak Investigation Turns to Possible Perjury, Obstruction. And: Testimony By Rove and Libby Examined: Leak Prosecutor Seeks Discrepancies.

Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak.

Plamegate commentary by Dan Froomkin: Conflicting Stories.

They committed perjury to establish the "he said -- she said" defense: Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters.

New York Times reports more Rove "leaks" as fact, in their imitation on reporting: For Two Aides in Leak Case, 2nd Issue Rises.

Italians Steadfast on Troop Withdrawal.

In the heartland: In Iowa town, uncertainty grows over Iraq war.

Emily White: Help Wanted As the War in Iraq Grinds On, Military Recruiters Are Finding New Soldiers Increasingly Hard to Come By. Will the Promise of Dinette Sets Make a Difference?

Rashid Khashana: Arab Hiroshima.

Jihad El Khazen: Darkness in August.

Republican Rep. Gilchrest supports '06 start to Iraq pullout.

Helena Cobban rebuts the objections to withdrawal: Next step in helping Iraqis: Set a withdrawal date.

Arianna Huffington: Iraq: The War We Are Not Being Shown. The one where the Iraqi PM makes nice in Iran, and the one where Iraqis get shot up at US checkpoints, and where many more Iraqis are killed by the US than by insurgents.

Sidney Blumenthal: Tunnel vision. For Bush, it's always either the day after 9/11 or the day before the Iraq invasion. He needs to rethink his war on terror.

Donald Collins: Bush's 'religious war'.

The US House voted to stay in Iraq forever, or a close approximation. They also voted to support lawless American detention: Congress Opposes Early Withdrawal From Iraq.

The measure, approved 291-137, says the United States should leave Iraq only when national security and foreign policy goals related to a free and stable Iraq have been achieved....
The GOP-controlled House also voted 304-124 resolving that the detention and lawful interrogation of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is essential to the war on terrorism.

On Washington Post page A1: Plame's Identity Marked As Secret: Memo Central to Probe Of Leak Was Written By State Dept. Analyst.

The corporate press obscures US war crimes, as usual: General Westmoreland's Incomplete Obit.

Intelligence report forces Blair on to defensive.

Some in Britain dare speak up: Blair: Mayor wrong on terror link.

Byron Williams: Sadly, the United States has lost its prestige abroad: War in Iraq signals the end of American carte blanche. Some of us, who doubt the benevolence of most US policy, don't necessarily find constraints on US ability to dominate "sad".

Why can't we afford to lose? American safety?

J. Alexander Thier of the Project on Failed States at Stanford University: Iraq's defining moment.

The purpose of any constitution is to channel conflict and competition into politics. A constitutional process is supposed to translate the political will of a nation into a concrete agreement. But this seems unlikely to occur given the current timetable — the Iraqi government has until August 15 to pass a new constitution and until October 15 to hold a public referendum on it. If the nascent government is able to devise a constitution by the middle of next month, then they're probably missing the point. A constitution cannot be written in a few weeks by a handful of politicians at a conference table; creating a founding document requires the long ordeal of reaching political compromise and building trust. Given the intensity of conflict in Iraq, it is unlikely that broad political consensus can be achieved any time soon.

David Corn reviews Robert Merry's new book, Sands of Empire: Missionary Zeal, American Foreign Policy, and the Hazards of Global Ambition: The Anti-Neocon.

Instead of offering a solution to the knotty dilemmas of the post-9/11 threat, the Iraq war has worsened the problem. This war, Merry maintains, can only "enflame anti-Western passions in the world of Islam." That will mean "more jihadists directed against the United States." The war also increases the odds of destabilization in other lands—such as Saudi Arabia (which has oil we need) and Pakistan (which has nukes we don't want to see used or transferred). Merry sums up:
"In taking his military into the heart of Islam and planting his country's flag into the soil of a foreign culture based on flimsy perceptions of a national threat, George W. Bush has brought his country and the world closer to that kind of Armageddon than it faced before. He did so on the basis of a world outlook and political idealism that are alluring, comforting, and widely embraced throughout American intellectual circles. They are also false and highly dangerous."

