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July 1, 2004

Qatari paper: Disguised occupation

In al-Sharq, daily of Qatar, Fawaz al-Ajmi said everybody believes that the transfer of authority from the occupation authority to the Iraqi government is quite ridiculous and that occupation has left through the door only to reenter through the window. He continued:

"This occupation has put on a mask through changing the faces of its agents which it chose and installed as a government. That government pretends that occupation has gone away.

"After the so-called transfer of authority, the American and British occupation has become more dangerous from the previous phase of overt occupation because it has rid itself of the designation of occupation and taken another name, the multi-national forces. Their formal aim is to extend assistance and services to Iraqis, whereas their real aim is to carry out the US strategy for the grand Middle East and enabling Zionism to impose its hegemony on the whole area.

"But these American administration designs of transferring its presence in Iraq from occupation into disguised occupation will not deceive Iraqis who know they are still under occupation. Iraqis very well know that those who assumed authority from occupation forces are devoid of any national belonging because they, as admitted by their Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, are agents of the US administration. Indeed, Allawi was a CIA agent as he himself asserted.

"This is why Iraqis received the transfer of authority with no celebrations or festivities, because they are citizens with no authority and because the authority, which was transferred is not national."

Iraqi Poet: From occupying Iraq to colonizing it

Leading Iraqi poet, Sa'di Yousif, who has been living in exile for more than 30 years, condemned the handover of authority in an article, saying:

"Between Istanbul and Baghdad,I was following news coverage of the scandal of moving from the phase of occupying Iraq to the phase of colonizing it. The colonialists were more precise than their agents. They said their agents had asked to keep foreign armies in Iraq for ever.

"As for the puppets, they had performed the most execrable theatrical acts. It seems they were not ready for it. Perhaps, because Bremer the mouse was eager to leave Iraq, which is about to sink. Thus, he ordered the final act and left with no farewell or regret from Iraqis. He left his agents, who are characterized by swollen and humiliated faces, to an unknown and disastrous destiny.

"I was following the TV coverage of the farce of sovereignty. I noted what brings together the veteran 1963 criminal, Ayad Allawi, the veteran agent of many foreign secret services, Hoshiar Zibari, and the Saudi lad, Ghazi al-Yawir. They are all with swollen faces out of stupidity, and with bad English. They have all been plagued by the tumor disease, the tumor of treason. Hence the episode of the swollen frog."

Shiite religious leaders condemn handover

Shiite religious leader, Imam Mohamad Mehdi al-Khalisi dismissed as a superficial change the handover of authority. In a statement in Baghdad he said:

"This superficial handover does not meet the minimum national and Islamic demands of the Iraqi people, who accept nothing but the total withdrawal of occupation forces, and full sovereignty.

"The way the handover was done showed that it was a ploy by the US administration to improve its worsening image before elections. It sought to do this by consolidating the occupation of Iraq under its control and reducing the pressure of the valiant Iraqi national resistance and that of local and international public opinion, which are opposed to its reckless pro-Zionist policy. Thus, it sought to involve more NATO states and others in its Iraqi predicament. To add an Iraqi touch, though phony, on this endeavor, it made the handover ahead of schedule so as to let the US-installed Iraqi government make the request to the NATO summit.

"The US ploy of consolidating occupation also includes the opening of an embassy, the biggest in history, led by a Zionist terrorist, in the Presidential Palace, the symbol of Iraqi sovereignty.

" However what's more serious is to handover the interests of the nation to a government whose head publicly admits that he was and is still serving the secret service of America and its allies.

"Therefore, we warn the occupiers and their collaborators that going along this line of oppression and ignoring the will of the nation is not the way to maintain security and stability. This, rather, will further complicate the situation and let the people see no way but resistance with every possible means. If the occupiers and collaborators continue on this track, grand religious leaders and dignitaries will take unprecedented action when they that they will be not be saved by idiots and crooks."

Another Shia religious leader condemns the handover

4.Shiite religious leader al-Haeri said the handover of authority lacks legitimacy. He added that the new government does not represent the Iraqi people and thus it cannot be a legal government.

Jordanian editor doubts success of handover

Tahir al-Adwan, editor-in-chief of the Jordanian daily, al-Arab al-Yawm said the handover was a security tool. He continued:

"The secretive and surprising setting of the handover of authority clearly shows the deteriorating situation in Iraq and makes clear that the way to sovereignty is still long. The handover day was manipulated by Bush as a political and propaganda card to persuade his NATO partners to support his policy in Iraq and to embroil their forces in the Iraqi quagmire.

"However what happened on June 28 is not a real change in the Iraqi question and in the situation in Iraq. Iraqi resistance will not stop. On the contrary, all predictions point to an escalation in its operations. Al-Qaeda networks will consolidate their presence in Iraq after Bush succeeded in transferring their activities from Afghanistan. This means, even to ardent supporters of occupation, that security deterioration will continue.

"The authority handover is, therefore an American and international means to face security deterioration. It has, then, a security, rather than a political goal.

" Despite all its power and omnipotence,the occupation authority completely failed to create security. Hence it's quite ridiculous to suggest that a newly-established weak Iraqi authority can succeed where the occupation forces failed. Security can only be realized by reestablishing the Iraqi state, which was destroyed by occupation. But this can only be done in a new Iraq free of occupation. This, in turn, can only be accomplished when the whole issue is handed over to UN and foreign occupation forces are withdrawn."

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