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May 29, 2004

Transfer of sovereignty ' just another lie' and cosmetic

Tahir al-Adwan, Editor-in-Chief of the Jordanian daily al-Arab al-Yawm [], in an article entitled 'Another lie: Transfer of sovereignty to Iraqis' said that after the lie of weapons of mass destruction which were non-existant and the lie of democracy which was exposed by the Abu-Ghraib torture scandal, now comes the lie of power transfer to Iraqis. He added Washington and London are trying to escape Iraqi resistance military pressures by trying to drag the UN and Security Council to bestowing legitimacy upon the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq. "How could there be a sovereign Iraqi government while American occupation forces, according even to Bush's and Blair's statements, will stay in Iraq indefinitely?" asked the Jordanian editor, adding that any attempt to hold elections and go for reconstruction depends to a large extent on restoring law and order and establishing security.

"This is what all analyses, even those by American authorities, are doubtful about, especially after the resistance declared its determination to continue and even escalate its operations against the occupation and all those cooperating with it," said al-Adwan, adding, "Any interim government protected by General Sanches and directed by Ambassador Negroponte will obviously never win the support of Iraqis and convince them to surrender and throw down their weapons." He insisted that the Iraqi population have already chosen their leaders, all of whom are anti-occupation. "Any Iraqi government with no representatives of the Iraqi Moslem Ulama [scholars] Authority, Moqtada al-Sadr's group, and the Iraqi resistance in the western and central areas will fail to re-establish law and order," said the Jordanian editor, adding, "June 30 will never be more than another one of the lies of the century which led to invading and occupying Iraq." He concluded saying that bestowing international legitimacy upon these lies through flimsy UN resolutions will never change realities on the ground. He cited the escalation of resistance in Iraq after resolution 1483 which recognized the US-picked Interim Governing Council.

The same idea was taken up by Lebanese lawyer Hasan Bayan in an article posted by Iraqpatrol. He started with a qoute by Portuguese Nobel prise winner Jose Saramango: "The war on Iraq was born from the lie of weapons of mass destruction and gave birth to all other lies." He said that 30 June is a date for transfer, not of sovereignty, but of authority only. "Thus, occupation will continue, so will Iraqi resistance which is the other side of the coin," he insisted, adding that sovereignty can only emanate from the will of the people, which is not available now in Iraq. "All that America is planning is to have a cosmetic act of a transfer of an authority, retaining the upper hand in deciding its military, foreign, economic, and security affairs."

Female POW reveals more torture methods

Interviewed by UAE-based, Saudi-owned alArabiya TV, the first released Iraqi female POW, Imtithal al-Huseini who is over 55 years old, said she and many other women were arrested in Abu-Ghraib prison and moved to the Baghdad airport prison where she and other women were tortured. She mentioned new torture methods, such as forcing POWs to sift dirty hard things from used toilet water, pulling women by their hair, and pushing ice sticks inside sensitive body holes. She added torture was savage and barbaric, covering children from 6 years to 16 and elderly paralyzed women. She said she saw an old man whose jaws were broken and one eye gouged out.

Why the shift from Chalabi to Allawi?

The Lebanese TV channel al-Manr interviewed several ordinary Iraqis on the choice of Ayad Allawi by the American governor and his Interim Governing Council. All of them said they do not know him. The Lebanese channel said that Allawi, who has been linked to the CIA, seems to have been chosen after the shift of Iraq file from the Pentagon with it's favorite Ahmad Chalabi to the State Department, which is allied to the CIA with it's favorite, Allawi.

More resistance operations reported said resistance fighters on Friday attacked an American patrol of 20 soldiers on the road between Falluja and Ramadi. The site said seven soldiers were killed. The United Arab Emirates news agency WAM said a convoy of American soldiers was attacked north of Baghdad. WAM explained that a soldier carrier vehicle was completely destroyed with its 20 passengers killed or injured and hastily evacuated by helicopters.

Kuwaiti paper: More aerial war against Iraqi cities

Iraqpatrol qouted an Kuwaiti daily as saying that American and British leaders are planning to stage a large-scale aerial attack on several Iraqi cities. It added the attack could be similar to that of Desert Fox in December 1998 when American forces launched 460 cruise missile on Baghdad besides aerial bombing. The Kuwaiti paper explained that Britain asked Turkey to allow the redeployment of two tornado squadrons to the Anjirlic base, while America asked Turkey to allow the return of 50 American warplanes to the same base.