Another interview, this one with Australian TV, with Robert Pape regarding suicide bombers: US 'misread motivation' of suicide bombers.

There's a faulty premise in the current strategy on the war on terrorism. That faulty premise is that suicide terrorism and Al Qaeda suicide terrorism in particular is mainly driven by an evil ideology Islamic fundamentalism independent of other circumstances. However, the facts are that since 1980, suicide terrorist attacks from around the world over half have been secular. What over 95 per cent of suicide attacks around the world [are about] is not religion, but a specific strategic purpose - to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland or prize greatly and this is in fact a centrepiece of Al Qaeda's strategic logic, which is to compel the United States and Western countries to abandon military commitments on the Arabian Peninsula.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Terror in Iraq/Bombers bred by war itself.

The optimists tend to be soldiers and civilian officials corralled inside the heavily fortified "green zone" in the center of Baghdad. One Knight-Ridder reporter recently described the problem. When she went to lunch with a friend in the military, he "picked me up in his air-conditioned Explorer, took me to Burger King for lunch and showed me photos of the family he misses so terribly." It's "not politics that blind him from seeing the real Iraq," she said. "The [Green Zone's] maze of tall blast walls and miles of concertina wire obscure the view, too."

Palm Beach Post Editorial: Why Rove is like Iraq.

Only when caught in the most embarrassing misstatements did the White House admit that it should have had higher standards for the intelligence used to justify the war. How much more embarrassment must Karl Rove cause before Mr. Bush admits that he needs higher standards for advisers?

Justin Raimondo: Patrick J. 'Bulldog' Fitzgerald, American Insurgent: Occupied Washington under siege.

Mark Morford: The dark lord will reign even if overthrown.

Besides, you just know that if Rove is forced out (or if he and Bush agree that he should step down, as a matter of clever strategy), he'll merely go underground, move his big pink nail-encrusted throne to a different bunker where he will continue interviewing GOP presidential hopefuls for 2008 in an attempt to gauge whose body he can most easily invade, who has the least amount of humanity and the greatest malleability and the maximum capacity for having their soul sucked through the eye of a needle. Meetings ongoing. BYO sacrificial blood.

Rove Entirely Dependent on Novak for Top-Secret Government Information, Says Super-Secret White House Source. Further: White House Cannot Confirm Ever Having Met Karl Rove.

Eric Mink: Karl Rove: He has betrayed the nation.

They [Rove and others] think they work for President George W. Bush. They don't. They work for America.

So many mistakes; so little punishment, says David Ignatius: Summer Stonewall.

In Rove's famous June 22 speech to the New York Conservative Party, he evoked the qualities the administration wants to be remembered for. "We are seizing the mantle of idealism," Rove said, referring to the president's campaign for democracy in Iraq and the Middle East. Conservatives are "agents of reform," he said, referring to Bush's drive to restructure Social Security. But what made headlines was Rove's outrageous claim that after Sept. 11 liberals wanted to "offer therapy and understanding for our attackers." What made his comment truly reckless was that it ripped at the cohesion America needs in wartime.

Garrison Keillor: Karl Rove: the real story.

Joe Conason: Miller crusade diminishes the press: Right to protect sources wasn't designed to protect corrupt officials.

Or as the poet once sang, "To live outside the law, you must be honest." Unfortunately, the martyr of the moment doesn't inspire that kind of confidence.

Robert Kuttner on the creeping authoritarianism of America: Orwell meets Kafka.

Peter W. Galbraith: Iraq: Bush's Islamic Republic.

Jayati Ghosh: Debt-forgiveness as imperialism.

The US protects Iran's best friend: Iraq's dangerous new friend.

Jesse Jackson: Bush lacks credibility on Iraq.

Helen Thomas calls a spade a spade: Biden echoes Bush on Iraq.

Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., wants to run for president, but right now he sounds like an echo chamber for President Bush's failed policies on Iraq. After reading his recent remarks to the Brookings Institution following his return from his fifth fact-finding trip to Baghdad last month, I'd tell Biden: "Forget it."

Martin Samuel: Terror: the parable of the builder's bathroom.

Thomas Riggins: Iraq: Failure in Falluja.

William Greider: America's Truth Deficit.

Rove hid his conversation with Matthew Cooper from the FBI, meaning he knew he had something to hide: An Unlikely Story.

Alexander Cockburn provides a little context to outing a CIA agent: Don't You Dare Call It Treason.

Ted Rall, for one, speaks the "traitor" language: Republicans Must Choose: Bush or America?

Jim Lobe: ”PlameGate” Is Hardly a Summer Squall.

For its humor value: Transcript: McClellan Defends President On Failure to Fire Rove.

James Boyne: Where is Barney??----the Presidential Dog.

Christian Christensen: "Why Can't Foreign Lefties Learn to Be Objective Like Us?"

One of those ignored stories it's hard to interpret. BTW, it was NOT withdrawn, as some claim: Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning of London bombing.

British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said.

Lee Wolfe: Swatting hornets with bunker-busters.

Barbara Quirk: Images: No end to Iraq lies?

Interview with Salam Ali of the Iraqi Communist Party: Iraq: The Existing Timetable and the Struggle for Democracy .

Carl Conetta of the Project on Defense Alternatives has a new report: 400 days and out: A strategy for resolving the Iraq impasse. It is a follow up to his May report: Vicious Circle: The Dynamics of Occupation and Resistance in Iraq

Juan Cole: Christian Terrorist Rudolph Sentenced: What the Rightwing Press Will not Say.

Other things you won't see in the American press about this story:
Thomas Friedman will not write an op-ed for the New York Times about what is wrong with white southern Christian males that they keep producing these terrorists. He will also not ask why Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are not denouncing Eric Rudolph every day at the top of their lungs.
o reporter will interview frightened Iraqis about their fears at hearing that there are 138,000 armed Christians in their country belonging to the same faith as the bomber, Rudolph, some of them from his stomping grounds of Florida and North Carolina.

Wakeup call? Poll: Many Doubt White House Cooperation in Leak Probe.

Australian defense analyst Gary Brown: Iraq war a strategic blunder.

For Australia, which faces a terrorist threat similar to that confronting the US and Britain, the choice should be simple, and would be if we had a less ideologically driven government ourselves. It is to get out of Iraq and commit on a larger scale to Afghanistan.

Another Australian view: Voices of restraint give way to Bush hawks beating war drums ever louder.

"A lot of people who support the President are really not interested in the facts on the ground," Campbell says. "There really is a faith-based belief in the President as a person and in his ability to remake reality."

Gilbert Cranberg: When government deceives on the way to war.

The Miami Herald: Guantánamo's legacy.

Sandy Shanks discusses the absurdity of the US refusing to talk to willing Iraqi "resistance fighters": The diplomatic front: There isn't any.

Experts debate roles of politics and religion: West stymied by terrorists' increased use of suicide bombings.

Mike Whitney: The Straight Line Between Falluja and King's Cross Station: Bush and Blair's Orgy of Carnage.

MP George Galloway summarized the feelings of many of us when he said, "Members of Parliament find it easy to feel empathy with people killed in explosions by razor-sharp red-hot steel and splintering flying glass when they are in London, but they can blank out of their mind entirely the fact that a person killed in exactly the same way in Falluja died exactly the same death...."
Listen to Bush's comments following the London attack: "And the contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions of those who care deeply about human rights, and those who kill, those who've got such evil in their hearts that they will take the lives of innocent folks...."
Bin Laden doesn't care a whit about "our freedoms"; his message has been consistent throughout; "Get out of our countries, stop training our brutal secret police, stop propping up our corrupt regimes, and stop stealing our resources." When the imperialism stops, so, too, will the terrorism.

Plamegate continues: Top Aides Reportedly Set Sights on Wilson: Rove and Cheney chief of staff were intent on discrediting CIA agent's husband, prosecutors have been told.

