Report From the Arab Press

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May 26, 2004

Will the US the command agree to alSadr's offer?

alJazeera TV quoted American occupation security adviser Muwafac alRubaie as saying Moqtada alSadr, leader of the resistance in Najaf and other central and southern areas, offered to pull out fighters from Najaf streets and public buildings if American occupation soldiers pull out from the holy city, except for a small unit near the Mayor's office. It's not likely that the American command will agree to this offer. However alSadr told alJazeera the only solution for the problem in the holy places lies in the withdrawal of American occupation forces from Iraq and denied any agreement to disband the Mahdi Army resistance fighters.

Resistance plan for 'Baghdad battle' reported

The al Watan Saudi daily said the American occupation command in Iraq has told US administration that Iraqi resistance groups are preparing for what it called the "grand battle of Baghdad" to hinder the new American plan to provide a legal Iraqi face to occupation. It added that the American command fear that the planned operation might create a seriously uncontrollable situation in the capital. It explained that UN envoy Ibrahimi met with certain Iraqi figures with connections to the resistance, with a view to reaching an understanding with the resistance which, according to the Saudi paper, insisted that American command recognize them as the leading force in Iraq.

Did Chalabi loot Iraq Museum and Manuscripts Centre?

The Iraqi weekly, alBasaer [], organ of the Moslem Ulama [ scholars] Authority quoted Dr.Fawaz al-Kharabsha, Director of Jordan Antiquities, as saying that Ahmad Chalabi, member of the US-picked Interim Governing Council, was behind the looting of the famous Iraq Museum and Iraqi Manuscripts Centre upon the fall of Baghdad to American invaders on April 9, 2003. He added that Chalabi used to give 100 dollars to each looter who brought him a manuscript, explaining that Chalabi did all this with approval of American invading forces. Chalabi is widely regarded in Iraq and the Arab world as a crook and a US [especially Neocon] and Israeli puppet. Iraq was the scene of a barbaric and savage campaign of looting of all its governmental offices and public utilities [except the Oil ministry, for obvious reasons]. Unfortunately this shameful campaign received US official blessing when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld described it as an expression of freedom.