Statement by Organisation of Women’s Freedom in

Iraq (OWFI) - UK Branch on the terrorist attack in London

What happened in London is another hideous crime of global terrorists against humanity!

Through occupation of Iraq and so called “War on terror” USA and its allies cannot bring terrorism into an end!

The news of the horrific terrorist attack in London on 07/07/2005 has added one more tragedy against humanity. We are living in an era where terrorism has become a daily threat to everyone's life. The organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq - UK branch gives its most heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of this calamity.

The political Islamists who have declared their “Jihad” on the world started from countries in the Middle East by imposing Islamic Sharia Law, forcing women to wear the Veil, stoning them to death in public, and many more oppressions were made a way of life for nearly three decades now.

The USA and Western states saw all this and turned a blind eye to it before the September 11th events. The Islamists were even nurtured and supported by them.

When this “Jihad” for killing “infidels “reached the US its “war on terror” response only unleashed further the most reactionary Islamist forces onto the scene, giving them a “reason” to attack, kill, behead, and murder civilians wherever it is possible for them.  The London attack is part of a sequence of terrorist actions in the world; we still haven’t forgotten the tragedies that took place in New York, Madrid, Baghdad, Bali, Turkey, and many other places.

The so called “war on terror” has brought immense miseries to the people of Iraq. It has turned it into a battleground for various terrorist networks to terrorise people of Iraq and foreigners as they wish. Today throughout Iraq suicide bombings, beheadings, hostage taking, murdering innocent civilians, killing women, and beheading them has become the norm.

The occupation of Iraq is a major cause of this terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere. America’s attack on Iraq itself was open terrorism and an intimidation to the whole of humanity. The Islamist reactionaries are using this as a pretext to take the safety, life and security of the people as a hostage.

The OWFI strongly condemns the carnage and crimes committed by Islamists. They should be condemned by all. The Islamists should be denied any support or sympathy. The self appointed leaders of the world in the G 8 summit have announced their determination on the continuation of the “War on terror”, but they cannot bring it to an end as they themselves have created it all, and are responsible for the war, destruction, hunger and poverty in the world.

But it is the task of the progressive and secular forces across the world to stand up to these atrocities which have been committed against humankind all over the world for causes that are not ours and have nothing to do with our aspirations. 

Houzan Mahmoud

Representative of OWFI in UK

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