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July 12, 2004

Some aspects of 'US project Chaos'

Under this title, Iraqi Journalist Harun Mohamed commented in the al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London on what he called some aspects of US Project Chaos in Iraq, saying: "Unfolding recently are more secrets and episodes of US Project Chaos that Ambassador Bremer had implanted in Iraq and left to grow into a dangerous situation, as if he wouldn't wanted to go back home without leaving his legacy of subversion and aggression.

"One such episode says that General M. A. Shahwani, who was appointed by the American occupation authority as head of intelligence, proposed to Bremer the closing of borders with neighboring countries, banning travel to and from them for a month, and conducting an extensive search all over the country for any foreigners. Bremer rejected the proposal and asked Shahwani not to deal with such topics saying: 'It seems you don't know our strategy. We want borders to remain open to attract terrorists to enter Iraq so as to hunt them. In so doing we would be stopping them from going to America, Europe and other areas and preventing them from carrying their operations there'.

"Shahwani has no powers. He has to get Americans approval for any move he would like to take. He cannot take any activity in the Kurdish provinces to check Iranian infiltrators who cross the border into Iraq to carry out subversive operations in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.

"In another case, General Talib al-Hamdani, former Commander-in-Chief of Police presented a proposal to Bremer to check all criminals who run gangs engaged in murder and looting and by going back to prison records, because almost all of them are former inmates. Bremer, not only rejected his proposal but also asked an American advisor in the police department to inform al-Hamdani that he was not allowed to propose anything and that his job is to keep silent at his office. This led General al-Hamdani to resign.

"Bremer has also ordered stoppage of an investigation into and closure of the file of the devastating attack carried out recently against the new Iraqi Army recruiting camp in Baghdad. Iraqi authorities had found that the culprits were from pro-occupation militias linked to Kurdish parties leaders Barzani and Talibani and to pro-Iran parties.

Bremer did not rescind the notorious DeBa'athification committee. It's still practicing its threats and blackmailing thousands of civil servants and workers in governmental offices."

Some Iraqi lawyers willing to defend Saddam said scores of Iraqi lawyers have declared their intention to defending President Saddam Hussein. It added that 90 Iraqi lawyers formed a Saddam Hussein Defense Committee and took the necessary legal measures to register their committee at Iraqi Bar Association.

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