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June 17, 2004

Moslem Scholars condemn killing of Iraqis

The Al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London quoted the Association of Moslem Scholars (Ulama) as condemning the acts of assassination and explosions -- which took a heavy toll among Iraqis -- as criminal acts committed by bands of treachery and organized crime. "These criminal acts have targeted a number of the best Iraqi religious, academic, and public figures from all Iraq's social strata and various sects and political groupings," said the influential religious association. It explained that the aim behind these criminal acts is obviously to clear the country of its honest and sincere Iraqis, while the beneficiary parties are the enemies of Iraq, those with selfish and cheap ends.

Difference between two occupations

Dr. Mohamad al-Musfir of Qatar University, in an article in the al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London, said about the difference between the occupation of Kuwait and that of Iraq: "In the first, Arab rulers rushed to support the American war plan against Iraq and sent their armies and took part in the so-called liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. Thus they took part in destroying their sisterly country by enforcing the terrible sanctions regime since August 1990 for 13 years and facilitating and taking part in the devastating 1991 war which continued intermittently for the next 12 years. However, in the second case, where a bigger and much more important Arab country was occupied, many Arab rulers rushed to support the occupation of their sisterly country and opened their territories, waters, and airspace to invading armies aiming to occupy Iraq, destroy its state, play havoc with the life of its people, and install a government whose members boast of being CIA puppets.

Clashes in 2 towns

Violent clashes were reported by al-Jazeera TV between American occupation forces and fighters of the Mahdi resistance army in al-Sadr town in Baghdad. A spokesman for the resistance fighters said one fighter and 3 non-combatants were killed, while 2 American military vehicles were destroyed.

al-Arabiya TV said clashes were reported in the eastern town of Buhruz northeast of the eastern province of Ba'quoba, between American occupation forces, which laid siege to the town, and resistance fighters.

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