Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 9, 2004

1. Ex-Minister of human rights Abdil-basit Turki was quoted by aljazeera as saying that he had information that American soldiers continued to abuse Iraqi POWs."More abuse cases took place last week after the disclosure,"he said adding that this shows that American occupation forces have no value whatsoever for the Iraqi people and demonstrates the failure of Washington to defend freedom in Iraq.

2. Iraq for all site {] said 9 British solders were injured in attacks by resistance in Southern provinces Basrah and Imara.

3. Arab sat.channels and web sites covered today the holding of the first Iraqi Consitituent Conference to Resist American occupation which was attended bmore than 500 religious,political and unionist figures representing 35 groups form muslims and christian,Arabs and Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites. The conference established a secretarit led by Shiite religious leader Jawad al-Khalisi and a Unified Board of Muslem Ulema [scholars] in Iraq icluding Sunnis and Shiites. It decided to follow all means to resist the occupation and to bring a speedy end to Anglo-American occupation, to boycott any political bodies established by the occupation.

The Shiite religious leader Ayatollah Ahmad alhusseini alBaghdadi said we unquestionably support the National Islamic Resistance in Fallouja and Muqtada alSadr's Mahdi army and reject any government intalled by the occupation. Sheikh Ali al-Mudarisi the secretary General of the Islamic Movementin Kurdistan said we reject occupation and fully support the defenders of Fallouja, Najaf ,Kufa, Basrah, Ramadi, Samara, Mosul, Baqooband all other Iraqi cities and villages.

Sheikh Dr. Jawad al-khalisi said no sovereignty with occupation adding that the secretariat would meet UN envoy Ibrahimi to convey the conference view of the transfer of authority. Last time we told him we agree to take part in this transfer provided it's not done under occupation. Dr. muthana al-dhari said we demand that a new interim government should not deal with the occupation and that the main weight should be to the forces which adhered to the land of Iraq and didn't come with the Americans.

4. In central Baghdad a tank ran over a civilian car leaving it's driver badly injured.

5. Resistance fighters bombed the four seasons hotel in Baghdad injuring 8 westerners including 2 Americans.

6. Violent clashes are raging today in the township of alSadr between American forces and Shiite resistance fighters. American troops today troops marched towards the alSadr office in this town but were repulsed by Muqtada alSadr supporters.

7. In a press conference in Baghdad, some victims of American forces prison abuse stressed that President Bush, Rumsfeld and Bremer are responsible for the crime of thier abuse and called for bringing them to trial.One victim more than 40 years old cried that he was raped.

8. interviewed a victim of American solders abuse, Hisham abdil-Hameed, 32, who spoke about the "appalling situation in American-run prisons in the northern city of Mousil 400 klm north of Baghdad. "Prisoners are banned from going to WC for several days thus they are forced to soil their clothes," he said adding that some American soldiers asked prisoners to sodomize each other so as to be filmed and the tape to be sent to Los Angeles. He explained that there are three American-run prisons in Mousil, one which was called by prisoners Desco prison because soldiers there use very loud disco music to suppress prisoners' cries under torture. "Some soldiers sodomize each other in front of us and when we express disgust they would tell us: 'this is our culture and we will spread it here instead of your backward culture'."