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June 20, 2004

Editor's comparison between Saddam and Bush

Abdul-Bari Atwan, editor of the al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London, detailed three facts proving that President Bush and his ally Blair have committed the sin of lying and misleading public opinion in their countries and the world which led to killing 20,000 Iraqis and the destruction of this Arab country.

"First, the Congress committee on September 11 events asserted the fact that no relation between Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda had existed;

"Second, a poll conducted for the Interim American authority in Iraq showed that 98 percent of Iraqis consider US war on their country as a colonial war of occupation and that 55 percent of Iraqis think they would feel more secure if the US occupation forces withdrew;

"Third, scores of former American generals, diplomats and politicians, in a statement said that President Bush's foreign policy, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its support for Sharon's criminal policies, have isolated the United States, decreased its importance and credibility and made it hated all around the world."

He explained that President Bush has to apologize to the American people and to the whole world on account of this lying, as must Blair. He added: "One thousand American soldiers have so far been killed in an immoral, illegal war based on lying and fabrications. This war has led to an escalation of violence and terrorism and to threatening world stability and peace -- all for the sake of an Israeli gang that has become in full control of the White House and the whole world through it."

The Editor continued: "President Bush manipulated the horrible events of Sept. 11 to rally American public opinion around aggression against Iraq through claiming a role for the Iraqi regime in these events -- which appeared to be a false claim... Now the new Iraqi government says it will put President Saddam and his aides on trial. But who will put Bush and his British ally on trial for the crimes they have committed against Iraq and the world at large. Rather, who will take to trial Ayad Allawi who boasted of being long linked to the CIA for the terroristic crimes he committed in Iraq, including blowing out a bus taking children to school. Naively we ask, who is the terrorist, the one who fights against foreign occupation of his own country, or the one who sent booby trapped cars to kill the children of his own country upon American instructions?"

Mr. Atwan made a comparison between Bush and Saddam saying: "if Saddam was responsible for mass graves, Bush has committed the biggest two mass graves in modern history, the first being the imposition of sanctions which claimed the life of more than one a half million Iraqis, while the second lies in the killing of 20,000 Iraqis in the recent war, as well as the recent mass grave in Falluja; "If Saddam was responsible for torture of prisoners, Bush bears the same responsibility for similar acts, with one difference, that is Saddam had never claimed to be democratic and leader of free world."

Fighting in al-Sadr and Samarra

Hundreds of Iraqi women staged a large demonstration in al-Sadr town in Baghdad denouncing American occupation forces' violence against the population of their town. Al-Jazeera TV reported the demonstrating women raised photos of anti-occupation religious leader Moqtada al-Sadr and called for women to take up arms against the occupation. More than 20 people were recently killed in clashes with US occupiers. Sheikh Aws al-Khafaji,an al-Sadr aide, in a Friday sermon said al-Sadr town is closed to American occupation forces. He addressed hundreds of worshipers: "I call upon you to continue martyrdom and to pressure the Americans." He continued, "The Iraqi government which was formed by America is a puppet one and its part in carrying out the security file is like that of a sheep with the wolf."

American troops killed three resistance fighters in al-Sadr town and lost three vehicles, which were destroyed by resistance fighters during fighting which continued all yesterday night. Al-Arabiya tv showed street fighting in the historic city of Samarra, 120 km. north of Baghdad, between resistance fighters and American occupiers who mistakenly shelled the private house of the Minister of Interior, killing four policemen.

Another mass grave in Falluja

A new US-sponsored mass grave in Falluja was dug (Sat.19) for 24 Iraqis who were killed in an aerial attack on three houses in a neighborhood south of the town. Al-Arabiya TV quoted eyewitnesses as saying several American war planes flew over the neighborhood in the morning before one helicopter fired two missiles on three houses, killing many people, including women and children. The US occupation command spokesman claimed his forces shelled a hiding place of so-called Zarqawi's terrorist group.

Putin's statement 'strange and shameful'

In a statement posted by Iraqpatrol, the Ba'th party in Iraq expressed surprise and astonishment at Russian President Putin's statement that he warned America about possible Iraqi attacks. It explained: "This statement was made at this time to serve a completely American objective related to the quickly growing crisis of the US administration in Iraq. Hence, Putin, for certain reasons has put himself at the disposal of Bush's election campaign as well as at the disposal of a global imperialist policy which he had earlier opposed by rejecting the US attempt to legalize its illegal war on Iraq by adding a UN stamp on it. But does such statement express Russian foreign policy? Or does it express a narrow personal interest by Putin linked to a wishful thinking that helping Bush win next elections might encourage the latter to help Putin face the surging insurgency in Chechnia?. ( of Iraqi Communist Party-alkader) dismissed Putin's statement as a shameful and ridiculous attempt to extend a lifebelt to Bush. "Doesn't this indicate that Bush is in so deep a crisis that he asks the help of a former spy that the CIA had once planted within KGB in Germany? Can the KGB operative help his friend out of his widening quagmire? It's very doubtful," said the Communist web.

Second council member falls from grace

Lebanese TV, LBC quoted Kareem Mohamadawi, former member of the now defunct Interim Governing Council that the arrest warrant issued against him by the US-installed judge is politically oriented. In a meeting with the press at the office of Ahmad Chalabi's Party in Baghdad, he said that he would report to the judge after June 30. Mohamadawi is accused of killing a police commander in the southern province of Amara a few weeks ago. This site has earlier reported the killing of the Amara police commander by Mohamadawi's brother, the Governor of the province, because the commander refused to give a tape and medical analysis that showed evidence of the torture and maiming of several Iraqi demonstrators by British occupation soldiers on May 14. However, US-led occupation authorities had not taken any action for about five weeks. Mohamadawi's recent alliance with Chalabi (who fell from America's grace) may explain this change of attitude by the American occupation authority towards him. .Mohamadawi was a non-commissioned officer in the Iraqi army. In the 1980's, during the war with Iran, he deserted military service and sought refuge in the jungles of the marshes that fill spacious areas between Iraq and Iran in the south. He was reported to have been engaged in drug trafficking from Iran through Iraqi territory to Saudi Arabia, and also in smuggling Iranian-sponsored terrorists of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution into Iraq to attack military or civilian places and go back to Iran.

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