Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 11, 2004

1. An American company's convoy of 21 vehicles was ambushed near the western town of Rutba. American spokesman said several vehicles were destroyed and several unidentified passengers were missing. The convoy was coming from Jordan.

2. Violent clashes were reported between American troops and Iraqi resistance in Karbala.

3. American base in Samarra was reported by Lebanese sat. channel AlManar to be shelled with mortar rockets.

4. A Dutch solder died today of wounds he got yesterday in an attack on a Dutch patrol in al-Samawa.

5. Lebanese satellite channel LBC reported that an Iraqi judicial group said Iraqi female POWs committed suicide after they were raped in prison. It quoted a Lebanese member of Parliament as commenting on the scandal by saying "this is American culture,and these soldiers were not on their own. They did this upon orders from their high commanders and high officials with the aim of humiliating Iraqis and Arabs." The spokesman of the Red Cross in Iraq, Nada Domani, described US soldiers' abusive treatment of Iraqi POWs as a violation of International Humanitarian Law especially the Geneva Conventions 3 and 4. "Thousands of Iraqi POWs do not enjoy the legal guarantees stipulated by Geneva conventions," she added.

6.alJazeera satellite channel screened photos of an 8 years old girl and several other Iraqis who were "unjustifiably" killed by British soldiers at Basrah.

7.A group of masked men and women were screened on alArabiya satellite channel vowing to fight against American and allied troops by all possible means including suicidal attacks.

8.Qatari daily alSharq published several articles on the Abu-ghraib-gate scandal. Professor al-Musfir of Qatar University described the American army in Iraq as the vanguard of decadence. "The gang of five in the US administration are trying hard to justify the scandal with thier typical lying and fabrication," he added. Egyptian writer Fahmy Huwaidi said the real US army's abuse and disgrace in Iraq is more than that to thousands of Iraqis. "Rather It's an abuse and disgrace to the whole of Iraq as demonstrated by the occupation of Iraq."