Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 7, 2004

1. London-based Quds Press agency {} said 18 Iraqi resistance movements issued a statement about the battles of Fallouja. The statement said more than 3000 American troops were killed in the last month April in the province of Anbar which includes the towns of Fallouja, Ramadi, Heet, Haditha, Rawa, Ana, Hsaiba or al-Qaiem, Saqlawiya and Khalidiya. As for the total number of American casualties since the beginning of the war of occupation, resistance movements put it at more than 25000.

2. Lebanese TV sat channel LBC quoted the head of police in Tikreet 120 klm north of Baghdad as saying American forces delivered to them yesterday May 6 the bodies of 2 dead prisoners bringing to 6 the number of dead prisoners delivered this week to Tikreet police. Body of one dead prisoner was displyed ridden with small halls.

3. alMashriq polling center said 94 percent of Iraqis believe reconstruction has not started,while 70percent believe that reconstruction plans are promising no good to Iraqis.

4. Quds press agency said about one million Iraqi students dropped out since the occupation 14 months ago. Many families decline to send their children to schools because of security collapse demonstrated by kidnappings and exposure to indiscriminate fire by American troops whenever they are attacked. Many schools were closed as a result of shortage of teaching staff after scores of thousands of Baathist teachers were fired.