Karl Rove, and Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, were especially intent on undercutting Wilson's credibility, according to people familiar with the inquiry.... Rove's interest was so strong that it prompted questions in the White House. When asked at one point why he was pursuing the diplomat so aggressively, Rove reportedly responded: "He's a Democrat." [And they hadn't a clue he was the leaker?]
Prosecutors' intense questioning of witnesses about Rove and Libby casts doubt on assertions that the president's longtime political guru was not — at least at some point — in Fitzgerald's sights.

Ambassador Joe Wilson's Letter to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee in "response to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee's "conclusions" about his efforts to expose the truth about the phony Niger claims, and how he came to investigate them.".

Hedging on the lack of an indictment, and going back on his word: Bush: CIA leaker would be fired if crime committed.

Rob Kall Rovegate and Downing Street—Inseparable.

Francis Wheen: Why Marx is Man of the Moment: He had globalization sussed 150 years ago.

FBI has massive file on that noted terrorist organization, the ACLU: Large Volume of F.B.I. Files Alarms U.S. Activist Groups.

The F.B.I. has in its files 1,173 pages of internal documents on the American Civil Liberties Union, the leading critic of the Bush administration's antiterrorism policies, and 2,383 pages on Greenpeace.... The Justice Department is opposing the A.C.L.U.'s request to expedite the review of material it is seeking under the Freedom of Information Act, saying it does not involve a matter of urgent public interest, and department lawyers say the sheer volume of material, in the thousands of pages, will take them 8 to 11 months to process for Greenpeace and the A.C.L.U alone.

Judith Coburn on the Unnamed Dead of Iraq.

Frank Rich reminds us that Plamegate is about Iraq, not, who said what to whom: Follow the Uranium.

Why is the Republican National Committee leading the defense of the Deputy Chief of Staff in Charge of Policy, John Nichols: Rove Defense Team.

Caught in another lie: Top Cheney Aide Among Sources.

First they lied about the war. Then they lied about the lying: Karl Rove Controversy.

In America: War protester pulled from Oswego County parade, arrested.

Jim Lobe provides a guide to the latest arguments of the "say anything" crowd: Welcome to RightWorld. And Mariano Aguirre provides a guide to the world of Michael Ignatieff: Exporting Democracy, Revising Torture: The Complex Missions of Michael Ignatieff . In his fatal attraction to the style of instant journalism, Michael Ignatieff frivolously mixes history and propaganda.

There is no limit to what they'll say: [GOP] Congressman Apologizes for Hitler Remark.

Chatham House says: London attack 'linked to Iraq'.

Two major analytical pieces from Le Monde Diplomatique. Philip S Golub on the decline of globalization and the revival of American national imperialism: United States: the slide to disorder . And Walid Charara: Constructive instability

Also from Le Monde Diplomatique: A short guide to the Shias.

Muslim World Rejecting Violence, Says Poll.

Labour MP calls for Iraq troops withdrawal.

In America: Tenn. Teen Jailed for Burning U.S. Flag. And an 11 year old Hispanic girl is jailed and is being prosecuted for throwing a rock at a gang of boys who were taunting her and throwing water balloons at her [were they white?]: US police pursue girl over rock.

Gilbert Achcar in e Monde Diplomatique: Arab spring: late and cold. The Arab world is in a social, economic and political crisis. Authoritarian regimes are monopolising power while their peoples dream of democracy. And military interventions will not help.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Editorial: Karl Rove/Real issue is the case for war.

The right has been all over the news saying that Ambassador Wilson said his wife wasn't a covert agent when she was outed. Another lie: AP Makes Key Addition to Rove Story on Wilson 'Clandestine' Quote. The PlameGate affair is important because it reveals the workings of the big lie machine in exquisite detail, despite my lack of affection for the despised CIA. While a distraction from the war, if the War Party can spin this one, all attempts to penetrate the fog of lies will be set back immeasurably.

