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June 6, 2004

Researcher: US has to rebuild what it has destroyed

Mahjoob al-Zuwairi, a researcher at the Durham University Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, in an article at al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London, said the talk in Washington nowadays about withdrawal from Iraq is part of the election agenda and an effort to limit the damage caused by the Iraq prisoner torture scandal. "To withdraw from Iraq for an administration bent on use of force in foreign policy as the sole means of settling international disputes seems to be a choice of the sweetest of two bitter solutions" said the researcher, adding that the US administration should not withdraw from Iraq before rebuilding what it has destroyed in terms of the US-sponsored, UN-imposed, crippling sanctions, which have pushed Iraq back 100 years, as well as the devastating wars it has launched on Iraq in 1991 and 2003, which did away with the remnants of Iraq's modern infrastructure.

Pachachi speaks angrily of colleagues on 'dirty plot'

Iraqi octagenarian politician Adnan al-Pachachi, in several TV and press interviews, angrily lashed out at his former colleagues in the now-defunct Interim Governing Council for allegedly conspiring to deprive him of the nomination as president. "They have to be ashamed of themselves for this dirty and heinous plot" he said to al-Arabiya TV. In a statement to the Iraqi daily, alZaman, he named Ahmad Chalabi as mastermind of this plot, while in other statements he accused Kurdish and Arab Shiites of failing him in the nomination process, insisting that the reason was because he was an advocate of Arbism. "If they accused me of being an American puppet they have to remember that all of them were brought by Americans," he said.

Religious leader criticizes nominations

In a statement posted on the al-Kader web site, Moslem Shiite religious leader Sheikh Dr.Mohamed Mahdi al-Khalisi, Secretary-General of the Iraqi Constitutional Congress, described recent nominations in Baghdad as installing a "de facto care-taker authority under occupation," with no popular will to nominate it or a constitution to guide it's performance. "Thus, it should not take any sovereign act or responsibility and should not represent Iraq in international organizations, or assume any one of an elected government's responsibilities," he said, adding that its sole responsibility is to provide public services. Dr. al-Khalisi explained that this government will lose any credibility for good if it agreed to be used as a cover to fix any of the illegal aims of occupation, such as agreeing to its indefinite stay, or letting the US keep military bases in Iraq, or signing suspicious contracts with its bodies and companies to plunder national wealth, or endorsing the occupation's efforts to deprive the Iraqi people of its national resistance right, which is a legitimate right of every people subject to occupation.

Ba'th Party: New experiment doomed

The Ba'th party announced its condemnation of the new, US-installed, Iraqi authority. In a statement posted by Iraq Forever [] the Ba'th party said the new government is headed by a professional agent of the CIA , MI6 and Jordanian secret service. "The new set of nominations is part of another experiment within the occupiers' frustrated effort to get out of its deepening impasse in the face of Iraqi resistance" said the party, adding "this new phase will also fail to salvage the colonial occupation project, which is unquestionably doomed."