Paving the Road to Fallujah

Bob Price

How exactly was this road to Fallujah paved?

Four mercenaries- Was it an unaccountable, violation of the rules of engagement protocols by entering back streets of the slums of Fallujah in an arrogant display and disregard of competent security procedures? Openly brandishing brandishing weapons? Being former Special Forces employees and all. Mercenaries-Immune, Imortal, violent and aggressive! And why would such a spontaneous violation of human decency erupt on a bridge in Iraq? Where these men known "Contractors?"...of death? I presume Iraqis love their family, their children, their homes, their country. They pray and worship their God. They can read. That they can see and hear and have memory. They realize that they are part of all of humanity as well as others living on this planet earth. How did the ordinary Iraqi actuially threaten America? Perhaps this atrocious act committed on the bridge, this fall into the depths of darkness, might be precipitated by:

The US policy of funding, training terrorists, such as Osama Bin Laden, to conduct and initiate terrorism against a Cold War enemy and then abandoning bin Laden while supporting corrupt, oppressive regimes........actually encouraging terrorism. Bush #41 shook this man bin Laden's hand and called him "the George Washington of Afghanistan"...on the White House Steps.... and importantly and very significantly, by Osama's very success at US sanctioned and condoned terrorism, teaching bin Laden that terrorism really and actually works...even against a super power. A very good teacher is the CIA. It is not Spain who teaches terrorists....or appeasement...or is it Blowback?

Or was it the 1,100,000 plus Iraqi children killed by 12 years of US led sanctions, or the thousands still dying in the Sudan from the destruction of the supposed pharmaceutical company by cruise missile strike.

Or was it the massacre on the "Road of Death" of thousands of retreating Iraqis...going home, following UN direction in '91, the slaughter courtesty of Bush #41 and Powell.

Or was it ....."If we are humble, they will welcome us." Humble? Or was it operation Iraqi Freedom, the carpet bombing of Iraq after it was complying with the UN resolution and was actively destroying a few, non WMD carrying missiles with "too long a range"... in'03.

Or perhaps....the friends and allies and families of killed, or wounded, or maimed, grieving family members in Iraq.

Or, the US merely and idly standing by, observing the massive looting of Iraqi culture, tradition, manuscripts and heirlooms while guarding the oil Ministry- Cultural and religious destruction.

Or the unemployed, poverty stricken, terrified citizens who are subjected to harrassment and brutal searches, day and night, doors kicked down, foot on neck, rifles in face.

The Iraqi Women aprehended and sent home scarcely dressed. Face is important in the Arab world. Public humiliation and shame is not a welcomed cultural gesture.

Or perhaps the contamination and deformities and sickness by US DU shells remaining from '91 in the nuclear disaster area in the sands and cities of Iraq.

The declaration of "No WMD" by Iraq preceeding the war. And still to be proven false after 365 and more days of occupation.

The insulting and extra-legal, Rumsfeld comment, "No weapons found doesn't mean they don't have any WMD."

The lie, "were bringing them democracy and Justice. ".....From Florida?????? From Scalia?????

The false accusation by Bush that Saddam and bin Laden were allies and both involved in the events of 911. Known lies.

The "Sixteen words..." and the exposeŽ of the Niger lies by decent Joe Wilson

The insulting "Axis of evil" rhetoric by the smirking, chickenhawk warrior in the White House.

The intercepting and censoring of Iraqi Weapons declaration documents sent to the UN.

The interceptingof neutral countries email and phone calls and bullying and coercion at the UN prior to "Shock and Awe".

The lies regarding 'Saving Private Jessica' which ignored the contribution of valiant Iraqi doctors in saving her life after her driving accident!.

The complete land total lack of evidence of WMD over the past year when US experts were unfettered in spite of Bush and Powell's "proof " at the UN..."We know where it is..."

The infamous gassing of Saddam of course..and the US attacking Amnesty International for pointing out its illegal use and for condemming the US for condoning it.......20 years earlier. The abandonment of the Kurds incited to revolt, by Powell and Bush, in '91, completely left to Saddam's revenge and providing the mass graves Powell has so theatrically mourned. (The same Powell of both the My Lai and Iran Contra and now WMD cover-up fame.)

The "No body count" needed or warranted of thousands of Iraqis from"Shock and Awe". or now. ...."Mere Arabs. Not worth counting." The obscene display of the photographs of the bullet ridden Hussein sons approved by a gloating Bush #43. Bush, who smirkingly, lawlessly and bellicosely had smirked and taunted... "Dead or Alive" some drunken frat boy.