AP added to the original story, by John Solomon, the following: "In an interview Friday, Wilson said his comment was meant to reflect that his wife lost her ability to be a covert agent because of the leak, not that she had stopped working for the CIA beforehand. "His wife's `'ability to do the job she's been doing for close to 20 years ceased from the minute Novak's article appeared; she ceased being a clandestine officer,' he said."

Wilson' report may not have been shared with VP Cheney's office: because that wasn't what he wanted to hear.

Justin Raimondo believes the claims that Rove isn't a target of the investigation, the War Party is: Rove-gate: Who Leaked to the Leakers? This isn't about Karl Rove.

Also supporting the case that Rove may not be the target: Reporter may face criminal charge: Miller may be pressured more to discuss source

Frank, Conyers Inquire Into Impeachment of 'Senior White House Officials'!

Who knew and what did he/she/it know? State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer.

Rep. Waxman has released Karl Rove's Nondisclosure Agreement. Guess what? Even negligent release of classified information or confirming classified information is a serious offense. And the sanctions are obligatory, not optional: Karl Rove's Nondisclosure Agreement.

Tom Hayden: A strategy for ending the Iraq War.

Kevin Zeese: Iraq Exit Strategy Within Reach?

Mundher al-Adhami: Not hate, vengeance .

Don't give me the nonsense about why do they hate us. They don't....
Attacks there, as those in London, are not about hating anybody's way of life, but straightforward revenge: revenge for Falluja and al-Qaim - and for Palestine and Afghanistan, which have been subsumed in them.

Erich Marquardt: ''U.S. Faces Pressure to Pull Troops from Iraq''.

The Bush administration finds itself in a difficult position since both courses of action -- enduring the insurgency or withdrawing from it -- have clear negative consequences. Yet, if operations in Iraq continue along their current progression, Washington will be forced to pull its troops out. The United States does not have the troop strength or the political will to conduct its current scope of operations for years to come. Only two years into the intervention, calls from the American people and from lawmakers to withdraw U.S. troops are growing in force. More importantly, unlike Vietnam, the United States has not resorted to conscription, a decision that has resulted in the overextension of the military. It took the United States four years of fighting until it began to extricate its forces from the conflict in Vietnam; in Iraq, expect that time frame to be shorter.

Interview, by the American Conservative of Robert Pape, author of American ConservativeDying to Win, has a subtitle: The Logic of Suicide Terrorism: The Logic of Suicide Terrorism:It’s the occupation, not the fundamentalism.

TAC: What do you think the chances are of a weapon of mass destruction being used in an American city?
RP: I think it depends not exclusively, but heavily, on how long our combat forces remain in the Persian Gulf. The central motive for anti-American terrorism, suicide terrorism, and catastrophic terrorism is response to foreign occupation, the presence of our troops. The longer our forces stay on the ground in the Arabian Peninsula, the greater the risk of the next 9/11, whether that is a suicide attack, a nuclear attack, or a biological attack.

Lifelong Republican Cenk Uygur: Put Your Country Above Your Party.

When our top priority should have been protecting and spreading our way of life, our culture, our idea of America, we sullied the good name of America instead. And I was supposed to stand with my party through all that? I’m far too much of a patriot to do that.

New Rove editorials. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Dump Rove / The investigation moves closer to the president. Michigan times-Herald: White House owes nation an explanation.

Novak's own statement contradicts story that HE told Rove about Plame, and not vice versa.

Eric Baerren: Rove's defense bad, but it's not like it matters.

Media repeated false GOP talking point on authorization for Wilson trip to Niger. See also: David Brooks repeated false GOP spin that Wilson claimed Cheney sent him to Niger. And: Spock With a Beard.

Bulldog Fitzgerald Indicts Reporters on Treason Charges for Revealing Classified Information to the White House, the CIA and the OSP.

Cheney says he's ashamed of being so gullible, and knew all along not to trust theAm media, but running both Halliburton and Bush left him with little time on his hands to verify the classified documents the media kept giving him.

John Dean raises new legal issues: It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble.

