Report From the Arab Press

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May 21, 2004

US blow to Chalabi "speedy,unexpected and humiliating"

The al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London commented on Chalabi's fall from grace with Washington, saying the latter's dramatic and humiliating blow to Chalabi's influence points to a retreat of Pentagon's influence in Iraq in favor of CIA and State Department,and to the end of Chalabi's honey moon with the US administration.

"Chalabi was the spoilt child of the Pentagon and Secretary Rumsfeld," It said, adding that he played a big role in providing it with pretexts for invading and occupying Iraq by supplying false information about alleged weapons of mass destruction, by the large-scale anti-Iraq demonizing campaign and by deluding the American administration that Iraqi people would welcome US aggression against their own country.

"These services were never free. He was on the payroll with $340000 a month besides other fees," said the paper, adding that it was a speedy and degrading end to Chalabi and his political agenda so much so that it was not expected by even his enemies.

Trial of Abu-Graib abusers: "A criminal tries a criminal"

The Qatari daily al-Sharq, in an article by Fawaz Ajmi, said it's ridiculous and saddening to watch the farce of the American trial of Abu-Ghraib abusers who raped Iraqi men and women and brutally abused POWs. "In this they revealed the sadistic, savage, and barbarian nature of the American Army," said the paper, adding that this farce, however failed. It explained that an eyewitness said the criminal told the Judge what he did was implementing orders from higher authorities, but the Judge didn't ask him who these authorities were because this would start with US governor Bremer up to President Bush. "Mr. Bush, by launching an illegal war against Iraq and occupying it, has committed a war crime." Now, how could a criminal try another criminal? All what happened at Abu-Ghraib was but byproduct of the initial and main crime, that is launching war against, invading, occupying, and colonizing an independent country," said the paper.

Prisoner abuse not the only crime, claims paper

In the same paper Dr.A.S. al-Hitti said Since the first day of their invasion of Iraq, American and British forces have practiced the most heinous and outrageous types of humiliation, derision and ridicule of the Iraqi character showing no difference between a man and a women, an adult and child, a military and a civilian man, an innocent or a guilty person. "According to the traditions of the 'forces of freedom and human rights' all have to be oppressed, humiliated, and tortured at the hands of the advocates of the 'democratic bigger Middle East' who are seeking revenge from the peoples of the region," said the paper adding "Bush and Blair have committed far worse atrocities than Medieval religious courts in Spain and the Nazis." The paper explained that what TVs have so far screened since the occupation showed shocking scenes of destruction, killing, humiliation, human rights violations and brutal immoral abuses." Sure what the media couldn't screen or reach as a result of occupation forces' fierce restrictions is much worse and more brutal and shocking as well as insulting to humanity."