The masscre at Quali Janghi, the Castle of Death, Afghanistan, of hundreds of Muslim Freedom fighters, POWs, directly caused by Mickey Spann, an inept CIA operative's aggressive and lethal interrogation.

The Guantanamo torture of "Illegal combattants" ....all still living in the dark world of legal limbo..

The box container, heat stroke death of hundreds of Muslim POWs in Afghanistan and bulldozed into mass unmarked graves under the watchful eye of US Forces.

The ongoing abuse and senseless, wreckless shootings by the terrified "one-weekend-a-month", national guardsman from a US State", serving in the occupying forces , angry at his lengthy and costly tour of duty extenion. Poorly educated, under trained and virulently racist in a foreign culture..

The attack on only Muslim countries by America, after Bush's infamous and inept "Crusade" comment, never mind, his debillitating"With us or against us."

How could the Iraqis be ".....with Bush?" How could they be offering flowers and cheering for Bush's liberation and slaughter? In Fallujah? The cluster bombing of Iraqi civilian areas, food drop packages reverting to the colour yellow, the same colour as cluster bombs....both yellow in Iraq after previously changing to different, non confusing colours in Afghanistan!

The cry of spreading "Democracy' after chastizing and cutting funding for Turkey for actually following democratic principles and.... Spain?..Nothing more need be said. Honduras....

Or Bush's demonstrated and untrustworthy personality traits... a proven Liar, a coward, a thief....a failed businessman, a psychopath, and a malevolent, smirking, unelected man who took his country to war on lies...and safely ordered the massacre of Iraqi collaterals from the White House.

The complete disregard of Osama's last year's message ....."If you kill us, we will kill you."...and so go the innocents in Fallujah now under the same threat....."destroying the village to save the people" is so Bush!

Or the "Bring 'em on!' bellicose baiting by a chickenhawk man who went AWOL to avoid combat. any restrictions on the number of attacks? time?place?of these Presidentially, commander in chief directed, baited attacks? .... one asks? Particularly after bragging of a "Cakewalk." One does not have to be a rocket scientist or sports psychologist to know what that irresponsible, mocking, loose talk does to the human business competition, sports or war. Or the racism and brutality unleashed by this war on Arabs... Or the internationally televised "Mission accomplished" victory bravado, ineptly mixing the functions of politician and soldier with the parachute harness still cramping his masculinity as he swaggered across the flight deck and stroked his ego. Never mind his inappropriate and sloppy salute in civilian clothes.

Or the roots of evil? or the hearts and minds? water, electricity, unemployment, understanding, national pride, cultural empathy, endless slaughter?

Or the cowardly, plastic Turkey dinner photo op -the sneak into an airport in Iraq under cover of darkness by Bush, while violating international air traffic control regulations to boot. And forcing battle weary troops awake for turkey instead of breakfast, at 5 am. All for a photo Op?

Or Iraqi nationalism or pride or loyalty and perhaps some understanding of revenge by Iraqi, tribal people? Revenge? Loyalty?... are not those only a Bush family trait? Who did actually 'out' Palme? Or what are Bush and his merceneary thugs doing there in the first place, in this internationally illegal fiasco? Not for oil you say..."The vote, for freedom, for democracy..."...but not for Columbia, Haiti, Congo, Yemen?

Or perhaps the Iraqis saw Bush undermine the peaceful UN arms inspectors, belittle the UN and now demand international cannon fodder and money to reconstruct Iraq. Without giving up control of course. Or perhaps they saw Bush strip Americans of their championed Democracy, Civil and Constitutional rights with Patriot I and Patriot II? Iraqis know a snake when they see one . They endured an evil snake for years.

Or perhaps the Halliburton blood money running down off corporate hands is beginning to show how much profiteering is worth to American Corporations.

Or perhaps, just the simple fact of the American take over of Iraqi oil fields....

Or perhaps the bloated and inflated American reconstruction costs of schools, hosptials, bridges and offices is a bit blatant for what little the Iraqis get.

Or the willful and ongoing violations of the Geneva Conventions...Torture, killing POWs while crying foul for televised pictures of captured US soldiers..

And no one seems to remember Time Magazine, Man of the Year, January '91...Bush #43 Man of theYear...and the clearly stated reasons for not marching into Baghdad in those perilous days.."Deja written"....Mandella summed it up best in '03...absolute "Chaos" Or Bush #41 on his family thoughts on the Vincennes shoot down of the Iranian passenger jet , killing over 320 Muslims.... "I will never apologize for the United States." Or Albreight's "cost of business"! for over a million children's lives?