Robin Cook: Our troops are part of the problem.

Rami G. Khouri: Be Wiser Than Bush.

Rahul Mahajan: Iraq and the Weakness of U.S. Hegemony.

The Guardian says, don't forget the Iraq dead while mourning the British terror victims: Massacre of the innocents.

An illegitimate constitution is worse than no constitution, says J Alexander Thier: Iraq's rush to failure.

David Lindorff: No More Moral Relativism: The US is a Terrorist State.

Bush admin. makes clear that they have no interest in protecting the kind of people who ride subways and busses: Chertoff: States Foot Transit Safety Bill.

Bloomberg reports Republicans lying, though they are too careful to say so outright: Wilson's Iraq Assertions Hold Up Under Fire From Rove Backers.

Public catching on to Bush dishonesty: Bush honesty rating drops to lowest point: NBC/WSJ poll: Iraq replaces jobs as most important American priority

This is the "alternative"? Dems aim to increase army size.

More Rove, for the sheer fun of it. Sidney Blumenthal: Rove's war. Robert Parry: Bush Family Tradition: Ducking Scandal. Paul Waldman: Saving Karl Rove. Harold Meyerson: 'Fair game' question for Bush: Has the president asked Karl Rove, his indispensable aide, about his role in the Valerie Plame case? And at last Jim Lobe asks the real question that the cowardly Democrats and the sanctimonious corporate press won't utter: Bush's 'brain' leaked: Did Bush know?

Editorials on l'affaire de Rove: Karl Rove/Real issue is the case for war; Rove knows the game: But the facts close in on him Rove evasions; and Karl Rove's game.

Iraq's democracy could be an inspiration, but only if it's homegrown, says Ibrahim Al-Marashi: Iraq's Microwave Democracy.

Nicholas Olson What You Do Not Know About Iraq Will Astonish You.

Not speaking from experience, but from a testament from a man who is of Iraqi origins, Sami Rasouli, and has recently spent a good deal fo time in his home country (after 27 years absent), I have come to realize that the B.S. about Iraq and the sheer lunacy that is the right-wing propaganda machine must stop here and now.

B.J. Sabri: The Splendid Failure of Occupation.

Paul Craig Roberts: The Jobs Problem is Worse Than the War Problem: The No-Think Nation.

Now comes a report from Richard Freeman, professor of economics at Harvard University and associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Freeman's conclusions suggest that the US is not only losing its lead in science and engineering but also might be losing the professions themselves....
Corporations have moved many information technology, high-tech manufacturing, engineering, and research and development jobs away from America to lower cost countries principally in Asia. The result is declining opportunities and salaries for American graduates in science and engineering, which discourages students from these curriculums.
As my free market friends are found of saying, "the market works." It certainly does. The market is working to close down the great American middle class and to dismantle the ladders of upward mobility.

Chomsky on the Mass Media: A Summary of the Propaganda Model.

Antiwar soldier in Iraq: Military investigating Arizona soldier in Iraq. Then: Antiwar Soldier Arrested in Iraq.

Robert Kuttner's mea culpa: Second Thoughts on Leak Case.

The other journalistic moral of the story: Do your reporting before you write the column. I hope it's another 20 years before I have to write another such apology.

The: GOP talking points on Rove seek to discredit Wilson.

Couldn't happen to a sleazier guy: McClellan, in Third Day of Stonewalling, Tells Press They Have Taken a Pound of His Flesh.

Fox News's host John Gibson endorses outing Plame: FOX's Gibson: Karl Rove Should Be Given A 'Medal'. These guys are desperate.

Watch the Daily Show comment on the scandal: Rove gets the DS Treatment.

Anne-Marie Slaughter: London and Baghdad.

50 people killed by bombs in London last Thursday. 54 killed by bombs in Baghdad, Mosul, and Kirkuk over the weekend. Why do we react so differently?... Why don’t we react even more strongly to the deaths in Baghdad?

America is punishing Germany for its Iraq opposition.

