Statement by the Middle East Centre for Women’s Rights

On the Terrorist Attacks in London  


7th July 05

We have received the shocking news this morning of the series of blasts on a bus and the tube stations of London. We would like to express our profound condolences to the families and friends of victims of this savage act.

This horrific crime is a continuation of what was committed in New York, Madrid, Bali, Baghdad, Afghanistan, Palestine and other parts of the world.

The characteristics of these actions suggest that the Islamic terrorists are behind it.

Innocent people around the world have been the victims of this bleak situation created by US, UK and its allies from one side and Political Islam on the other. This horrific race to gain an upper hand on peoples live has intensified in the last few years after September 11 and the “war against terror”.

This dreadful race has turned many cities into battle fields that will destroy many lives.

We had expressed our deep concerns and warned that ‘supporting Islamic groups in UK by hosting Al- Qaradawi, holding conferences on Hejab, opening primary schools to teach the Islamic texts, funding organisations which are calling for teaching of Quran and the Sharia law in secondary schools, recognising polygamy in UK, spreading the word on political Islam in the media, adopting multiculturalist policy, etc. Such policies can only strengthen the Islamic Terrorists, who will commit any crimes against those they call ‘Infidels’!

Once again we need to say that this support has to come to an end!

The way out to end this bleak scenario is in the hand of decent civilised people. To stand against these two poles of terrorism in the world and to end any kind of support to these groups.

It is time to put an end to all these atrocities once and for all!

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