And the self righteous claim to be empowered to eliminate the evil regime of Saddam..."A regime change" Well surely the cost and destruction of the American slaughter has exceeded the torture chambers....for one man's removal? .....yes? And is it over yet? And the pathetic rationale of spreading democracy at the point of a gun? or perhaps Florida style? under the provisional council???????and then thwarting attempts or delaying a legitimate democratic vote.

The denial of democracy to Iraqis who are controlled by a much hated puppet government, like Afghanistan. And Bush so NOT into nation building? His post Saddam lack of plan appears that to be so! And the fact that Iraq was actually disarming under UN supervision and on the ground inspections and Bush still attacked. To weaken and disarm oneself is to be be prone to American invasion-if you have valuable, consumable, desireable resources, of course. And North Korea? And that the world's only hyperpower can bomb anywhere, anytime with such force that terrorism is the only cost effective means of resistance for minor or destructed countries. And PNAC permits this hegemony of pre emptive strikes? And that after teaching terrorism for expedient political gains at a convenient previous time.

Or perhaps it was the observing of the 'worthlessness' and abandonment to senseless slaughter of 800,000 black Rwandans, let die by US disinterest after their abandonment of justice and humanity....and failed peacekeeping attempts in Mogadishu. Or perhaps it is the biased, unbalanced and righteous support of Israel in the illegal occupation genocide of Palestinians, after sixty UN resolution violations by Israel, only twelve for Iraq! without thought to the fact that collateral death from a hellfire from a Blackhawk equals a stick of dynamite around the waist of a young Palestinian girl, only she gets closure and to choose her time of death.

And certainly Bush has never once given any thought to the fact that ..."it is not the death, it is the cause, that makes a martyr." Bush knows more than he understands even though "guided by God". What God would guide or direct that work?

And that, like the Apaches of the American West, the Palestinian is out gunned and out manned, their land grabbed and they are fighting for their lives in the only way they can, by using terror- suicide bombers, against a bristling nuclear power, armed and funded by the US. Or the massive Israeli apartheid wall dividing Palestinians from their freshly bulldozed fruit trees?

Or perhaps the complete disregard by the US for Rachel Corrie, attempting to stop bulldozing of Palestinian houses while the houses were occupied?

Or how would American respond to an occupation -by the Chinese say? (Or the French?) Flowers and candy? Cheering? one seems to remember back to Kent State, or My Lai....or Columbine....the American right to bear arms...and use them...freely.....Land of the Free...?

Or perhaps it was the Bush decision to disengage from the Arab world and abandon the Durban Conference on Racism in August of '01, in blind defence of Israel's racist policies. Staying engaged in discussion is not the Bush way - abandonment and disinterest is. War is. Or perhaps it was Bush's immediate disregard of the Middle East fury upon taking the White House. His refusal to engage in a settlement. And still refuses.

Or perhaps it was just the use of 911 to Attack Iraq, from long ago plans to do so.....PNAC, .....or perhaps a pinch of ..."Saddam tried to kill my Daddy."-That loyalty and revenge thing again!

Or perhaps the virulent racism and brutality of the GI..snipers.... shooting children, women, ambulance free fire zones and no body counts....unlike the Viet Nam, of course, when ear lobe necklaces were more in fashion than dog tags... to prove the macho "Body counts".

Bush is no Truman. The sign, "the buck stops here" ain't on this President's desk. He 'ain't responsible for anything', except war and tax breaks for his 'constiuency' ...the 'haves' and 'have mores'. And he is hard pressed " think on his feet of just one mistake he might have made"...

And yet, it was on Bush's watch. "And he knew the terrorist planes flew." And he so wanted Iraq? Ask Ashcroft why he never flew commercial after the August '01, Crawford security briefing meeeting. And interesting to me, all NYPD and Firefighters got post Traumatic Stress Syndrome treatment, and rightly so, after 'one' catastrophic event. All the peoples of the Middle do not get one ounce of it after years and years of blood, bombing, family tragedy and mayhem. Is there any mental illness in that cauldron of grief and fire and hell and blood?

And the roots of Evil?

Or the hearts and minds?

Or does anyone in the US Military Staff college remember Algerian terrorism?

And hey! how is Bush's plan for American school children feeding Afghan school children going now anyway?

I wonder if there is perhaps enough venom and hatred and mourning and grief and rage and mental illness and depression in that witches brew to unleash all decent people, anywhere, any nationality- to rage, to fight, to repell, to desecrate life in anger? To defend one's family, country and culture and life!

....and it only gets worse....

Bob Price
BC, Can