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July 13, 2004

Has Italy bowed to kidnappers and paid more than $4 million?

The website disclosed details of how the three kidnapped Italian security mercenaries were released in Iraq a few weeks ago. It said the Italian government paid $4 million to the armed men who kidnapped them to secure the release of the remaining three mercenaries, and paid $200,000 dollars to retrieve the corpse of the killed mercenary.

The armed men threatened to kill the four mercenaries unless the Italian government withdraws its soldiers from Iraq after Italian Prime minister Berlisconi refused to change his pro-US occupation stance, the armed men killed one of the mercenaries. The website explained that the Italian government sent a delegation to Iraq which met with intermediaries. After negotiations it agreed to the kidnappers' demands. The Italian government and American occupation forces in Iraq had earlier reported the release of the three mercenaries, but declined to say how this came about.

Allawi dissolves Lawyers union over Saddam trial

Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi ordered the Iraqi Bar Union dissolved and called for electing a new executive committee and head for the union. The Al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London said the order reflected Allawi's anger at the Union for failing to prevent Iraqi and Arab and foreign lawyers from registering to provide legal defense counsel to captive President Saddam Hussein.

Jordanian lawyer Zaid al-Rawaida, member of the Committee for Defense of the captive President said Roland Dommas, former French Foreign Minister joined the committee. The Egyptian Middle east news agency quoted him as saying that Dommas, who is now the head of French Constitutional Council, and the famous French solicitor Andrew Chai joined the committee.

Reports of large battles reported in Anbar province

The web site reported from the village of Khalidiya, between Ramadi and Falluja in the west of Iraq, that a US army patrol had fallen into a trap prepared by Iraqi resistance fighters:

"At 4 a.m. GMT, an American unit had left a single armored vehicle as a check point to entice fighters to come along, so as to attack them later with additional force. But the fighters heavily shelled the vehicle with mortar fire from a distance, killing all 16 soldiers on board. Immediately, the resistance turned their heavy fire on two other armored vehicles which rushed to the scene of the battle. As the two vehicles were hit by mortar fire and started exploding, many soldiers left them only to be hunted down by resistance snipers who took position on the roofs of houses in the village.

"Eyewitnesses said those 35 military men on board of the three vehicles were killed in the battle."

The web site also reported an operation at 5 a.m. GMT against an American convoy in the city of Ramadi, the seat of the province of Anbar, when a booby-trapped car exploded amid the convoy killing 13 soldiers and injuring 5. Several other Iraqi towns have seen an escalation in operations by resistance fighters.

How Arabs and Moslems see US and UK after the Iraq war

"No one will bring President Bush and his administration to account because the CIA didn't inform him before the war that Iraq had abandoned WMD, and no one will do the same to Tony Blair because he admitted that these WMD will never be found in Iraq. Why? Because Bush and Blair are themselves the judges, and when your enemy is himself the judge to whom you may complain?

"But let us discuss the real reasons that pushed these two leaders to launch war on Iraq, destroy its state, overthrow its government, arrest its President, loot its firms, ministries, mines and antiquities, dissemble its factories, turn the weapons of its army to scrap. But most serious of all is to turn its land into a battlefield between America and Britain on the one hand and al-Qaida and any other organization in the framework of the so-called war on terror on the other, with all that this would lead to in terms of fragmenting the country, sowing the seeds of sectarian conflict, breaking law and order and promoting murder and destruction.

"We in this victimized and the afflicted Arab world have concluded that Bush and Blair did know well before the war that Iraq has no WMD. If they had had one percent of suspicion in this regard they wouldn't have risked sending one single soldier to war. The North Korean example is quite clear.

"The neo-imperialist west, led by America and Britain, have come to the region to revive the age of colonialism for a different set of objectives. Control of markets and seas has now been replaced with oil, while the complex of the superiority of white men has now been replaced with maintaining Israel's superiority over all Arabs, so as to prevent them from building up their unity.

"To sum up, the war on Iraq has been and will continue to be a dirty racist war with a colonialist, imperialist and Zionist background. Smells of conspiracy, hatred and vengeance abound in this war. This is why they will never make use of their lies, which were uncovered one after another.

"Iranian Nobel prize winner for peace, Shirin Abadi said: 'America has launched an illegal, cowardly, and barbarian war in Iraq. Iraqis were left with no drinking water, no electrical power, no oil, and no democracy.'

"These words express a popular Islamic attitude to this war. But the most important expression of Arab popular opinion is the consolidation of the image of America and Britain as enemies of the Arabs .No longer does anyone believe in the famous saying by the late President Sadat that America is the effective partner in peace. This is gone for ever."

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