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July 27, 2004

Jordanian company yields to kidnappers' demands

The Jordanian company Dawood and Co. decided to meet the demands of the kidnappers of two of its employees by closing down its office and business with US occupation forces. Taher al-Odwan, editor-in-chief of the al-Arab al-Yawm daily of Jordan, commented on the kidnapping of the two Jordanian trucks drivers who used to carry supplies to US occupation forces. He said :

"This case shows that Iraq is embroiled in security chaos … Occupation has created a situation in Iraq unprecedented in the whole Arab world. In the name of fighting terrorism, Americans have turned Iraq, which, for years had been plagued with suffering, wars, and sanctions into a rare polarization field where no one can enjoy safety or feel stability or even know what shape Iraq's future would take….

"We do not expect an arrogant attitude by the company employing these two drivers. The life of a Jordanian citizen is by far more precious than any profit… What the Philippine President had done to serve her citizen is an example of the readiness to sacrifice even political and military gains for the sake of saving the life of a citizen. We expect that the company will not need to think or be subject to pressures to shoulder its responsibility to save the life of its employees. It won't be acceptable at all that it refuses to meet the kidnappers' demands on the pretext of non-submission to terrorists' demands.

The heavy price of appeasing US

The Jordanian writer, Dr. Fahd al-Fanik, in a comment on the Philippines' decision to pullout its troops from Iraq, said it's the fifth partner in the US-led occupation coalition to withdraw its forces and the first partner to do it in response to Iraqi resistance demands. He continued:

"This underlines fissures in the US-led alliance, so much so that US allies began to abandon it one after another. Some have blamed the President of the Philippines for 'complying with terrorists demands thus exposing all foreigners in Iraq to danger '.

"But she has her own view, which Washington wouldn't like to listen to. She thinks she has no reason to sacrifice her citizen with a large family so as to satisfy an American administration that launched a war of aggression based on lies.

"Kidnapping the Philippine Angelo cannot be considered a terrorist act. Terrorism means killing innocent people who have no relation to relevant policies, whereas Angelo was serving the occupation…

"All collaborators with occupation in Iraq, foreigners or citizens, are target for the resistance. What happened to Angelo may help save other foreigners who would otherwise imagine Iraq an open space for profiteering.

"Through Irangate, America did not hesitate to provide weapons to the Khomeini regime in return for releasing its hostages. So does America has the right to do what it likes to save its hostages whereas others do not?

"Scores of countries contributed to supporting the US occupation of Iraq, not out of conviction or a sense of duty, but rather to appease the US administration. Now these have to pay the price. US satisfaction with the leaders of those states entails a price that has to be paid with the blood of their solders and workers in Iraq as well as with their reputation in the Arab world.

Liberating or looting Iraq?

Under this title, Former Iraqi Ambassador to Cairo, Dr. Muhsin Khaleel, wrote in saying:

"Some Iraqis were deceived for the first instance by US promises into believing that Iraq under US occupation could develop quickly, as was the case in Germany and Japan after the second world war. This illusion was supported by the theatrical Madrid Donors' conference, which decided to offer $34 billion, and it was further consolidated by the US congress allocating $18 billion as a grant within the same line. Some Iraqis were waiting to see this great donation of billions of dollars, which fell to them, be turned into construction projects to alleviate their own problems such as electrical power, water, education , gasoline, unemployment, and security. But they saw nothing.

"Two weeks ago, Iraqi provisional President al-Yawir put on the local US-run Iraqiya TV some thrilling information on how Americans are engaging in looting Iraqi wealth. Al-Yawir said 'of the $18 Billion allocated by the Congress, only $5 billion was paid. But I think what reached Iraq in actual terms was no more than one billion dollars'. On another occasion al-Yawir said he complained to President Bush when he attended the Sea Land summit that American bodies were selling an item worth one dollar for 50 dollars to Iraq.

"Iraq is subject to organized and systematic plunder. Its cash, financial, and material wealth is being sapped under the guise of donors' conferences and construction and the US grant. The American administration has looted tens of billions of dollars of Iraqi wealth throughout the last 15 months as follows

  • a. US administration seized $25 billion, which were accumulating in the bank account of Food for Oil UN programme
  • b. $5 billion are frozen in US banks.
  • c. $5 billion are frozen in Arab countries.
  • d. $5 billion are deposited in the Iraq Central Bank and Rafidain Bank.e. $10-$15 billion in revenues of oil exported under occupation.
  • e. $10-$15 billion in revenues of oil exported under occupation.

The total is $50-$55 billion in money, in addition to a systematic operation by the occupation mafias looting Iraqis' money and valuable items and antiquities and archeological materials.

"Former member of the now-defunct governing council Mohamad Bahr al-Uloom accused Former US governor of Iraq, Bremer of stealing $25 billion. Chalbi's aid, Nouri Sabah , head of the Office of the Minister of Finance, looted 36 billion Iraqi dinars. The head of the Estate Office at Baghdad municipality was convicted of stealing 27 billion Iraqi dinars.

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