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June 7, 2004

Beating Iraqi women-Danish way

Danish occupation troops in Iraq admitted they deliberately kick Iraqi women with their feet in Basrah so as to avoid violating their honor if they beat them with their hands. The Jordanian News Agency quoted a Danish military spokesman as claiming that they were doing this in accordance with a recommendation from an Iraqi tribal leader. It seems that occupation troops think that their essential job in Iraq must be to humiliate Iraqis and beat them by hands or feet.

Policemen refuse to fight fellow citizens

alArabiya TV said Iraqi policemen in al-Sadr town rejected an order to fight against Moqtada al-Sadr's resistance fighters. The town has seen violent clashes between American occupation troops and those fighters recently.

Bahraini Paper:
'18 Ministers with foreign passports in a government run by CIA'

Dr.Sameera Rajab, in an article in the Akhbar al-Khaleej daily of Bahrain said, after a lot of meetings and statements, Mr.Lakhdar Brahimi nominated a leading man in the occupation camp and the spoilt child of British Intelligence service as a prime minister. "And after a great effort he nominated 18 ministers with foreign passports and who, up to now, have kept their families living abroad as citizens of other countries" she said, adding that such government have no relations with the population and can only be viewed as an offshoot of occupation.

The same paper said that, by nominating Ayad Allawi, the British citizen and CIA operative, as Prime minister, the CIA has become the real ruler of Iraq. "Now just think of these facts: how can Iraq have sovereignty with the presence of 150,000 foreign occupation troops outside the control of the Iraqi government? What sovereign government are they are talking about while the US Viceroy Bremer has already appointed representatives of the American occupation authority -- which will be called as of June 30 the US Embassy -- in every single Ministry?" asked the Bahraini daily, adding that what is happening in Iraq nowadays is not a transfer of power to Iraqis but arrangements to turn Iraq into an American colony.

Karbala-a new resistance group reported an announcement by a new resistance group, Karbala Organization declaring responsibility for killing six American soldiers east of Baghdad with two operations which were admitted by occupation spokesman. Several other soldiers were injured according to the spokesman. The group is named after the holy city of Karbala which is very dear to Moslems, especially Shiites Moslem.

Former rulers leave Iraq reported that some members of the now-defunct Interim Governing Council have already left Iraq back to where they had come from 14 months ago. It said Sameer ai-Somaidaie, the former Minister of Interior left to London, saying he now felt he is free after being a captive to the post and that he would go back to his former business. It added that Adnan Pachachi has already left to UAE. Mahmoud Othman and Mohamad Bahr alOloom have also left for London where their families, with British passports, have been living for a long time. Iraqpatrol added that Ahmad Chalabi has kept in Najaf for fear of being captured by Americans in Baghdad.

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