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July 21, 2004

More Iraqi verbal attacks on Iran

Provisional Iraqi ministers continued open attacks on Iran. The Minister of Interior Falah al-Naqeeb told journalists in Amman that Iran stands behind 'terrorist ' attacks in Iraq. "I have to admit that Iran has been playing a large role in terrorist and subversive operations in Iraq. For all criminal acts taking place in Iraq now, irrespective of their political or religious cover, the source is one and the planning mind and the perpetuating party is one," he added. Earlier Hazim al-Shalan. provisional Minister of Defense lashed out at Iran and threatened to shift 'terrorist' operations to those countries that he accused of facilitating foreign fighters move into Iraq.

This is a negative development in the relations between Iran and the Iraqi government under occupation. American officials have on various occasions accused Syria and Iran of facilitating admission of anti-US occupation foreign fighters into Iraq. But the US-installed Iraqi officials have until a few days ago talked in general terms about this issue and declined to name specific neighboring countries or to blame their governments for what they referred to as admission of foreign fighters into Iraq.

Allawi's tour 'a leave from hell'

The Jordanian writer Nahidh Hatar commented a the al-Arab al-Yawm daily of Jordan on Iraq's provisional prime minister Allawi's tour in some Arab countries. He said there are two views in this regard:

"The first calls for helping this government to succeed in promoting security, stability and re-operating Iraqi government bodies, proceeding to general elections early next year and establishing a permanent legal government. It is believed that this process would be concluded by the withdrawal of US occupation forces and allies and restoration by Iraq of its full sovereignty and building up a new democratic Iraq.

"The other view considers that the former rosy scenario is not objectively possible and that bloody conflict will continue and escalate as long as the country is subject to occupation and lacking in sovereignty. Any political or administrative arrangements formed by the occupation authority, including elections, would be lacking in national legitimacy, which is the indispensable framework for rebuilding the state of Iraq.

"There are some who hope that former regime would come back. This is obviously an illusion. There are those who would like to turn Iraq into a battlefield against US imperialism. These have an international, not an Iraqi agenda. But the Americans' insistence on staying in Iraq and turning it into a colony serves this agenda. Junior Bush has frankly said that he would like to fight ' terrorists ' outside the United States. Indeed, he invited them to a fight inside Iraq. They seemed to have met his invitation.

"However, the Iraqi national movement has its own programme, namely to realize the full withdrawal of US and allied forces from Iraq, restore sovereignty and build up a national democratic system of government that encompass all Iraqi social and political forces and trends, including Ba'thists, Pan-Arab Nationalists, leftists, democrats and other trends. This new national and democratic government would rebuild Iraqi military and civilian institutions and protect Iraqi wealth from multi-national companies plunder…

"This is the only realistic programme in Iraq. Occupation is totally unacceptable. "All Iraqi groups dependent on occupation, including Allawi's government, do not enjoy the support of more than 8% of Iraqis, whereas the National movement parties enjoy the support of 59% of Iraqis, according to US polls. Thus, it's in no position to speak on behalf of Iraq. It, rather represents a minority and consequently would be always forced to ask for the help of occupiers

"Within three weeks of assuming office, Allawi agreed twice to bomb residential areas in Falluja. It's widely circulating now that Allawi himself killed six detained resistance fighters in cold blood. The Iraqi resistance has escalated its operations against governmental and pro-occupation parties offices and managed to kill several key officials. It's effectively controlling several important areas and preparing to control the heart of the capital and paralyze US arrangements for ever.

"The provisional government is locked inside the green zone in Baghdad, acting under daily bombardment. Therefore, Allawi's Arab tour is a leave for vacation away from hell. He would like to get Arab support that it can make use of internally. This most probably would not be of use to his government, while it would harm Arabs reputation among Iraqis."

Allawi, Sharon and jungle law

The Sudanese writer Dr. Abdul-Wahab Afendi of London University commented at al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London on recent developments in Iraq saying:

"Since assuming office, Allawi has twice given permission for deliberate illegal killing in public of Iraqi civilians…. In so doing, Allawi has become the second leader in the whole world, after Sharon, to authorize the assassination of civilians with no evidence.

"Thus, Iraq has become the only country, whose government applies this internationally condemned barbaric policy towards its own citizens, for Israel applies it only to Palestinians. All over the world from America to Borkina Faso to China police would arrest suspicious persons and bring them to trial before applying sentences on them. But in Iraq, it seems its government prefers jungle law or that of the wild west in old America.

"This attitude seems to send several messages:

  • a. That US forces and Allawi's sovereign government consider Falluja a liberated area beyond their control. It also shows that occupation forces are not courageous enough to send their troops to that place and arrest the wanted people,
  • b. That Allawi does not trust his police and solders in charge of security in Falluja to carry out his orders .This also implies that Allawi trusts occupation forces more than his Iraqi ones,
  • c. That Allawi does not consider the Falluja population Iraqi citizens, except as Sharon considers the population of Jineen and Gaza Israelis. Thus, Prime Minister Allawi does not care whether the victims of his allies' bombardment are innocent or not. This point is so significant after all Fallhjis interviewed have asserted that all those victims were civilians and had nothing to do with the resistance."

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