New Book Examines Occupation Through Iraqis' Eyes.

Bush says couldn't care less about Plame leak: Bush says won't prejudge CIA case, Rove's role.

Letter from former Reagan JD employee to Sen. Cornyn: Rove is an Embarrassment to the Party and to the President.

This is getting fun! Shit Hits the Fan: POLLS on Rove.

Of course they do! White House maintains confidence in Rove: Democrats call for Bush to fire adviser linked to CIA leak. Why don't they call for Bush to be impeached for protecting him for two years?

Salim Lone, ormer spokesman for the UN mission in Iraq: Withdrawal would curb terrorism: Of course there is an Iraq-terror link - and it long predates 9/11.

While repeatedly reporting comments asserting the other side's inhumanity in recent days, western TV networks have not even hinted at the images they possess of more recent of crimes against humanity committed in Falluja, Najaf, Qaim, the mountain villages of Afghanistan, Jenin. Yes, the terrorists are barbaric - but who is more so?...
Muslims in particular want to see an end to terrorist carnage: after all, the principal victims of terror and the US-British aggressions disguised as a response to it are Muslim countries. For every westerner killed by Muslim terrorists since the end of the cold war, at least a hundred Muslims have died in wars and occupations perpetrated by the west....
The greatest blow Bush and Blair could strike against terror would be to terminate the occupation of Iraq within a fixed time. This would profoundly affect the outcome of the coming elections, and forge peace through power-sharing with Iraqi insurgents. But there is little pressure for Bush to do so since two senior Democratic senators, John Kerry and Joseph Biden, urged him to send more US troops a fortnight ago

Fareed Zakaria: Prevailing over terror.

The liemeister gets taken on: Nine Days Later, White House Press Corps Discovers the Rove-Plame Story.

The Rove hunt: Democrats urge Bush to fire Rove in leak scandal. And: Karl Rove: Soft on terror.

More say Iraq has reduced U.S. safety: Bush's approval rating edges up slightly after London attacks.

For humor's sake: Republicans blast Sen. Clinton on Bush attack: She had compared him to Alfred E. Neuman.

"I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington," Clinton said.

Gary Younge: Blair's blowback: Of course those who backed the Iraq war refute any link with the London bombs - they are in the deepest denial.

Councils of churches condemns U.S. policy on Iraq.

Evan Augustine Peterson, III: American Militarism, Part 2: On Celebrating Militaristic Nationalism.

Rove the source of leak, Newsweek says: Matt Cooper's Source: What Karl Rove told Time magazine's reporter. Remember Scott "Liar Boy" McClellan's unambiguous assertion: "He also declared that the allegation that Rove was involved in this leak was "a ridiculous suggestion, and it is simply not true."" And President Bush: "There are too many leaks of classified information in Washington. If there's leaks out of my administration, I want to know who it is, and if the person has violated the law, the person will be taken care of." Of course, Rove has been "taken care of" quite well, as promised. He got a promotion.

Robin Cook: The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means.

Interview with Toby Dodge,, lecturer in politics at Queen Mary College of the University of London, and a consulting senior fellow for the Middle East at the International Institute for Strategic Studies Rebuilding a stable, peaceful Iraq will be a slow, generation-long process.

They show their true colors: Fox News Slammed Over 'Callous' Line.

Brit Hume, the channel's Washington managing editor, said: "Just on a personal basis ... I saw the futures this morning, which were really in the tank, I thought 'hmm, time to buy'."

Juan Cole: Update on London Bombing Investigation: Unlikely to be by British Muslims

Scotland on Sunday: Disastrous Iraq adventure is a sideshow to the long haul war on terror.

Right wing bloggers respond to London bombings with Nazi-like arguments: Why Right Wing Blogs Don't Allow Comments.

[Two samples among many:] "If there are no Arabs there are no attacks. How many more need be sacrificed?"
"It is now time to force muslims to make a choice: Live peacefully or die. I prefer the latter."

LA Times speaks out on the torturer: Gonzales' Fatal Flaw.

