Boom Boom Boom Mr. Son of a Bush

The New York Times -- March 9, 2003

Here are lyrics from some recent antiwar songs:

We fought your wars with all our hearts
You sent us back in body parts
You took our wills with the truth you stole
We offer prayers for your long lost soul
The remainder is An unjustifiable, egotistical, power struggle
At the expense of the American dream --
A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)
by System of a Down

Voices on the radio
Tell us that we're going to war
Those brave men and women in uniform
They want to know what they're fighting for
The generals want to hear the end game
The allies won't approve the plan
But the oil men in the White House
They just don't give a damn
'Cause it's all about the price of oil --
The Price of Oil by Billy Bragg

I wake up all fear and dread-locked by all the things I cannot talk about.
We built our house of cards on ignorance, a landfill of deceit.
The walls are hollow, and we listen, worry what they will secrete.
Woe woe woe woe woe woe woe woe is we.
We all know they've got it fixed in politico-economics.
We're junking bonds; we're dropping bombs we've made by guzzling gasoline.
Public confidence is shaken like the apple from the tree. --
The Way by Mia Doi Todd

No boom boom boom Mr. son of a Bush
Don't push that button talkin' loud sayin' nothin'
He wanna blow it through the moon
So no boom boom boom
No Boom Boom by Chuck D

If the corporate scandals growin', bomb Iraq.
And your ties to them are showin', bomb Iraq.
If the smoking gun ain't smokin' We don't care, and we're not jokin'.
That Saddam will soon be croakin', Bomb Iraq.
Even if we have no allies, bomb Iraq.
From the sand dunes to the valleys, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections;
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions, Bomb Iraq. --
Bomb Iraq by Various Authors

 Hellfire and brimstone
Swapped for oil and guns
When we're pushing up daisies
We all look the same
In the name of the father maybe
But not in my name --
Jacob's Ladder by Chumbawamba

A new man in the White House
With a familiar name
Said he had some fresh ideas
But it's worse now since he came
From Texas to Washington
He wants to fight with many
And he says it's not for oil
He sent out the National Guard
To police the world
From Baghdad to Washington --
From Washington by John Mellencamp