Report From the Arab Press

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May 28, 2004

US chooses CIA man to head interim government

alJazeera TV reported the appointment by the US-picked Interim Governing Council IGC of physician Ayad Allawi, member of the IGC presidential committee, as head of the new Interim government. The Qatari-based TV described Allawi as very close to CIA. A few days ago, Robert Pear, a former CIA key officer who headed anti-Iraq clandestine activity in northern Iraq during the early 1990's told alJazeera TV that the closest Iraqi to CIA was Ayad Allawi. The Islamic News Agency [] said the choice of Allawi was made in a meeting of the IGC headed by American Governor Bremer and not by UN envoy Lakdar Ibrahimi as previously announced.

Truce brakes down in Kufa

alArabiya TV reported a breakdown of the truce in the holy town of Kufa part of the holy province of Najaf. It said 5 Iraqis were killed in resumed fighting between American occupation forces and Mahdi Army resistance fighters. It screened an American tank set ablaze by resistance fighters. But US occupation command declined to announce its losses, as was the case during the whole fighting in this city while it has exaggerated the losses to the resistance fighters.

Kuwait pays families of American killed solders

The Islamic news agency [] said the Kuwaiti government paid $3.5 million to families of American soldiers killed in Iraq. Kuwaiti Minister Saud Nasser alSabah, former ambassador to Washington, delivered the payment. He was known for letting his daughter Naira give false testimony in 1990 to a US Congressional Committee claiming she witnessed Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait taking babies off of incubators, as a ploy to deceive American public opinion and legislators and prepare them to accept war on Iraq. Kuwait has been providing the main logisic help to American invasion of Iraq.

Claims the resistance has captured US soldiers said resistance fighters west of Fallujh have captured two American soldeirs and a female one, who were disguised as Iraqis trying to infiltrate into the town in a mysterious mission.