Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 5, 2004

1. London-based alQuds al-Arabi daily said American army continued this week their outrageous abuse of Iraqi detainees. In a report from the historical city of Samarra 100 kilometers north of Baghdad,it said corpses of 4 Iraqi detainees were delivered to local police then to their families on May 2nd. One was anonymous while families of the other 3 told the daily's correspondent they were shocked when asked to receive the corpses of their relatives from hospital after they were arrested three days earlier on April 30. Hamid Jasim alsamarraei uncle of one of the murdered Iraqis Mohamed Jafar said his nephew and friends were shot dead and their bodies bore clear signs of torture such as bone fractures, burns and numerous bruises. Local police denied knowledge of anything about the case while their families said they were toiling workers and had nothing to do with National-Islamic resistance.

2. alJazeera cameraman Suhaib said he was detained for 3 months at abu-ghraib prison, most of which he spent naked and was exposed to torture.

3. American forces arranged a controlled -- P.R. press visit to a certain place at abu-ghraib prison. Ahmad salih aljazeera correspondent said many female prisoners started crying loudly asking for help when they knew about the visit. "Some aspects there are reminiscent of Guantanamo, "he said adding the visit was tightly controlled. They were told that the Americans would remove 50 young boys to a separate jail. "the state of the prison is as bad as it was under previous regime, "he added.

4. alQuds alArabi daily commented on US administration's reaction to those revelations saying that returning some soldiers from Iraq or firing them from military service is a reward not a punishment. "The immoral and brutal ways of torture adopted by the America forces are unprecedented under the most brutal and dictatorial regimes in history", stated the paper, adding that other revelations in Britain undermined Blair's propaganda that British soldiers act differently.

5. London-based Quds press news agency quoted an elderly imam of a mosque in Baghdad who refused to reveal his name for fear of rearrest as saying that he was arrested for 8 months and subjected with others to heinous and evil ways of torture which were beyond any imagination."Once we were kept naked in a cell and suddenly American soldiers pushed into our cell a group of naked women prisoners. We could do nothing but all of us men and women immediately started crying God is Greatest and reading Glorious Quran verses while everyone hid their sexual organs."

6. Dr Muthana al-Dhary Spokesman of Muslem Ulema{Scholars} Authority in Iraq warned against a vicious campaign to clear Iraq of its scientists. In a satement at al-arabiya he declared that Iraqi nuclear scientist Husam al-Ubaidi was kidnapped 3 days ago and scores of Iraqi scientists were assassinated. "Some were killed others kidnapped ,beaten and released after being warned not to stay in Iraq," he added.

Dr. Muhsin Abdulhameed head of Iraqi Islamic Party was quoted by aljazeera as saying that there is an international conspiracy to deprive Iraq of its scientists, intellectuals, physicians and professors by killings and intimidation to force remaining ones to leave Iraq.

Dr.Huda al-nieimi university professor commented on these reports saying about 150 scientists,physicians and prominent intellectuals were killed since the occupation. The three figures accused foreign bodies of committing these crimes for certain anti-Iraq political ends. Many Iraqis accuse Israeli Mossad murder squads were behind those acts as well as behind many attacks on Iraqi religious and civilian places with the aim of creating religious inter-Iraqi conflicts.

7. website said Iraqi resistance attacked an American tank at Saqlawiya west of the city of Fallouja killing its 5 crewmen.

8. Islam Memo web {}said the editor of the Pentagon-run Baghdad-based daily Alsabah and his staff resigned stating,"We thought we were introducing press freedom and democracy but we were strangled and could not continue."