Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 10, 2004

1. Aljazeera sat. channel interviewed two Iraqi victims of American troops abuse, a boy and a man 51 years old and his son and a mother who claimed that her 15 year old son was arrested from his home 40 days ago by American soldiers. She said she has not found any trace of him ever since. The 2 victims spoke of immoral and brutal torture.

2. Shiite leader Muktada al sadr callled on his resistance fighters to attack American and allied occupation forces in the whole of Iraq "in retaliation for occupation forces attacks on Iraqi people". This statement followed an aerial attack on Muqtada's office in alSadr town in Baghdad which killed several Iraqis. Eyewitnesses told aljazeera that 8 american tanks were destroyed during last night battles with resistance fighters in alSadr town.

3. Clergy Sadir Gobanchi from The Pro-Iran Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution SCIR in Iraq asked Najaf people to stage a demonstration on next friday to take security from Muqtada's supporters. SCIR is part of the Interim Governing Council.

4. Arab media are still giving a lot of coverage to the US forces 'abuse' of Iraqi POWs. AlQuds alArabi daily of London, in an editorial said there is definitely an Israeli hand in the Abu-ghraib scandal. It added that the brutal and immoral ways of dealing with Iraqi POWs are the same used by Israeli prison authorities. "The participation of Israelis in US-run prisons in Iraq should not be ruled out since the US administration followed an Israeli agenda in occupying Iraq devised by Israel closest American allies,the neo-cons such as Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearle, Pipes and others, "explained the daily.

5. Clashes were reported by alManar [Lebanese] between American forces and Iraqi resistance in Karbala streets which turned into a battlefield. In Najaf the resistance fighters shelled with mortars American forces near the province Mayor's office.

6. American spokesmen announced the killing of 2 American soldiers in Mousul and Samarra. 2 westerners a South African and a New Zealander were killed in Kirkuk in an attack on their car, while another car with 3 westerners was attacked in Baghdad. They were injured and evacuated by American patrol.

7. AlArabiya sat,channel screened a tape showing 8 resistance fighters who warned that their organization would deal with all non-Iraqi workers in non-Iraqi companies and especially Kuwaiti ones in Basrah in the same way as it deals with American and British soldiers.

8. Resistance fighters, supporters of religious leader Muqtada alSadr have gained a quantity of American weapons and ammunition in Najf after a battle with American soldiers where those fighters claimed they destroyed 3 American military vehicles and killing or injuring their crewmen.