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May 18, 2004

Iraqi Sociologist States there is
No Possible, Reasonable and Realistic Choice for Iraqis but Resistance

In an article posted by the alKader site, Iraqi sociologist Prof.Hazim Mushtaq said the US administration had lost balance after it has been hijacked by neocons who are blinded by hatred, territorial ambitions and illusions and are thus plunging the Iraqi, American, and other peoples into an abyss of crazy and absurd wars and adventures.

Prof. Mushtaq added: " there is no possible, realistic and reasonable choice for Iraqis but resistance, continued resistance, more resistance, everything for resistance, everything through resistance, nothing without resistance, nothing against resistance, no freedom without resistance," adding, "there can be no freedom and no democracy with occupation."

Prof.. Mushtaq said aggression gave birth to occupation which gave birth to Coalition Authority which in turn gave birth to the Interim Governing council. "This whole chain is illegal. Therefore all legislative, political, administrative, economic,military and cultural orders, regulations, decrees, and orders issued by the occupation authority or its hand-picked Interim Governing Council are null and void, illegal, rejected, and not binding on the Iraqi people," said Dr. Mushtaq, adding that this applies to all contracts signed by the occupation authority and any one of the bodies it found in Iraq.

Prof. Mushtaq described Iraqis' democratic aims, "The democracy desired by Iraqis, which is totally different from that the American administration seeks to export to Iraq, is real, embracing all citizens with no exception or discrimination. Ours is progressive, politically open, multilateral, not based on ethnic divisions, and sectarian shares, but rather based on equality in rights and duties for all citizens." Dr. Mushtaq concluded ,"Now that the real popular resistance war in Iraq has started it's only normal that it should move forward to inevitable victory."

Murder of US-appointed Key Leader Exposed Occupation Weakness and Shook Credibility of Power Transfer Plan

The alQuds alArabi daily of London in an editorial on the implications of the assassination of the president of US-handpicked Iraqi Interim Governing Council at the threshold of the main headquarters of American occupation authority in Baghdad, said Mr.Saleem was supposed to be enjoying the most unreserved security in Iraqi because he was on top of the Iraqi cover of the illegal American occupation. "It's hard to understand how America will hand over authority to Iraqis while it's unable to provide security to the highest of its followers in front of its command headquarters," added the paper saying that power transfer requires stability, security and the ability of the new authority to protect itself and win support and confidence of Iraqis as well as meeting their demands of providing security, services, and jobs. "None of these are available now," said the paper, adding that if the Americans and British find pretexts for escape from Iraq it's time we say what would happen to those who came to Iraq on board American tanks, assumed high jobs and promised Iraqis to provide democracy and stability. The paper wondered whether they would leave with or before the Anglo-American occupation forces, especially the majority who have kept their families abroad.

American Forces Continue Offensive in Holy Cities. More On Anti-occupation Moslem Unity

The al-Jazeera satellite channel said American forces continued their attacks inside the second holiest of Islamic cities of Karbala and Najaf 100-250 km. south of Baghdad. Tanks were only meters off the holy shrine of Prophet Mohamad's grandson al-Hussein. Najaf resisters said that Apache helicopters took part in the attack, and that they destroyed three tanks. A convoy of medical supplies from Adamiya town [with a Sunni majority] in Baghdad arrived in Najaf. al-Jazeera added that a statement was issued after the solidarity visit by Fallouja's delegation to Najaf and meeting with religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr asserting Sunni-Shiite agreement to be unified in resisting occupation.

Chained Father Watched 16 Year Old Daughter Raped at Abu-Ghraib

Sadddam Salih, a truck driver who was imprisoned in Abu-Ghraib prison from December 2003 to March 28, 2004 told al-Jazeera that he was one of those naked POWs to whose genitals American solder England pointed in one of the scandalous photos. He said he witnessed a brutal rape. "I cannot forget that scene nor can I stop hearing the shrieking of a 16 year old girl who was violently and brutally stripped of her clothes and raped by a bestial American solder in front of her father, who was chained to the bars of his cell." He added that he was kept naked 23 hours a day for 18 days. "I will never forget the moment when a solder urinated on me and another who beat me with a bar and dragged me with an iron leash or chain on the floor," he said adding that he only knew of his charge 3 days before his release, namely that he was mistaken for a terrorist. He explained that he was arrested when he went to a police station to report a suspicious car.

Dispute Over Number of Americans Killed in Iraq

The web site said an American convoy was attacked in the Ghazaliya neighborhood in Baghdad. Two soldiers were killed, according to an eyewitness. However, American occupation forces only admitted the death of two in the western province of al-Anbar, and two American civilians in Mosul. The term civilians may well refer to merceneries who are employed in military and security affairs by American forces and companies.