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June 14, 2004

Kuwaiti officers take part i n prison abuse

Al-Zaman,an Iraqi daily, quoted Lieutenant General Dr.Akram al-Mishhadani, former commander of the Iraqi police academy, as saying that during 42 days of arrest in several US-run prison camps in Iraq, he was was exposed to all sorts of torture and abuse by American occupation soldiers, which were revealed to world public opinion. However he focused on an aspect still largely unknown, namely, the involvement of Kuwaiti officers in interrogation, abuse and humiliation. He added that he saw no less than 50 Kuwaiti secret service officers in US army uniforms aiding American interrogators. "Most of them dealt harshly with and deliberately humiliated Iraqi POWs, especially high officers, while a few of them, about five, acted differently and whispered to us that they were forced to do that" he said. The former Iraqi police commander said he remembered a Kuwaiti officer on duty at the gate of the prison interrogation hall who would hit or kick every POW passing the gate. "He kicked Brigadier Talib Midab with his boot on his belly so violently that it left a deep internal lesion," said, adding that Kuwaiti officers would ask POWs about so-called Kuwaiti POWs and about so-called weapons of mass destruction and beat and humiliate them.

A new lie about WMD?

al-Sa'a, an Iraqi weekly, in an article entitled 'CIA prepares a scenario to declare WMD' quoted an Iraqi officer specialized in chemical weapons as saying that American army units secretly brought chemical weapons and equipment and buried them in western desert in preparation for declaring them so as to divert attention away from prison torture scandals and to shore up President Bush's chances in next November's elections. The paper said several former Iraqi army officers told the paper that American occupation forces had buried metal boxes in large trenches in desert areas close to the Jordanian and Syrian borders. The paper said President Bush might announce that his army found such weapons because he needed it in his election campaign. It referred to a story by the Bahraini daily Akhbar al-Khaleej that American ships at Basrah port had unloaded many Russian WMD boxes and carried them to unknown places last March.

Nuclear Pollution acute in Baghdad suburbs

The Iraqi weekly al-Distour said the problem of nuclear pollution around the former center of Iraq's Nuclear Organization in Baghdad's suburbs has become very acute as the American occupation has given a deaf ear to local and international appeals to deal with this serious pollution problem. The center was exposed to looting and plunder as part of the large-scale campaign of looting and sabotage of all Iraqi governmental offices (except the Ministry of Oil), which was encouraged by American occupation forces, explained the paper, adding that local people, many of shose relatives developed cancerous diseases, turned to local and international humanitarian organizations to help them face growing dangers of pollution. al-Distour quoted specialist Dr.Hamid al-Bahili as saying that barrels of 300-400 klg of radioactive Uranium were disposed off into local farms, sewage, and water channels, thus multiplying pollution in the areas surrounding the former Nuclear center to 400-500 times more than the accepted average. Local people still remember seeing American occupiers, upon the first day of Baghdad occupation, who kept watching the scene of local boys and children vandalizing the center without taking any action to stop them.

Iraqis storm attacked mercenaries convoy in Baghdad center

al-Manar, a Lebanese TV channel, screened the aftermath of the attack on a convoy of mercenaries in the center of the Iraqi capital in which five of them were killed and 10 wounded besides several Iraqis killed and injured. Scores of Iraqis soon gathered around the scene and started throwing stones on burning cars and shouting anti-American slogans. Lebanese TV showed American occupation soldiers beating an Iraqi citizen after knocking him down, while two security mercenaries rushed to burning cars trying to get something out of them. An Iraqi passer-by said he noticed an Israeli flag inside one of the attacked cars.

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