It's a sad statement of the times we live in that much of the opposition to a Gonzales nomination is coming from social conservatives.... But where are the liberal advocates and Democratic senators who opposed Gonzales' nomination as attorney general? Is a torture-supporting nominee to the court really an acceptable lesser-of-evils these days?

For its entertainment value: The Miller/Fitzgerald Backstory.

For the short-run: Bush likely to get increased support for Iraq war, at least for now.

George Galloway: "London Has Reaped Blair's Involvement in Iraq".

Dan Froomkin in the Washington Post: The Impeachment Question.

More than four in 10 Americans, according to a recent Zogby poll, say that if President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment. But you wouldn't know it from following the news. Only three mainstream outlets that I can find made even cursory mention of the poll last week when it came out.s

Juan Cole: "The time of revenge has come" Blowback from Bush and Blair's incompetently pursued war on terror has hit London. When will the U.S. figure out how to fight smart?

Statement of Qaeda al-Jihad in Europe on London bombings.

Comments on the London bombings: The Message of Terror" London's Burning by Gilad Atzmon. And: It's Up to the Anti-War Movement to Restrain the Thirst for More Blind Revenge by Mike Marqusee.

Robert Fisk: Bush was right, but too late.

Burton J. Lee III: The Stain of Torture.

Noam Chomsky: It's imperialism, stupid. See also his: What We Know: On The Universals Of Language And Rights.

Robert Kuttner considers the jailing of Judith Miller as a put-up job: Politics Taints Probe of CIA Leak.

John Tierney criticizes conservatives for ignoring conservative beliefs about human nature: 'Get Out, You Damned One'.

Top Democrat says torturer qualified: Reid: Gonzales Qualified for High Court.

Gallup: Only 1 in 3 Think the U.S. Is Winning War on Terror .

Steve Bradenton: Rove's Recurring Nightmare.

Media Lens: The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing World Tribunal on Iraq.

'War of Worlds' close to documentary of Iraq invasion.

It's called withdrawal: US Senator says plan needed to empower Iraqi forces.

Abu Gonzales and the Court.

Books or bullets? Antiwar movement fights for a ballot measure to keep recruiters out of schools.

Thom Hartmann: Supreme Court - Media Ignore Possible "Fascist" Play.

Thus, the nomination of Gonzales, or another candidate with strong fascistic leanings but no clear abortion record, will probably be trumpeted in the mainstream corporate media as a triumph of "moderation" on the part of Bush (or a tribute to his "stubbornness" or his "loyalty"). In fact, it could mark the end of our 200+ year American experiment in democracy.

Paul Sperry: Yes, Bush lied.

Bill Israel : Save the First Amendment--from Karl Rove.

[J]ournalists as a community have been played for patsies by the president’s chief strategist, Karl Rove, and are enabling him to abuse the First Amendment, by their invoking it.

Democracy Now! interviews Faiza Jarrar: A Blogger's Response from Iraq.

Coming in March: Al-Jazeera Launching All-English Channel.

Iraq war brings a new breed of imperial literature about the fight against the "natives": Surrender.

Sami Ramadani argues that sectarianism is largely the creation of divide-and-rule occupiers: A fiction as powerful as WMD: It is not withdrawal that threatens Iraq with civil war, but occupation.

he occupation's sectarian discourse has acquired a hold as powerful as the WMD fiction that prepared the public for war. Iraqis are portrayed as a people who can't wait to kill each other once left to their own devices. In fact, the occupation is the main architect of institutionalised sectarian and ethnic divisions; its removal would act as a catalyst for Iraqis to resolve some of their differences politically. Only a few days ago the national assembly members who had signed the anti-occupation statement met representatives of the Foundation Congress (a group of 60 religious and secular organisations) and the al-Sadr movement and issued a joint call for the rapid withdrawal of the occupation forces according to an internationally guaranteed timetable.

42% favor impeachment if Bush lied: No Bounce: Bush Job Approval Unchanged by War Speech; Question on Impeachment Shows Polarization of Nation.

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