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May 120 2004

Iraqis see Chalabi's end typical of traitors

The raid and house search by American soldiers and US-run Iraqi police of the office and residence of Ahmad Chalabi leader of Iraqi National Congress and member of the US-handpicked "Interim Governing Council" was reported by almost all Arab media as a very dramatic development. said it's only natural that the American occupation authority in Iraq should get rid of Chalabi. It said, "The speedy spread and development of resistance exposed the false reports and promises made by Chalabi and other agents to American administration before the occupation that they would mobilize the Iraqi population into welcoming the occupation." dismissed Chalabi as a reporter,a thief and an agent of Mossad and American secret services. "It's the end of everyone who betrays his own country. The US occupiers used him as a pair of slippers, then threw him away. The same will be the end of Ayad Allawi and other puppets," said the Iraqi site, comparing Chalabi and company with Abu Rughal who led a heathen army to destroy the Ka'ba in Mecca, Arabia many centuries before Islam, and with Iraqi Minister Ibn Alqami who led Holague and his Mogul army to destroy Abbasid civilization and destroy Baghdad in 1258.

Iraqis see abusers trial a theatrical P.R. while stories of abuse abound

The alQuds alArabi daily of London reported a demonstration in Baghdad protesting against American trial of Abu Ghraib abusers. It quoted Mustapha al-Hitti as saying the Iraqis won't accept to replace the injustice of the former regime with the injustice of occupation. The head of the Iraqi organization of human rights said the occupation authority rejected his request to attend the trial. He said this trial is a mere propaganda exercise by the occupation authorities to cover up the POW abuse scandal.

The representative of Human Rights Watch in Iraq H. al-Mufti said she was angry because she was not allowed to attend trial. Dr. Ali Rubaie of Musansiriya University said this trial and Rumsfeld visit to Abu-Ghraib are part of a US counter attack to control damage in the face of international outcry and protest. "It's no more than a public relations exercise," said Dr.Rubaie adding," Iraqis cannot be deceived by such acts. They're suffering under occupation and the abuse to every aspect of their life is much bigger than a theatrical trial can remove or mitigate."

Interpreter describes abuse

An Iraqi interpreter with the American occupation forces told alQuds al Arabi that soldiers' abuse start with the raids launched by American soldiers on houses late in the evenings while people are asleep. "Suddenly peaceful families are awaken by troops storming inside their houses with armoured cars or bombs to destroy outside gates, and with soldiers screaming,"he said adding that soldiers soon oust all members from the house, search it and take any weapons, money and gold they find. Then they would drag male members down on the floor, chain and beat them in front of women and children."

He explained what happened inside prisons: "As soon as the arrested person arrives all soldiers present would take part in beating and humiliating him." He detailed torture methods saying these include forcing inmates to take off their clothes,chaining inmates to cell doors,forcing them to hear loud cries and music, pouring cold water on their naked bodies and exposing them to cold air conditioning in winter or exposing them to sun for log hours during summer, treading with shoes oh their heads, hitting them with sticks and shocking them with electrical power on any part of their bodies,locking them inside tight standing iron boxes and cells like animals, locking them inside garbage barrels for hours or days. As for sexual abuse, he said these include, among other things forcing inmates to try to exchange sexual intercourse with each other and forcing elderly inmates and sheikhs of tribes to take off their clothes and to put on female panties. He said once a POW was taken hooded and naked into a women's cell by a female solder who took off the mask there amid women cries.

US planes massacre of 47 Iraqis:
Iraqi woman asks "Is this US democracy/"

American Arab language satellite channel alHurra quoted an Iraqi woman as saying 47 innocent Iraqi civilians including her two brothers,a singer and a musician died in a US air raid yesterday. All Arab TV stations confirmed that it was a wedding party and showed corpses of tiny children and quoted numerous eyewitnesses, while American occupation forces spokesman insisted on his ridiculously fabricated story that there were foreign terrorists in that house which was raided by American war planes. Another musician who survived the raid said planes started flying above the party since 10 O'clock in the evening. Then, when participants in the party including the wedded couple went to sleep, American warplanes raided the house with 40 bombs killing the wedded couple and 55 of their guests. The alManar Lebanese TV quoted a women who was taking part in the funeral of victims as saying ,"why should America kill our people? Is this what America promised to be democracy?