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July 17, 2004

Iraqi resistance escalate their anti-occupation operations

The Iraqi Resistance Movement escalated their operations in the last two days, killing many US occupation soldiers and mercenaries and destroying many military vehicles. They also launched several attacks on US-led Iraqi police and army offices. as well as members of pro-occupation militias and officials.

Samarra Resistance fighters shelled with rockets the headquarters of US occupation forces on the outskirts of the historical city. A key member of Chalabi's militia and his son were killed in Samarra.

Baghdad Al-Jazeera TV reported that two American military convoys were attacked here, one with a booby-trapped car, and the second with a roadside bomb explosion. Minister of Justice Malik Dohan al-Hasan escaped death when his convoy was attacked by a suicide attacker. Four of his bodyguards were killed.

The Al-Arabiya website reported three large explosions in the fortified Green Zone, which incorporates the headquarters of the American occupation command, the American and British Embassies, and the Iraqi government.

Ana reported that an American military control center in the historical city of Ana in the remote western part of Anbar province was attacked by resistance fighters. Five Hummer vehicles were destroyed and 16 US military men killed or injured.

Saqlawiya Resistance fighters attacked US military housing units used by snipers and other military men to attack the local population. Several units were destroyed and seven American snipers were killed. The attack continued from 6 PM thursday to 10 AM friday. quoted a local police officer, who said total the American losses were 24 men in uniform and three Hummer vehicles and a shovel. US Apache helicopters attacked nearby houses, injuring six people, including three children. In the border town of al-Qayiem resistance fighters fighters fired mortar shells at US-manned towers used in reconnaissance, and by snipers. The towers were destroyed and US military men on top of them were all killed. Fighters also shelled the base of US occupation forces with eight mortar rockets.

Ramadi In the seat of the Anbar province, a fierce battle took place on Thursday afternoon near the US base in the Presidential Palace opposite to the College of Education. The website reported that a bomb exploded near the base at 4:30 PM. American military men in a large personnel carrier rushed to the scene of the explosion. As soon as American military men started to get out of the vehicle a nearby booby-trapped car was remotely blown up, killing and injuring all of them. More American military vehicles came to the scene. As soon as they reached it, three booby-trapped cars speedily drove to and hit three vehicles, which were torn apart by explosions. Soon Resistance fighters started attacking with heavy fire surviving soldiers and mercenaries, as well as other American vehicles and tanks.

After destroying two Hummer vehicles and a tank, fighters withdrew to the countryside chased by American forces. There, they were confronted by other groups of resistance forces in a battle that continued till dawn. Resistance fighters managed to destroy a tank and four Hummer vehicles. Eyewitnesses estimated American losses in the four solder carrier vehicles around 45 military men.

Al-Qayeim In this western border town, 10 American military men were killed and two Hummer vehicles were destroyed in two attacks yesterday and today on American forces, according to the website.

Kirkuk An oil pipeline was attacked. A Middle East news agency quoted a security source at Talabani's pro-occupation Kurdish party as saying that an armed Kurdish group 'Ansar ilislam' in this province has kidnapped two Kurds and left a letter in front of the office of the party accusing the kidnapped men of being Mosad agents. The kidnappers' letter also said these two staffers at the northern oil company were collaborating with Israeli intelligence, Mosad and with US occupation forces. The 'Ansar ilislam' organisation warned all collaborators with Israel and America of a similar fate.

Falluja Violent fighting erupted tonight for half an hour when American occupation forces, at 00:30 AM attacked the Jubail neighborhood in Falluja with airplanes and tanks . Resistance fighters retaliated for the attack by shelling US forces and destroying a tank. No details about casualties on either side were known so far. An american convoy was ambushed this evening in a nearby area, but no details about losses.

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