Report From the Arab Press

Collated by A.

May 16, 2004

1. The AlJazeera satellite channel showed the funeral of 22 Iraqis from Ammara province delivered to their families. British occupation forces said yesterday they killed 10 resisters in clashes with them. But families of victims claimed that their relatives were earlier arrested and executed by shooting yesterday morning after being tortured. The Qatari satellite showed one of them with one eye gouged out. The Lebanese satellite channel alManar interviewed a relative of one victim who said he found his brother slain and his two hands cut off. Others said their relatives were tortured before being shot, and later mutilated.

Sheikh Akram alKabi assistant to Sheikh Muqtada alSadr leader of resistance in the south and middle of Iraq later gave more details. He said: "Demonstrators took to the streets in Amara province against the occupation. Some of them were armed and all were attacked by British soldiers who killed 10 and arrested 22 demonstrators," adding that, "then British soldiers brought 22 mutilated bodies with hands cut off and eyes gouged out and some were slain with a sharp silk."

2. A delegation from Fallouja brought 7 trailers of food and medical supplies to the American-besieged holy city of Najaf and met with religious and resistance leader Muqtada al-Sadr. The alJazeera satellite channel quoted Sheikh alKubaisi, head of the Moslem Ulama[scholars]authority in Fallouja as saying: "We came to express Fallouja's full support to resistance in Najaf and to its leader sheikh Muqtada al-Sadr and our readiness to extend to them whatever assistance they need." Fallouja people had fought a fierce battle against superior American air and ground forces, and forced them to retreat thus becoming an exalted example of heroism, patriotism and sacrifice for Iraqis, both Arab and Moslem. political and military authorities in Baghdad was attacked by resistance with several rockets.

3. A convoy of supplies to American forces was attacked in Baghdad by Iraqi resistance forces. Two trailers were destroyed while clashes continued in alSadr township between Iraqi resisters and American forces. The "Green Zone," the headquarters of the American

4. A convoy of supplies to American forces was hit between the cities of Ramadi and Haditha west of Baghdad. One fuel tank was set ablaze.

5. The headquarters of the American forces in the Adamiya area of Baghdad was shelled by rockets today.