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July 7, 2004

Further criticism of legality of Sadam trial

Bushra Khaleel, Lebanese member of the Arab Solicitors Committee for Defence of President Saddam Hussein said the French Foreign Ministry offered to provide protection to their solicitors inside Iraq. The Egyptian Middle East News Agency quoted her as saying that the Committee's strategy in the defense of President Saddam will focus on refuting the legality of the court because it was formed by a decision by the former US occupation governor of Iraq, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, Article 45, as well as because it is chaired by a holder of American nationality, Mr. Salim Chalabi. She explained that the latter is a lawyer, not a judge, therefore he, under Iraqi law, cannot chair a court. Moreover, being a nephew of Ahmad Chalabi and a member of his party, which is hostile to the defendants deprives him of the necessary neutrality, especially since he maintains certain connections with Israelis.

Ziad al-Khasawna, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Bar Association and a member of the above Committee, said the Secretary General, Ibraheem al-Simlali, has joined the Committee, thus bringing the number of its members to 22. Earlier, lawyer Aisha al-Ghadafi, daughter of the Libyan leader, announced that she would join the defense committee.

The head of the Iraqi Bar Society said that, according to Iraqi law, it is illegal to bring President Saddam and his aides to trial or to an investigation without a defense counsel.

16 resistance groups unite

The Al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London said 16 resistance groups announced that they have unified themselves under a united command and formed an overall political leadership. Those groups agreed on 3 main objectives:

  • a. Focusing on occupation forces and collaborators;
  • b. No operations against civilian targets;
  • c. Pressing for withdrawal of occupation forces and establishing an elected government.

The daily added that five Iraqi towns have recently been publicly controlled by resistance groups after the withdrawal of American occupation troops. It explained that resistance fighters controlled the historical city of Samarra 150 klm north of Baghdad for four days. "They blew out offices of several pro-occupation parties, such as that led by Falah Naqeeb, Minister of Interior and Kurdish militia offices. They also blew out the city governor's office and a building used by the CIA," said the daily. It continued, saying that a similar situation prevailed in the eastern province of Ba'quba and several towns in the western province of Anbar.

Many foreign fighters caught at border

Iraqi al-Sharqiya TV quoted a source at the Iraqi Border Forces as saying they have captured 60 thousand foreigners trying to enter Iraq illegally during the last six months. It added that Hikmat Dawood Suleiman, Deputy Minister of Interior, had earlier announced that his Ministry arrested two Iranian intelligence agents preparing a booby-trapped car operation in Baghdad.

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