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July 14, 2004

More mercenaries arrive in Baghdad to serve with US army

The Qatari news agency said a large numbers of mercenaries recently arrived in Baghdad airport from three African countries to serve with the American occupation forces. It added that camps were established in these countries to receive and prepare scores of thousands of mercenaries to join US forces in Iraq.

Al-Manar, a Palestinian paper, quoted a leader of the group of mercenaries as saying that he had just come from Iraq after he had stayed in a camp of 8000 mercenaries who work for security contractors serving American and some European governments. He explained that the situation in Iraq is like hell and that many of his colleagues were killed while protecting American patrols or camps. He himself has lost a leg and eye in one attack on his patrol. He continued, saying that mercenaries receive large salaries from contractors who are paid by Pentagon. He said his group was commissioned with protecting American camps, installations, and patrols, whereas other groups linked with a joint military and intelligence command undertook 'dirty work'.

American casualty count 'ABRIDGED'?

On, Dr. Suhail Hussein al-Fatlawi of the Iraqi Democratic Accord party commented on the authenticity of the American army's declared count of its casualties in Iraq, saying that occupation forces have been using the following methods to hide the real number of their casualties from the American people:

  • a. Many soldiers in the American occupation army in Iraq are non-American mercenaries who were promised to be granted US nationality after 2 year military service. Thus, when they get killed they are not listed as American casualties.
  • b. The US command took advantage of soldiers escape as deserters to list some killed soldiers as deserters.
  • c. Thousands of American military men and women work within the US army in Iraq in accordance with contracts, not with the army but with American companies, which had contracts with the army to carry out many services to the military, such as transport, communications, administration, health, engineering, construction, imports, and food. Those killed among these men and women in uniform are not counted as American army casualties.
  • d. Thousands of former soldiers are serving within American camps in protection and combat duties. When they are killed, US army spokesmen would not count them in their casualty counts. Other mercenaries recruited by private contractors engage in torture and interrogation tasks in US-run prisons.

Dr. al-Fatlawi continued by saying that the figure of 140,000 US soldiers represents the number of US soldiers enlisted in the army, but there are more than 150,000 military men and women recruited by private companies who engage in military duties. He concluded that the number of casualties announced by American occupation forces is only one third of the real figure of American casualties.

Former US adviser in Iraq accused of fraud

Iraqi judge Zakiya Ismail Haqi,Inspector General at the Iraqi Ministry of Labour, disclosed to the Bahraini daily, Akhbar al-Khaleeg that the former US adviser in the her Ministry, Robert Cross had committed gross financial violations and acts of fraud saying:

"The US adviser took 44 million Iraqi dinars (about $35,000) from the Ministry to pay his American bodyguard. The amount was allocated to support handicapped schools. Then he ordered the Ministry accounts office to pay 770 million Iraqi Dinars (about $550,000 to a South African company to provide him with three armored cars. The check was paid to an American businessmen, Jinson Baker, and was delivered to a US woman officer, Marta.

"The ministry know nothing about this contract. Nor does it know whether there are any cars involved or whether the whole thing is just an act of fraud and embezzlement. The advisor used to threaten any Iraqi staffer who oppose his reckless acts with dismissal, and kept reminding of the notion, 'Don't forget you are in an occupied country'. All his measures violated Iraqi regulations, as well as those formulated by the occupation authority."

Chalabi's aide sentenced for fraud

The Al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London said an Iraqi court sentenced Sabah Nouri Ibraheem, a leading aide to Ahmad Chalabi, to four and half years in jail for abuse of authority in the loss of 36 billion Iraqi Dinars (about $22 million). Ibraheem, who was appointed by Chalabi as director of the office of another key aide, Kamel Gaylani, former Minister of Finance, is also facing charges of embezzlement and fraud.

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