Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 8, 2004

1. London-based alQuds alArabi said in a leader article Iraqi POW photos reveal the real nature of the American plan in Iraq namely to wipe out the deeply rooted Arab and Islamic identity of the Iraqi people. "Together with the introduction of a new flag similar to the Israeli flag,they show that Bush administration applying a Zionist taming plan to destroy Islamic values, "said the paper adding that Rumsfeld is the architect of hatred policies against Arabs and Muslims citing his appointment of the anti-Islam racist General Boykin as head of anti-terrorism unit. "The American people shouldn't accept an administration violating international law and abusing the people's honour and dignity," stated the paper,"even if Bush apologized this means nothing because he lost credibility and became known as a big liar. He is the one responsible for this heinous crime."

2. Islam Memo website {} quoted Iraqi police in Fallouja as saying when they moved in the Sinae neighborhood after the American pullout they found thousands of porn photos distributed by US troops everywhere in the houses and streets.

3. Aljazeera sat channel in Qatar reviewed the legal responsibility for abuse of Iraqi POWs. It said an Egyptian, Dr.Husam Shaltoot, a peace activist, was arrested by American troops in Baghdad and tortured and abused in a similar way to what was shown in photos.

4. Dubai-based alarabiya sat channel said the damage done to the image of the United States as a result of Iraqi POW abuse revelations will continue for generations and commented on General Odom's remarks that America has lost the war in Iraq,and has to prepare for pullout.

5. Albasrsh web site published a statement by the Iraqi Resistance Movement about their operations in Iraq from 25 April to 1 May saying that they had killed 763 American troops and mercenaries and destroyed 58 tanks , 127 veihcles and two gunships.the movement said torture and abuse are carried not only the 10 officially known American-run jails but also in the jails run by the militias whose leaders are members of the US-appointed Interim Governing Council and cooperate with the occupation such as Ahmad Chalabi's armed group, Abdulazeez Hakeem's Badir militia and Kurdish militias run by Barzani and Talibani.