DVD received this morning thank you [refers to the new film
A Letter to the Prime Minister: Jo Wilding's Diary From Iraq],
sat down to watch it this evening
with my wife and 11-year-old daughter Tara (the indirect subject of,
'I Might As Well Be In Jail' if you remember that!)

Firstly, fantastic film! Kudos to you both, not just for your
extraordinary bravery and compassion, but for having the determination
to stick with the process and get a professional product in
circulation. This can do so much good!

Tara got up and left the room towards the end; I heard her going
upstairs and, well - it's a lot to take in for a child of that age so
fair enough. But when the film ended and I went upstairs, she'd
written a letter to Blair! Gobsmacked.

I thought you'd like a copy. All her own work - even the spellos and
wild exaggerations!

Thanks again,

PS And we're posting it tomorrow!


Dear Tony Blair,

I writing to you on behalf of my concerns for Iraq. I have just
watched a film containing scenes of children being taken into hospital
and having to have operations because bombs have fallen on there houses.
Most of there families have not survived. One man had a wife and they
had been married for just one week before a bomb fell on there house
and killed his wife along with his sister and another girl. It is
awful that people of such a young age have been forced to live in this
sort of environment. Where are the weapons of mass destruction that
you so eagerly went to war for? Millions of people are dying every day
because of this and you are not giving them enough time to help the
innocent people that have been hurt in the war. On the film was a
little boy who had severe cuts on one side of his face. Did that
little boy ever attack you? There was a girl of just 14 who would
probably never be able to walk again and had deep gashes in her head.
One house had been bombed that had no landmark near for the bomber to
aim at and yet they WERE bombed. I am only 11 years of age and already
I know that what you are doing is wrong.

Yours sincerly
Miss. T. Harris

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