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July 6, 2004

Try Bush and Blair

Abdul-Bari Atwan, editor of the al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London, called for bringing President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair to trial as war criminals for launching the illegal war on Iraq and destroying the country and killing scores of thousands of its people: "The dilemma of Bush and Blair is growing more acute and complicated, both in the field and on the legal level.

"After the failure of the power handover lie to convince any one other than those linked to the US Iraq project and the scandal of the trial of President Saddam Hussein, two British officials have come out with new legal facts that can be used to incriminate Bush and Blair as war criminals and to extract hundreds of billions of dollars in damages to Iraqis and other peoples of the region."

He referred to statements by Ms. Welmshirst, the former legal advisor to the British Foreign office, and Mr. Greenstock, former British envoy to the UN and to Iraq under occupation, about the fake reason for the war on Iraq. He added: "There is more than 1,000 billion dollars of Arab money deposited in the West. Out of those billions only 100 million dollars are needed to cover the expenses of solicitors and trial. Let Arab leaders consider it a charity or anything."

Bombs in Falluja, again

Two American occupation planes bombed a house in Falluja on the pretext that it was a hideout of so-called Zarqawi group. Al-Jazeera TV reported from the scene of the bombing that 15 members of one family (12 children, two women, and a man) were killed and two passers-by were injured in the attack.

Angry neighbors who were digging out victims, yelled at the government and American occupiers and vowed vengeance. A man said that talking about Zarqawi is just a pretext to kill Fallujists by Americans, insisting that they are in no need of foreigners to fight for them.

Ba'th party speaks

Ba'th Party in Iraq said President Saddam Hussein has become yet another impasse for the American-led occupation. The Ba'th Party called for continuing and escalating armed resistance to occupation aimed at defeating occupation, liberating Iraq, and preserving its unity for all Iraqis.

New claims of torture

Quds Press International reported further torture atrocities by American occupiers in yet another prison, the desert make-shift Bucka prison on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border, which was established by American forces after Operation 'Iraq Freedom'. A letter sent by Prisoners to Sheikh Dr. Harith al-Dharim Secretary General of the Association of Iraqi Scholars (Ulama) stated that American interrogaters used all means of psychological and physical torture, such as beating their genitals, using electrical shocks and sexual abuse. They explained that they were kept in a very hot and dusty area where the temperature reaches over 60 centigrade.

The letter continued: "Some prisoners were chained hands and legs together and hung to the ceiling. Some were intentionally exposed to cuts and wounds on their bodies. Others were sexually abused."

Gangs all over Baghdad

The Al-Hayat daily of London said gangs of thieves, killers, and drug traffickers control Baghdad everyday from 4 pm through the night. The daily added that since the occupation drug traffickers and prostitution pimps are present everywhere in the in the center of Baghdad.

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