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June 23, 2004

New stories of prison torture

The Al-Khaleej daily of Bahrain reported a statement by Rafida al-Jubouri, a sociologist researcher at the Iraqi Ministry of Social Affairs on torture of Iraqi women in US-run jails in Iraq. She said US soldiers raped many Iraqi women POWs, not only in Abu-Ghraib jail, but also in other ones. She added that US soldiers used to enter the women's wards in the evenings, in Tasfeerat prison in Baghdad, and rape women POWs despite their cries for help. As for Abu-Ghraib prison, she said there are many more women than the declared figure. She explained: "Among those imprisoned at Abu-Ghraib is the wife of a judge from A'dhamiya district, Baghdad. American occupation soldiers captured her when she left her home to look for her son after a peaceful anti-occupation demonstration. Her sister was also arrested by US soldiers when she went to look for her sister. Both were raped at Abu-Ghraib by American interrogators. Another woman from Falluja was arrested by American soldiers during her wedding party together with other women. When she was released, it appeared that occupation soldiers at Abu-Ghraib had also raped her."

30 July's big lie'

The Qatari writer, Ms. Ibtisam Sa'd, in an article in the al-Sharq daily of Doha, dismissed the coming transfer of authority in Iraq as a big lie, saying that those in Iraq who have been boasting of the power handover on July 1 are in fact cheating themselves and lying to the Iraqi people. She explained: "Everybody knows that America will remain the legal and illegal ruler in Iraq which controls everything in it's internal and external policy."

How can US appoint a terrorist?

Dr. Mohamad al-Mosfir of Qatar University was quoted by the Qatari daily al-Sharq as saying that in the past it was very hard for an Arab to be accused of connections with CIA or any other foreign secret service. He continued: "But now at the time of decadence and degradation, we see the so-called Prime Minister of Iraq publicly boasting of being linked to the CIA and MI6. Ironically enough, Allawi was himself an operative with the Iraqi intelligence in the early and mid 70's, spying on fellow students in Britain. "However, what's worse in this political absurdness is that America, which has been launching a global war against terrorism, has installed a terrorist as Prime minister in Baghdad. Allawi was responsible for explosions in Baghdad in the early 1990's, killing school children and scores of citizens in a cinema house. This is why Allawi has hastened to support the US aerial raid on three houses in Falluja, killing many Iraqi men, women, and children. "What Allawi, who was appointed by the occupation, has to know is that all American stooges -- the last of whom is Chalabi -- won't be able to stay for long. Whatever you do, Excellency Allawi, you will not please America while you have already angered your own people. Why not coming back to your people's path, that's the path of resistance to the occupation, so as to oust them from the land of two rivers?"

Al-Sdar boycotts occupation-sponsored conference

Anti- occupation Religious Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr announced his boycott of the general conference which the American-led occupation authority is planning to hold next month. The Association of Moslem Scholars (Ulama) has already stated it will boycott of the conference. It's seen by anti-occupation forces as another means of deception and pretense, to deceive public opinion inside America that Iraqis will have a sort of legislature. The preparatory committee for this 00 conference is to be composed of 100 members headed by Fuad Ma'soum, a key figure in the pro-occupation Talabani local government in the northern province of Sulaymaniya. The occupation authority had already appointed 61 members. 21 Former members of the now-defunct Interim Governing Council who were not appointed in the new government, as well as representatives of the US-installed local councils in the provinces, were all appointed in advance. The preparatory committee will choose the other 900 members for the 1000-member general conference. The general conference will then choose 100 members or so for the next unelected council which will have no legislative powers and will only present advice to the government!

Marshal law threat exposed

Ms. Toojan Faisal, a former Jordanian MP, in an article on the Arab Renewal web site, commented on a statement by Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi that he might declare martial law, saying that he seemed to have forgotten that Iraq is now under military occupation. She explained: "He who talks about declaring martial law must be living in a stable, democratic and peaceful country, so that he needs such a declaration to use extraordinary measures to deal with an imminent threat. Does this apply to Iraq, which has already been exposed to war operations with all the excessively repressive, bloody and anti-human measures involved? "Martial law is often declared by nations in order to face external threats. It's quite strange that Allawi's government is planning to declare it to defend foreign occupation of his own country and to defeat Iraqi national resistance, which is legitimized by international law as well as by all heavenly religions as a struggle to oust a foreign occupation."

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