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July 16, 2004

Foreign detainees only a trickle

At Iraqi web site al-Kader, ( web site of the Communist Party), Iraqi journalist Waleed al-Zubaidi commented on an announcement by the Minister of Human Rights of Iraq's Interim Government that the number of non-Iraqi detainees is 84 Arabs and 14 Iranians and a Turk. He said: "Out of tens of thousands of Iraqis accused of anti-occupation activities, the figure of less than 100 non-Iraqi detainees seems to considerably undermine the core of the occupation propaganda campaign. "For months now, US military and political officials -- echoed by Iraqi quislings -- have promoted the illusion that anti-occupation resistance activities were mainly committed by foreign fighters. Now it's widely believed here that many of those Arab detainees were craftsmen working in Iraq and were dragged from their business to jail. However, even if we suppose that all of them were fighters, their number is less than 0.5 percent of the Iraqis detained."

Dr. Basheer Nafi Mousa, in an article at al-Quds al-Arabi, commented on the same topic: "As the huge US military machine failed to put an end to Iraqi resistance, American officials and their cronies hid in the Green Zone, opting for creating the myth of foreign fighters and terrorists who have been accused of undermining the plan to impose US hegemony on Iraq. Since most of new Iraqi leaders are strangers with regard to Iraq and Iraqis, they went on prompting this myth.

"Resistance in Iraq is essentially Iraqi in terms of planning, manpower, and training. This does not mean there are no strangers in Iraq now. The first are the US invasion forces, which staged an illegal war on Iraq, its state, people and destiny, and imposed on it a bloody and destructive occupation. It was an unjustified war, launched for purely imperialist reasons, to control Iraq and the region. Such an invasion can never turn into a legal occupation. American presence in Iraq is and will remain illegal and a stranger in Iraq."

Moslem cleric lashes out at Iran

Al-Jazeera TV reported the sharpest attack by an Iraqi Moslem clergy on Iran since the US-led Occupation 15 months ago. It said Sheikh Aws al-Khafagi, assistant to religious leader Moqtqda al-Sadr, asked Iran to stop meddling in Iraqi internal affairs and security. It quoted him as saying, "I say to a neighboring country, Iran: 'stop your nationals meddling in our domestic affairs. Enough! What we have suffered from you is enough. Do no interfere in the affairs of our wounded Iraq. Do not aggravate our country's wounds. Stop your nationals' destructive and corrupt deeds in Karbala and Najaf. 'You must have heard about Iranian drug trafficking bands in these two holy cities." He also referred to 'subversive' interference of Iranian intelligence in Iraq.

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