Report on the Arab Press from A.

May 12, 2004

1. Arab satellite channels reported the killing of a Dutch solder,the first since the deployment of Dutch troops to take part in the occupation forces, in an attack by Iraqi resistance in Samawa south west of Iraq.

2. A spokesman of Amnesty International was quoted as saying to alJazeera satellite channel that British soldiers killed an eight year old girl in cold blood in Basrah and presented details about other unjustified UK soldiers's killings of Iraqi civilians.

3. Large-scale fighting was reported between resistance fighters and American occupation forces in the holy city of Karbala where American tanks and armoured vehicles entered the city confronted by strong resistance. US snipers took position on the roofs of houses. US forces said 7 soldiers were injured.

4. Fighting broke out in the holy city of Najaf where resistance fighters destroyed two tanks. Lebanese satellite LBC said American tanks stormed the city from two places and were repulsed by fighters. Fighting was still going on in the evening where Shiite fighters were putting up a strong fight against invading forces. Many non-combatant Iraqis were killed by American aerial,tank and sniper fire.

5. Religious leader Muqtada alSadr vowed to continue fighting against American occupation and for establishing a genuinely elected national government.

6. The head of the US-appointed Interim Governing Council denied today that Iraqi authorities issued the arrest order against religious leader Muqtaqda alSadr and stressed that it was the "coalition Authority" that issued the order. American administration and occupation authorities had on many occasions said the order was issued by Iraqi authorities.

7. alArabiya satellite channel screened the control by resistance fighters of two military vehicles after their crew ran away. The fighters took out weapons from the two vehicles before they set them on fire. Eyewitnesses told the station that Fighters destroyed 11 American military vehicles during the evening and were evacuated in the early morning.

8. An American supply trailer was attacked and destroyed in Baghdad.

9. An attack on American forces took place in the city of Ramadi. American forces said several soldiers were injured.

10. An Iraqi security man was killed in Baqouba east of Baghdad. Most security men in Iraq are accused by Iraqi resistance of helping American occupation forces and betraying their own compatriots.