Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 4, 2004

1.Syrian daily Teshreen {} published an article by analyst Mikhail Awad on American army abuse of Iraqi POWs, saying the Arabs started knowing the reality of America after 1967 June war with Israel when it publically sided with Israelis."But with the American occupation of Iraq the whole reality of America, its slogsns and how it pracise them on the ground have become cristal clear to all Arabs," said the paper.

"The reality of America is that it's an occpation power killing people. Its democracy is installing puppets and thieves in power, ban of elections and refusal to handover sovereignty back to Iraqis. It's plunder of Iraqis'wealth , controll of Iraqi oil and selling Iraq to world companies of Mafias and merceneries.Its tanks running over demonstrators who demanded press freedom and release of innocent detainees," explained the Syrian paper adding, "America which we know through its deeds is the one which uses the brutal Nazi and Facist ways in torturing prisoners, keeps them naked,rape them, force them to rape each other and make its solders and those of its British ally urinate on the heads of prisoners. It's the occupier and the invader, this is America."

2.Qatar-based alJazeera interviewed Lebanese psychologist dr.Mohamed Ahmed Naboulsi [] Secretary General of Arab Psychologists Association who analysed the attitude of American solders in torturing POWs. "It's the high commanders and politicians who must be brought to account. It's they who unleashed the beasts to attack Iraqis," he said. He said the exessively heavyhanded and repressive way in attacking Iraqi houses in search of suspected resistance fighters underlines the American solders' feeling of fear and panic. "While the American solder is terrified,the Iraqi fihgter views death as something easy, even desired especially after he feels that his dignity and sacred things are insulted, "explained Dr.Naboulsi adding, "this is the secret of the resistance fighter's superiority over the American solder despite the latter's sophisticated supplies which cost about 27000 dollars for each."

3. alJazeera continued reporting the mysterious campaign to liquidate Iraqi scientists. It said 250 Iraqi scientists were killed up to now. It said those kidnappings were not for ransom like what is done everyday to scores of Iraqis since the collapse of law and order after the US-led occpation 14 months ago. Rather it is to intimidate them and ask them to leave Iraq or else they would be re-kidnapped or even killed. The Qatari channel quoted well-known Iraqi physiotherapy specialist Dr. Ibrahim al-Basri as saying his son was kidnapped and he gave the minister of interior all details of the kidnappers'address and phone number but to no avail.The channel said Iraqi Physicians Union will go on strike in protest against the campaign to kill and intimidate Iraqi doctors.

4. Qatari daily al-Raya reviewed the response of a large number of Arab and Islamic websites and media to the publication of POWs abuse photos and concluded that all writings expressed furor and anger, while many expressed anti-American hatred and sweeping appeals for revenge from the United States and its soldiers.