Iím NOT a Moron!

Get me a war on in the morning

Ding dong! My polls are gonna shine

Federal taxes down, state taxes up

No impeachment today? I must be okay!

Just get me to the war on time!

God Bless Big Business and the Oil companies

Unemployment and gas prices are arising.

Enemies are everywhere--(I do believe in prayer!)

Iím bankrupting the nation maybe I need another monthís vacation?

No, just get me to the war on time!

I had no agenda before 9/11--I may not even get to go to Heaven

60 Minutes has Clinton & Dole, but I have Colin Powellís soul !

World War Three might start just because of me!

So, remain quiet and just get me to the war on time!

Iím Enroning the national budget in the morning

You may have more brains, but Iíve got all the planes

If I can find an "enemy" than I donít have to work

(And many of you thought I was a simple cowboy jerk?)

Weíll all be mourning in the morning!

School districts are floundering, deficit spending is astounding

Education, health and social security arenít the issue

Weíve got a bigger one with W--A--R!

Iím exceeding Hitlerís and the Roman Empireís military budget

(In Godís name, Iím just killing for peace!)

So, get me to my war on time!

Criticism becomes treason--I wonít listen to reason,

Iíve got Limbaugh and corporate TV

No other thoughts are gonna count!

My wife is afraid of poets, but Iíve got all the bullets

Iím not a moron. Let me get my war on.

Donít try me for treason--I have my reason.

Donít get mad--Iím doing this for Dad!

So, get me to the war on time!