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July 8, 2004

Chalabi aide accuses Russia of helping resistance

A key assistant to Ahmad Chalabi accused Russia of assisting Iraqi resistance groups. Mithal al-Alousi said his party had "documents that unquestionably prove that Russia supports attacks in Iraq and that there was coordination between Iraqi and Russian intelligence services during the past regime." He added that Russia had pulled its experts from Iraq to undermine the now-defunct Interim Governing Council.

Fresh Iraq-Kuwait conflict looming

Albayina, the mouthpiece of the Iraqi Hisbollah party said the rulers of Kuwait have to be brought to trial, because they 'financed Saddam wars'. Kuwaiti officials have been increasingly worried recently after two events that served as indicators of a tense future relationship with Iraq. US-appointed Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi ignored Kuwait in statements of gratitude he made to some Arab countries in his first speech after being sworn in. Then came the release of the US-censored tape of President Saddam's first sitting in court. Kuwaiti officials are puzzled why the Americans allowed President Saddam's insult to them to air while deleting his insult to President Bush.

The Al-Siyasa daily of Kuwait quoted Sheik Saud Nasir al-Sabah, former Minister of Information and member of the royal family, as saying that there is concern in Kuwait that they might be forced by Americans to make certain territorial concessions to Iraq. He explained, "if President Bush loses the next presidential election it will be a disaster (for Kuwait), because Democrats are ignorant in foreign policy."

Resistance fighters control Samarra, trap US army unit in Qaiem

Al-Arabiya TV reported the control by resistance of the historical city of Samarra 150 klm north of Baghdad. It said American occupation forces tried to storm the city six times but were repulsed. Resistance fighters shelled the headquarters of the US-led Nationl Guard, killing five US soldiers, according to the US army spokesman. But the spokesman didn't reveal his forces' losses when an American unit was tricked by resistance forces into a trap in the western town of al-Qaiem on the Iraq-Syria border. It said American soldiers had stormed a house only to find it empty and that it immediately exploded with their presence.

Anbar province offers protection to Saddam's Lawyers

The Arab committee for the Defense of President Saddam received assurances from 150 tribal leaders and dignitaries in the western province of Anbar that they will provide security and protection for Arab solicitors who want to defend President Hussein. The road from Jordan and Syria to Baghdad is located within this province.

Members of the committee had received threats from the newly appointed Minister of Justice that if they go to Iraq 'they would be torn to pieces'.

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