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July 19, 2004

Former Governing Council member accuses Bremer of fraud, but is himself accused by other Iraqis

Shiite Cleric, Mohamed Bahr al-Uloom, member of now-defunct Interim Governing Council, accused the former Administrator of the US occupation authority in Iraq, Paul Bremer, of looting $250 Billion worth in cash, large quantities of mercury and other valuable materials. He said to the Iraqi paper, al-Bayina, that American occupation officials have engaged in a lot of organized theft of Iraqi wealth under official covers. He continued that Bremer had left Iraq only after he had turned Iraq into a bankrupt state. Bahr al-Uloom explained, "Bremer practiced far more despotic and dictatorial hegemony on the Governing Council than that of Saddam Hussein. If it was in his power, Bremer would have even deprived us of drinking water," he said.

This statement raised some critical and doubtful views. Iraqi writer Sameer Ubaid, in an article posted on Iraqi websites, Iraq4all,, and, wondered why Bahr al-Uloom didn't say this while Bremer was in Iraq and while he himself was taking advantage of his position in the Governing Council and of his son's position as Minister of Oil. He added that this old man and cleric has brought to himself nothing but disgrace and ridicule when he he was shown on TV several times insisting on kissing Bremer and when he proposed making the day of Occupation as the National Day of Iraq. He continued that Bahr al-Uloom used to make large banquets for Bremer where he tasted Iraqi food as well as Iranian cuisine.

Ubaid explained that al-Uloom's son, Ibrahim the former Minister of Oil, ordered an unjustified discount of 45 cents per oil barrel to the United States and distributed many oil coupons to get Iraqi oil beyond any official disciplines. He added that al-Uloom has made this statement in a desperate attempt to gain some respect in Iraq.

Ubaid challenged the member of the former Governing council to put a complaint with a legal body in Iraq or abroad. He said al-Uloom cannot do this because his son was an accomplice with Bremer in illegally selling two million barrels of Iraqi oil and putting their royalty in a Cypriot bank. Then, after this arrangement was uncovered they moved the account to two banks in the Caribbean and east Asia.

al-Uloom was deported by Iraqi authorities to Iran in 1970, together with illegal Iranian immigrants living in Iraq at the time. He then moved to London and opened a British MI6 front Islamic organization, Al-Albayt House.

More scandals in Interim Administration reported

At the al-Sharq al-Awsat daily of London, another member of the now-defunct Interim Governing Council, Soan kol Japuk also uncovered more scandals in the US-run occupation administration. The Iraqi Turkoman lady said there were high officials in the US-led Iraqi government who collaborate with al-Qaida. She added that many of the explosions in oil pipelines were done by officials appointed by Americans to protect these installations.

About the experience of the Governing Council, she said one basic negative aspect was the passing of the Interim State Law (Interim constitution) explaining, "I think we were not entitled to pass a law and impose it on the Iraqi people without taking their views. Now, one result is these problems arising from Iraqi people's rejection of the law. It's America which formulated this law. We had at the time no choice but to put our signature to it. I was member of the writing committee, but for 3 months I have not written one word in this law. My role was just to listen and sign. As a council we were not given any chance to discuss or amend in away accepted to Iraqi people. It was put in front of us and we were asked to sign it.

"This law will lead to many crises. It deprived the Turkomans of their rights. It agreed on Federalism, which will lead to dividing Iraq. This law considered only Arabs in Iraq, not the country as part of the Arab nation. The Turkomans do not agree to this because they consider themselves as part of the Arab nation as well. This will lead to partitioning Iraq.

"About the new emergency law, she said before this law, there were some one or two explosions a day. Now we have nine to ten a day."

On the trial of President Saddam Hussein, she said:

"I am against this trial because it provokes and divide Iraqi society. We don't have an elected government, and the law was not formulated by an elected panel."

On the failure to control Iraqi borders, Ms.Chapuk said: "Before occupation we had border control offices to check IDs of entering persons and searching goods etc. Now all official border control measures were abandoned on orders by American authorities. Some officials on our border with Jordan told me that they knew suspicious persons trying to enter Iraq, and asked the US officer in charge to prevent them from entering. The US officer refused, saying you cannot prevent anybody from entering Iraq, and refused to go back to measures to control the border. The Americans left the borders loose and open to everybody, and to any goods.

"I was member of the security committee, and I know that al-Qaida had no presence in Iraq before occupation...

"Americans have humiliated Iraqis. We have seen American soldiers knocking down tribal leaders and putting the latter's heads under soldiers' boots in front of their followers. This would encourage people to take revenge, and to contact al-Qaida...

"We used to convey intelligence data to them (the American authorities) to no avail. I got information about certain key officials who collaborate with al-Qaida and reported it to American occupation officials but they are still in office. Once I told them about an imminent attack on an oil pipeline, but they took no action to prevent it. Then the attack took place. I told them about certain officials they appointed who were carrying out these attacks but took no action to fire or punish them.

"When I entered the Governing Council I thought I would have authority, being representative of three million Turkomans. But what happened was that Bremer used to take decisions alone and bring them to us to discuss and sign. I was embroiled in the council."

Claims of an Israeli sabotage network

Hussein Ali Kamal, Iraqi Deputy Minister of Interior for Intelligence said an Israeli sabotage network was uncovered in Iraq. The Jordanian paper, al-Sabeel, quoted him as saying the Israeli network had engaged in drug trafficking, selling porn CDs and blue magazines trafficking and counterfeiting money. He explained that members of the network entered Iraq nine months ago and managed to recruit tens of Iraqi youth in Baghdad and other cities to sell cocaine, morphine, and porn material. He added it is clear now that Israeli agents also engaged in fake money production.

Claims neighboring countries buried nuclear waste in Iraq

Iraqi sources were quoted by Quds Press International as saying some neighboring countries had buried nuclear waste in the Iraqi marshes area south of Iraq. It added that tens of trucks loaded with nuclear waste entered Iraq taking advantage of the chaotic situation under occupation.

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