Report From the Arab Press

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May 17, 2004

Car attack underlines occupation deepening crisis

The assassination of the President of the American hand-picked Interim Governing Council was seen by Arab analysts as underlining the growing failure of the US occupation authority in providing security for even the highest figure in it's puppet administration. Since it occurred only 6 weeks before the so-called transfer of authority to a similar group of pro-occupation Iraqis, and amid expanding resistance operations against occupation, it's seen as a bloody demonstration of the deepening crisis of the whole project of American occupation in Iraq.

Occupation is biggest torture:
US empire army defeated by its own moral decadence

Syrian thinker Muta'a Safadi wrote in alQuds alArabi that torture was not confined to Abu-Ghraib prison or other similar prisons. Rather the occupation itself has become the biggest torture and sabotage against man and his construction and the achievements of his civilization. He added that Bush seems to be seeking to fulfill his father's commitment to return Iraq to the middle ages by using the Zionist way of depriving the land of its people and civilization so as to force his control on its riches and strategic position. "Everything is open and acceptable as long as it serves the neocons' strategy of controlling an Iraq without a unified people and without an advanced society and a firmly stable state," said Dr.Safadi. He added that the international outcry against the US soldiers' abuse of Iraqi POWs means that the occupation will soon generate adverse consequences on its own advocates, who have to pay a political and legal price. He commented on the next phase, saying that all efforts must be made now to kill the American administration's maneuver to camouflage its occupation of Iraq with a puppet government linked directly to the new gigantic US embassy led by a notorious terrorist. "The Haliburton and Bechtel companies will never be able to protect the occupation which opened up the richest treasures of Iraq," said the Syrian thinker. He added that there is no other solution for the present crisis but to give Iraq its real freedom and full independence. He concluded that the American empire's army was defeated by both its own moral decadence and its futile exercise in Fallouja, Karbala and Najaf.