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July 29, 2004

Conference postponed amid growing opposition

The interim government decided to postpone to mid august the so-called National Conference, which was scheduled to convene late this month. The supervising committee appointed by Former US governor Bremer, and led by a key follower of pro-occupation Kurdish leader Jalal Talbani, invited only 50 out of 130 political parties to take part in the conference.

The 1000-man conference is to elect an advisory100 man National Council. All members of the now-defunct Interim Governing Council, who were not included in the US-appointed government (20 members) will automatically become members of the 100-man council. Two members will be chosen from each of the US-appointed local Provincial Councils. The rest will be chosen from among pro-occupation groups. The would-be National Council would not be entitled to enact laws. Its main duty will be to extend advice to the government.

In addition to resistance groups and the Ba'th Party, several large Iraqi political and popular movements have also boycotted the National conference. These include the Pan-Arab Nationalist trend, the Association of Iraqi Muslem Scholars (Ulema), the al-Sadr trend, the al-Khalisi religious school in Khadimiya, the Iraqi Constitutional Conference, the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, and the Movement of People's Struggle.

Reports: 80 out of 100 members already appointed

At Al-Quds al-Arabi daily of London, Iraqi writer Haron Mohamad commented on the preparations for the so-called National Conference saying:

"When the six largest political and social movements boycott the conference, this means that it's an illegal and false conference. It was clear from the beginning that the occupation authority wants the conference to be tailor-made according to its measures and desires. Thus it installed a follower of Jalal Talabani as head of the preparatory committee and the conference. It also installed collaborators from the defunct Governing Council as members of the preparatory committee, the Conference and the National Council to be chosen by the Conference.

"The aim was to bring the American occupation collaborators together and form a sort-of- joke National Council with no legislative powers. It would remind Iraqis of Saddam Hussein's parliament whose members used to discuss measures to kill loose dogs, to make use of bran and to write down anti-Clinton slogans on street pavements.

"20 out of 60 members chosen for the membership of the preparatory committee resigned after they discovered the true aims behind the whole plan. As for the members of the Conference, Mulla fouad Ma'soum the head of the committee, refused to meet a demand by UN envoy Ibrahimi to invite prominent Iraqi dignitaries to the conference. On the contrary, he put certain conditions limiting the political orientations of the members to pro-occupation figures through the four NOTs conditions. Members must NOT be opposed to occupation, must NOT be opposed to Us policy, must NOT be against Federalism promoted by the two Kurdish parties dominating the three Iraqi Kurdish provinces, and must NOT be opposed to Bremer's interim state law.

"It's now almost confirmed that 60 collaborators with the occupation had already been told in advance that they would be chosen for the membership of the final council. These had contracts with the Pentagon to work as advisers and heads of so-called civil society organizations financed by the US Agency for International Development and were all living abroad before the occupation. Therefore 80 out of 100 members were already chosen.

"The so-called National Council will be composed along ethnic and sectarian division lines:40 Shiite Arabs, 25 Sunni Arabs, 25 Sunni Kurds, 6 Turkomans, 2 Christians, 1 Sabie , one Yezidi who must be of Kurdish nationality. Thus another racialist and sectarian gathering is to be added to a plethora of US-sponsored parties and groupings, which have nothing to do with nationalism or democracy."

Ba'ath sternly warn Saudis against ISLAMIZING occupation

The Ba'th Party in Iraq strongly warned against the implementation of the newly announced Saudi initiative to send troops from Islamic countries to join US-led occupation forces in Iraq. In a strong statement, its Political Information and Publishing Service described the initiative as a venomous one aimed at conspiring against Iraqi resistance through ISLAMIZING the occupation of Iraq. It added:

"The Ba'th Party and Iraqi Armed Resistance do not comment, but rather warn and threaten that in the course of Liberating Iraq, we will not rule out using any means or method. All taboos were committed by the occupation and its stooges and collaborating local regimes in the forefront of which is the Saudi regime. The Ba'th Party and the resistance have made pledges, when they warned anyone collaborating with occupation. They have implemented their warnings and are continuing to do so. The regime of Abdul-Aziz sons, in an attempt to rehabilitate its role by America puts forward a plan to ISLAMIZE occupation. The Ba'th Party, the resistance and all branches of the competent National Security Forces will be on alert and lying in wait. The list of occupation targets and targeted stooges inside and outside Iraq can include more and more."

Fraud lawsuit against Allawi in Chevron deal

Quds Press International reported from Sanaa that the Yemeni Commerce Court registered a lawsuit by a Yemeni businessman against Interim Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi accusing him of fraud involving one million dollars. The Yemeni engineer Abdallah Jash'an said Allawi refused to pay the fees as agreed in 1989 in return for facilitating the admission into Yemen of an American oil company and gathering information on the volatile situation in the country.

Jash'an added that Allawi, as the representative of US oil company Chevron, in the Middle East, has requested that he facilitate the admission of the Chevron company into Southern Yemen to dig for oil before the unity of north and south Yemen. He continued that he exerted strenuous efforts until he managed to convince the then government of south Yemen to allow Chevron to dig for oil provided that it does not meddle into politics.

He said: "Allawi, holder of British nationality, negotiated with me before coming to Yemen and appointed him as a local representative of the Chevron company in Yemen. Then Allawi visited Yemen together with members of the Chevron company and signed with me an agreement to establish a representative company ,which we called Oversees company for general agencies. Allawi took a copy of the company's papers to London to register it there but never gave me registration papers after I managed to allow the US company to work in south Yemen. Allawi asked me to buy cars and equipment for the company, to open offices in Aden and Sanaa, and to employ 25 persons. I lost 16 million riyals."

Jash'an demanded that Allawi should pay him all that he spent during 1990 and 1991 and to compensate him for all the material and moral losses he sustained. The Al-Wahdawi daily of Yemen asked Khalid al-Muhris, whom Jash'n mentioned as his local representative in Aden, about these charges. The latter confirmed them, adding that he himself asked Allawi to pay Jash'an's fees and Allawi replied that he paid them to somebody else--which was not true according to al-Muhris.

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