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June 8, 2004

Mossad's looting of ancient Iraqi library reported

The Lebanese daily al-Mostaqbal reported that the Israeli Intelligence service, Mossad, looted the precious Iraqi library of ancient Jewish manuscripts from Baghdad immediately after American occupation in mid April 2003. The paper explained that Mossad agents, helped by CIA officers, opened the Library, which was kept under the Iraqi intelligence building, and looted many 2500 year-old versions of the Old Testament and Torah books written on deer skin which were inherited from Babylonian days. Then, the paper said Mossad agents took the ancient books by air direct to Ben Gurion airport in Israeli.

Iraqis' conflict over reference to law in UN resolution

The Lebanese TV channel, al-Manar reported a large demonstration in Baghdad to support grand religious leader Sistani's call on the Security Council not to refer to the controversial Interim State Law issued by the now-defunct Interim Government Council in its new resolution on Iraq due to be issued tonight. Thousands of Iraqis stressed that they reject any reference to that law and that they wanted a real transfer of power in political, economic, military and security terms. Sistani asked the UN council not to refer to the said law "because it's unacceptable to most Iraqis and such reference would lead to dire consequences."

On the other hand the Kurdish leaders, Barzani and Talibani vowed to boycott the Iraqi government if no such reference is made. The Interim Law, which was formulated under the supervision of American legal expert Noah Feldman, is seen by many Iraqis as a divisive document aimed at dividing Iraq and depriving it of its Arab identity so as to serve US and Israeli strategic goals in the Middle East.

Wife recognized murdered man in Abu Ghraib photo revealed details of the identity in the case of the killed Iraqi POW who was pictured lying on a black plastic sheet with American female specialist Sabrina Harmin thumbing up victory sign. It said his wife Ilham Hamza, who live in Mahmoodiya 20 klm south of Baghdad, recognized the face of her husband, Munadhil al-Jumaily in the picture screened by ABC TV on May19. "As soon as I saw the photo I cried to my daughter Hajir: this is your Dad," she said adding that he was arrested on November 3, 2003 and brought dead the next day. She explained that some Iraqi POWs who were kept with him said he was harshly beaten and tortured to death after he had refused to break his fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, to recite Christian prayers and to take off his clothes. said the death certificate provided by the American occupation authorities didn't specify the reason of death, but wrote instead the word 'pending' in the cause of death space. She explained that the forensic department refused to diagnose the cause of death and told her to get US occupation troops' permission, or that of the Red Cross. The Red Cross were not in town, while she obviously couldn't get the Americans'.

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