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June 25, 2004

Violence seen linked to occupation

The Quds Press International(,in an analysis of who stands behind violence in Iraq said: "Despite rosy promises by the American occupation to promote peace, stability and prosperity in Iraq very soon, Iraqis have never seen as an outcome of occupation anything but scenes of death, blood, and destruction all over Iraq. As Iraq moves closer to the date of transfer of authority , acts of violence have become more bloody and dangerous, ranging from assassinating University Professors, governmental officials, mosque imams, Ba'thists and civilians to blowing out oil pipelines, to other acts. At the same time, Iraqi Islamic and national resistance operations against occupation forces and their collaborators are on the increase.

"The Americans, for more than a year, have been accusing many parties, especially the so-called Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, without providing any evidence proving their point. Iraqi security bodies are so weak that it's useless to ask them about the perpetrators. But an objective analysis would lead to different results."

The London-based agency quoted Iraqi analyst Ali al-Hashimi as saying: "The collapse of law and order and the absence of government power and rights and duties have encouraged many to commit acts of violence and counter-violence targeting Iraqis and Iraqi facilities. In the aftermath of the occupation, certain parties with military militias staged an organized assassination campaign against Ba'thists with a focus on the sectarian aspect(targeting Sunni Arabs);

"A campaign was also launched to assassinate Sunni mosques' imams and visitors, which obviously prompted a reaction against some Shiite figures. But this sectarian wave of violence soon diminished after Iraqis of both sects unified themselves against occupation forces with the uprising led by the young religious Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr;

"Another type of violence is that targeting key officials collaborating with the occupation. Thus, two members of the now-defunct Interim Governing Council were killed and a third nearly survived an attack. These attacks were obviously carried out by resistance fighters;

"Targeting oil pipelines is attributed to about three parties:

The London-based agency insisted that the spread of violence all over Iraq would turn the hopes entertained by Iraqis of the ability of new government to restore peace and stability into no more than confused dreams, so much so that they are more than ever before convinced that there would be no peace, stability or security as long as occupation continued.

US claim of killing 20-25 foreign fighters challenged and refuted

American occupation forces continued their onslaught on Falluja. The US military spokesman said his forces killed 20-25 followers of so-called Zarqawi in an aerial raid on a house in Falluja today. Al-Jazeera TV screened the bombed house and interviewed its owner, who dismissed this US claim and insisted there was nobody in the house at the time of its bombing.

The Al-Jazeera correspondent said the house was on the outskirts of the town, opposite to the place where US forces are deployed and was evacuated by its family due to fear of being hit by fire from US forces. He added that the hospitals of the town did not receive any persons killed in the raid today and only received four injured Iraqis who were in a nearby house. He continued that all the people he met in the town denied hearing about or seeing Zarqawi and his followers except through US statements, stressing that it's impossible for foreigners to live and move unnoticed in such a closed tribal community in such a relatively small town.

Sheikh Abdalla al-Janabi, head of Mujahideen advisory Council, in a Friday mosque sermon, said that the US administration insistence on the story of the so-called Zarqawi is quite reminiscent of its story of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction. He added that the former truce agreement between the Falluja resistance and US forces was violated scores of times by the Americans. "This is the reason for the resumption of fighting," said the religious leader.

Al-Jazeera showed a group of masked fighters from Falluja who categorically denied the presence of any foreign fighters in Falluja. "We are defending our town and are in no need of any fighters from outside the town," added one of the fighters who insisted that the reference by Americans to Zarqawi and foreign fighters is a pretext to launch aggression on Falluja.

Pro-resistance web doubtful about 'Zarqawi' authenticity

The Iraqi website, Iraq for Ever( on recent acts of violence in Iraq attributed to so-called Zarqawi, saying: "the Iraqi resistance movement has proved its Islamic and national identity, that's to say it is faithful, honest, straightforward, and original, It has also proved its credibility in targeting enemies of God and humanity in accordance with the following priorities:

The pro-resistance website explained that the resistance movement has never bypassed these aims and priorities. It added: "The Iraqi resistance has been carrying out its task silently and with neither fuss nor advanced statements. Its aims are known to all of us. We all know stories about resistance heroes, and how they sometimes postponed, sometimes stopped many operations because there were Iraqis around...

"Some may wonder why I am saying this. It's the same as my wondering why some pro-US Arab media and imperialist media hasten to circulate and transmit murder statements supposedly sent by so-called Zarqawi. However, these were not considered terroristic by America, whereas the statements by the Iraqi resistance are banned despite expressing a legal and legitimate action against an illegal occupation.

"I don't know the so-called Zarqawi, neither does any other Iraqi. Perhaps he does not exist. But why does America make use of his statements? Does he design them to realize this end? Or, does he declare them not on the proper time out of lack of experience? Or are foreign occupation authorities so smart that they turn what he planned as points to his advantage into political and media victories for occupation?..."

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