Iraq: Pro-war MPs draw a line in the sand

Labour in revolt over deployment of troops under US command

19 October 2004



Voted for the war

"I supported the conflict. I don't abrogate that, but there is a line in the sand to be drawn here. I have a responsibility as a Labour MP and to our British service personnel. I just don't think this can be justified. I would hope that Geoff Hoon will think again about this because it is politically untenable."

PAUL FARRELLY (MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Voted for the war

"There is no way we should give this dangerous American president any encouragement to inflict the sort of civilian casualties that we have already seen in Fallujah. We should instead be praying that he leaves office shortly."

ERIC ILLSLEY (MP for Barnsley Central)

Voted for the war

"I'm concerned about the timing. We've been asked by the Americans two weeks before their election to cover for their troops. Is this a ploy to allow Bush not to send more troops? If we made a decision to send troops tomorrow, it looks like we are stepping in to help out the President."

GERALDINE SMITH (MP for Morecambe & Lunesdale)

Voted for the war

"There is widespread alarm among the British public about the deployment of UK troops to fill in for the Americans. They were meant to be home by Christmas; we need to see an exit strategy. It looks as if we're getting deeper involved."

LINDSAY HOYLE (MP for Chorley)

Voted for the war

"If you look at the points raised in the Commons by Labour MPs, I think [Geoff Hoon] was barren of support from colleagues. I think they feel they have supported the Government, but question the further use of British troops to backfill for the Americans."

ROB MARRIS (MP for Wolverhampton SW)

Voted for the war

"I treat this with great circumspection. There is a risk to our troops because the Americans have a reputation for being heavy handed and less popular with the Iraqis. There is a risk to the UK that the terrorism in Iraq might spread here more quickly."

SIR GERALD KAUFMAN (MP for Manchester Gorton)

Voted for the war

"I have not changed my view on the war, but I do not want my government to be manipulated by one of the most unscrupulous US administrations that the US has ever seen."

PAUL STINCHCOMBE (MP for Wellingborough)

Voted for the war

"I'm concerned we may be exposing our troops to increased danger. Also, we have a different style of soldiering from the Americans. I therefore think we should be extremely cautious."

JEFF ENNIS (MP for Barnsley East & Mexborough)

Voted for the war

"I have yet to be persuaded that deployment of our troops into the US- controlled zone is the right move to make. We need to think long and hard."

IAN CAWSEY (MP for Brigg & Goole)

Voted for the war

"I'd be very unhappy with British troops led by the Americans and not under British or dual control. We should take a cautious approach because the American elections are so very, very close. We must not be seen to be taking sides."

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